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Not Much Black Wig Styling? Learn From Rihanna!

This entry was posted in Style By Jessica

I think no one will dislike Rihanna. As a representative of black female singers, Rihanna has received global attention. In addition to Rihanna's songs, her ever-changing looks have always been hot spots. We know that black people cannot grow smooth long hair for some genetic reasons, so Rihanna's styling mostly comes from the participation of wigs. Even though Rihanna is pregnant, she still has her own unique opinions on outfits and hairstyles. Read and learn about Rihanna's ever-changing black wig styles today.

black wig

Ⅰ. Rihanna’s black wig hairstyles

1. Everyday casual style: half-up hair + long curly black wig

Rihanna, who is about to give birth, made a special appearance with a new look in order to give her brand platform. In the photo, in addition to seeing Rihanna's happy smile, we can also see the ever-changing shape again. This time, Rihanna opted for an everyday black wig instead of an exaggerated hair color. The long black curly wig, on the one hand, the upper part of the wig reveals a gentle temperament; on the other hand, the unintentional wavy curls can also show Rihanna's fashion taste. Fashion girl Rihanna also chose a pink coat and exaggerated necklaces as accessories, which made people shine.

black wig

We can learn Rihanna's hairstyle for this black wig, we can choose a black wig with moderate curls, like Rihanna, the upper part of the hair is coiled up, and the lower part of the hair is kept fluffy. Natural and not exaggerated, the girl with the black wig learned it.

2. Gentle style: lace forehead + half straight black wig

Rihanna is wearing a black veil-like see-through dress. Although it is difficult for ordinary people to control, we can learn from Rihanna's black lace forehead wig. Instead of wearing all her black wigs, Rihanna tied up two-thirds of the wig, leaving the rest of the black wig completely bare or draped over her collarbone. The lace of the lace forehead wig echoes her gauze skirt. Although it is very hard as a pregnant mother, Rihanna's dress does not show her haggard at all. With her dark lipstick, she is still the fashion queen.

black wig

The hairstyle we can learn from is to choose a black lace forehead wig with high naturalness, which will not have the problem of not blending with our skin tone. At the same time, in daily life, you can also tie up the wig above.

Another black wig style is to divide the black wig to decorate the other half of the face through the wig, and the other part focuses on the prominent earrings. This black straight hair look is also very everyday.

3. Hip-hop style: braid black wig+ exaggerated accessories

black wig

Hip-hop music is the representative of black culture, and so is the African editor. Rihanna's current boyfriend is the standard outfit for black hip-hop male singers, and Rihanna also chose black African pigtails. After braiding her black wig into pigtails, Rihanna donned silver flakes that resembled a hat. The accessory is also a silver necklace. It is very hip-hop, very trendy.

We can learn hair tips from this look, which is the ability to style with small accessories. I believe that African braids are a daily and fashionable hairstyle that you will definitely like. In order to highlight the hip-hop style, you can use exaggerated accessories like Rihanna. The accessories on the head can echo the accessories on the body, making the shape more complete. Generally, you can choose gold and silver products when taking the hip-hop route. Heavy metal has always been the preference of hip-hop people.

Ⅱ. The benefit of black wig for women

black wig

1. A color that is suitable for beginners and never goes wrong

If you are still struggling with what color wig to buy, choose a black wig. Black can not be the most wrong wig, because it does not pick people or skin color. It doesn't make you look dull or overly eye-catching. If you want a wig for your daily commute, go for a black wig.

2. It blends best with the skin

The problem with colored wigs is whether it will look like you don’t want your hair, because the obvious hair seams are black, and if you don’t wear the wig well, the color of the wig will not match your own hair color. Especially when wearing lace, the black wig must be the best fusion with the forehead lace

black wig

3. Suitable for most occasions

Whether you commute to work or school, or go shopping. Whether you are an elderly person or a child, you can always find a wig that suits you in the black wig area. Black wigs are not meant for the general public, it can also have a lot of styling. In the global wig brand donmily website, there are different types of black wigs such as curly and wave, and there are also many lace styles to choose from.

How long do wigs last on black people?

This is just a fraction of the time it takes to weave and braid. Most women keep wigs for at least three months due to cost (wearers should remove them so they can wash their hair themselves). The wig can then be reapplied without looking worn for up to a year.

What type of wig will look most realistic?

For the most natural looking wig, choose one made from human hair. There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic wigs. Human hair provides the most natural look. Because it's real, it falls and wiggles like natural hair

What wigs do celebrities wear?

Most of these celebs opt for full lace wigs with a density of 150%, which makes their hair look naturally full and adds some body and elasticity.

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