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New Fashion For You: Quick Weave Hairstyle

This entry was posted in Fashion By Bella

In today's blog we recommend a new wig style for you, quick weave hairstyle, this style can provide you with a variety of possibilities, which means you can have more wig styles, quick weave hairstyle is easy to learn, let's at it.

Ⅰ . What is quick weave?

Want to make a stylish and beautiful quick weave hairstyle, the first thing to understand what is quick weave. Quick weave is also a weave technique, is with people on the wig modeling and the rise of the constant demand, quick weave is for the whole head for the preparation, wig will be glued in the wig cap or wig on the weft Quick weave is very convenient, you can choose to make any quick weave hairstyle you want, whether it is straight or curly, depending on what you like.


quick weave hairstyle

Is quick weave worth the time and money to create such a look or not? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of quick weave.

1. Pros

●Very fast. If you need to wear quick weave to a party or to attend an event, then you can sit in the chair in less than two hours stylist will be able to do quick weave, you choose to do a wig at home quick weave is also very feasible, will wig cap fixed on the wig stand can easily create a quick weave hairstyle. Because you do not need a stitch like sew-in for stitching.

●Affordable price. This one feature is very attractive because everyone likes cheap and affordable products. Compared to sew-in products, quick weave is really cheap, because you only need to buy some wig sections you need some glue, certain wig cap can be. If you are installing quick weave yourself, the cost will not exceed a hundred dollars, probably in the tens of dollars or so.

●Easy to remove. Because quick weave is a glue paste together, the wig is attached to the wig cap above, so quick weave easy to remove. You can easily put on and easy to remove, because quick weave this easy to remove feature, at present quick weave is more and more popular among women.

●Low maintenance cost. Quick weave does not require you to be very delicate care, at night before going to bed you put quick weave on the wig stand can be.

2. Cons

Despite all the benefits of quick weave, quick weave is not perfect, and it is not the best choice for everyone.

●How long does quick weave last?

It doesn't last long.
Just we have said that quick weave is made of glue paste, then the glue in a period of time will dry out, which also thought that the quick weave in the glue dry out and then there is no way to paste in the wig cap above, probably last about a month of time. After a month, the glue will be worn off. It is also because of the use of glue to paste, quick weave will be more likely to fall off, you may need to buy a particularly strong adhesive glue and pay attention to the method of adhesion.

●Do quick weave damage your hair?

Damage to the hair
Because you need to apply a lot of hairspray, glue and other products, which will undoubtedly produce damage to your original hair. If the glue accidentally sticks to your original hair during the installation process, it can easily cause you to lose your hair, especially the hairline.

Ⅱ . Quick weave hairstyles

Quick weave may not be the best choice for everyone, that's why some people choose sew-in. But there are many people who will prefer the affordable and easy to install quick weave, next for you to recommend several quick weave hairstyle.

1. Water wave quick weave hairstyle: the most natural wig look

quick weave hairstyle

water wave can show your very fluffy hair volume, the forehead hairline you only need to use styling products a bit to take care of, you can have a very perfect hairline. If you feel that the quick weave hairstyle looks too voluminous, then I highly recommend that you make the wig a wet hair treatment. That way, your quick weave hairstyle will look very fine and stylish and will add a lot of beauty to your overall look.

2. Body weave quick weave hairstyle: Mature woman's temperament piece

This quick weave hairstyle is a sight to behold, unlike the water wave quick weave hairstyle, the loose waves of the body wave quick weave hairstyle and the sexy forehead bangs will make you look so sophisticated and feminine. If you are an office lady, then it is even more recommended that you do this body wave quick weave hairstyle, which is not frivolous in any way and makes people linger to look at it.

quick weave hairstyle

3. Bob quick weave hairstyle.

quick weave hairstyle

Compared to the first two quick weave hairstyle for long hair, this bob quick weave hairstyle will be more simple, but very practical. And it is very suitable for women who catch up with the trend, because short hair is always a classic element, whether you go unisex or hip-hop, this bob quick weave hairstyle is perfect for you!

This issue of the blog provides a brief introduction to quick weave and several very good-looking and fashionable quick weave hairstyle, if you still want to know more about quick weave, such as how to install quick weave and how to remove quick weave, please don't miss our blog!

How long do quick weaves last?

Quick weaves last about four to five weeks. Shedding is a sign that it's time to take out your quick weave. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, sleep with a silk scarf at night to protect it while you sleep.

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Quick Weave?

If for a quick weave wig, you need human hair bundles with closure, we have 4*4 lace closure, 6*6 lace closure and 7*7 lace closure, different length and textures of hair bundles, different quantity.

Can a quick weave get wet?

Fear not, yes, you can go for a swim while wearing them. If on the other hand you are wearing the clip-in style of hair extensions, it is better if you remove them first before getting into chlorine treated or sea water.

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