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Trend Alert: You Must Try Dusty Pink Hair For Spring Hair Color

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What color would be more appropriate for spring than pink? We have witnessed many variations of pink hair, from bright neon pink to dark pink. Still, to blend a sense of sophistication and brightness, only the new pink hair introduced to you today can do that - dusty pink hair, allowing you to feel the romance of spring cherry blossoms completely but also giving you a subtle sense of sophistication Read on to find out how to do it. Read on to discover how to rock and match dusty rose hair color.

1. What Color Is Dusty Pink Hair Color?

Dusty Pink Hair Color

With gray as the most basic hair color shade and pink as the main shade, dusty pink hair looks like the color of a freshly ripened peach, a pink with a darker tone that can be made more intense or brighter by adjusting the color ratio. It is like pink velvet, very textured and creative. If the candy color hair color can show the character of the open and unrestrained, then the dark tone of the hair color can add texture.

2. What Skin Tone Or Hair Undertone Suits Dusty Pink Hair?

Dusty Pink Hair

First, a fair skin tone will be perfect for dusty pink hair, with short hair that looks very good. If your pupils have a charming blue or green, the whole person will look like a beautiful elf. But the beauty of dusty rose gold hair is that it will also look great on darker skin tones, as the addition of brighter tones will add a touch of shine to an otherwise darker skin tone and make the skin look brighter. It is recommended that girls with darker skin tones try dusty rose pink hair below the shoulders. Body waves will suit you very well.

3. How To Match Dusty Pink Hair?

How To Match Dusty Pink Hair

A single dusty pink hair will not be perfect for everyone and all skin tones. It is necessary to match and reorganize the color with the original tone to make dusty rose pink hair look your vibrancy and charm. For starters, consider adding a touch of vibrancy to your hair by choosing to add highlights of brighter colors in the middle of your hair; you can even choose to pair it with shades and use the balayage picking technique to give your hair a more layered look; in addition, a gradient color will also give your hair a distinctive look, but this will require a certain amount of length. In addition to the above, you can also opt for dark roots, which will provide you with a low-maintenance hairstyle.

4. How To Achieve Dusty Pink Hair?

Dusty pink hair is dreamy and beautiful, but it is not easy to achieve, and beauty does come at a price. You will inevitably need to bleach your hair to enhance the color before applying dusty pink hair dye, so why not book a hair stylist or prepare bleach in advance and DIY it yourself at home? If the dusty pink hair you want is a dull color and your hair is originally blonde, consider not bleaching it.

●Materials for dusty pink hair dye; NIKA 101 ultra light ash blonde, NIKA 102 ultra light pearl blonde, BES 8.6 deep red light blond, NIREL 20 vol dev.

4.1 Mix Up Dusty Pink Hair Dye

Mix Up Dusty Pink Hair Dye

Add the above hair dye and developer in a container and mix well, then dip a small amount into the brush and brush evenly through the hair, starting from the roots. Make sure the roots of your hair are fully coated with bleach throughout the process, don't forget the bottom part of your hair.

4.2 Color The Hair As a Whole

Color The Hair As a Whole

After brushing the roots of your hair evenly, put on gloves, dip them into the hair dye, and apply them evenly to the ends. After this, you can leave the hair for about 40 minutes to ensure the dye is well soaked into the hair cuticle. After that, you can rinse your hair, and if you still feel that it is not as smoky pink as you want it to be, you can dye it again and repeat the steps above.

4.3 Styling

Styling dusty pink hair

After washing your hair, make sure it's the dusty pink hair color you want and blow dry and style it!

5. How To Keep Dusty Pink Hair Fresh?

5.1 Reduce The Frequency Of Hair Washing

How To Keep Dusty Pink Hair Fresh

It would help if you reduced the frequency of washing because washing too often will wash out the pigment in your hair. The sulfates in the shampoo will accelerate the loss of pigment, so reducing the frequency of washing will protect your dry hair from the natural oils produced by your scalp and lock in moisture and color.

5.2 Insulation


Insulation is about temporarily reducing the use of heat styling devices and reducing the number of times your dusty pink rose hair is exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the chemicals in bleaches and colorants can make your hair very dry and prone to breakage. Hair becomes especially dry and more prone to breakage when exposed to the sun. In addition, the sun can bleach the color of your hair.

6. Conclusion

You've understood dusty pink hair well from the above article. Are you interested in trying this unusual new hair color? If you are afraid that coloring will bring damage to your native hair, then I highly recommend Donmily 613 blonde wig to have your desired dusty pink rose hair without bleaching and easy coloring.

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What skin tone suits pink hair?

As a general rule of thumb, those with lighter hair and fair skin will usually suit either a soft pink shade, which gives your natural color with just a hint of pink, or, a crisp and vibrant pink color to keep your look fresh and bright! If you have dark skin, we suggest going all out!

What color is dusty pink?

Dusty pink, also called dusty rose, is a gentle, subdued shade of pink with a beige undertone and soft violet notes. Its murky, dusty appearance differentiates it from pastel pink, which looks cleaner and brighter in comparison.

Does rose gold hair fade quickly?

Rose gold hair fades a bit faster than other hair colors. You can generally expect rose gold hair to last about four weeks without any maintenance.

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