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How to Get Natural Look with Your Wig


For long time ago, wigs are only worn on actors on the stage or cancer patients who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. But now, wig makers have made them available in various textures, styles and colors for most people in an affordable cost. Most hair wigs are protective styles that enable people to be creative to change hairstyle the way they want without damaging their own hair. Other than that, when people wear wigs, they are pursuing a more natural look that no one can tell it is a wig.

When wearing a wig, the whole point is to feel beautiful and confident, like you are wearing a full head of natural hair growing from your own scalp. The seamless-ness is everything when choosing a wig. So natural that can’t be detected or identified as a wig. There are some tips on making your wig more natural, master all these tips will make you pro among wig wearers.

Tip 1: Use 100% Human Hair Wig

We don’t wanna run through the cliche that how synthetic ones can also look natural, given the truth that it is synthetic after all. This is the best and ultimate step to get your wig look natural by starting with a human hair wig. Human hair wig is soft and look natural without any doubt. You can also avoid all the fuss by choosing a decent quality ready to wear wig with nice lace fronts and mono-filament cap. Lace front wigs give the illusion of natural hair line and the hair can move freely enable users to part it anywhere. Mono-filament cap offers a natural appearance of the scalp that looks like your own.

Tip 2: Choose The Wig That Fits Your Head

Before getting a wig, you need to do some measuring work. Although most wigs have adjustable strap, some may come in different sizes. Other than, the circumference of the head varies from person to person. Measure your head before purchasing can get you the best fit.

Tip 3: Pluck Your Wig

Although human hair wigs can look quite natural, it is necessary to pluck the hairline to make it look like your own. The whole hair wig may come in dense. But on human head, the natural hairline part is light and has a gradient effect. Pluck the hairline on your wig, give it a spaced out effect, get it as natural as possible.

Tip 4: Trim The Lace

Most lace frontal wigs come with a piece of lace at the hairline. Wear the wig and cut the lace at the hairline to fit the frame of your forehead and face. This can get you the most desired scalp look.

Tip 5: Blend It

Lightly brush the hairline and part using powder and concealer, this can blend the lace with the color of your own scalp to achieve a super natural look.

These are the tips you need to master if you want your wig to achieve natural look. There are a lot of human hair wig styles for you to choose. Depending on the density and length of your hair, you can go with different styles. But do keep in mind that, human hair wigs are the ones that give really natural look. If you don’t know where to get solid human hair wigs, Donmily is a trustworthy vendor.

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