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Micro Locs:The Most Cost-effective Locs

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If you are looking for a cost-effective locs, micro locs are recommended. Micro locs are tiny locs that are often used as a replacement for sister locs. I'll tell you why mirco is the most cost-effective locs, and what the difference looks like before and after micro locs are installed.

micro locs

Ⅰ. What are micro locs?

Micro locs are smaller versions of the traditional loc style. Dreads are about 10mm or more in diameter, while micro locs are typically about 6-9mm in diameter. Micro locs are like traditional locs in many ways. Both can be created by twisting, coiling, braiding, or using a tool that allows the hair to interlock, a method that pulls the end of the loc over the base of the root.

micro locs

Ⅱ. What is the growth cycle of mirco locs?

Like traditional locs, micro locs also go through four stages of maturation:

1. Starter/baby lock stage (parting and loc are established)

2. Germination/teenage stage (hair starts to sprout or loosens, showing signs of frizz and local swelling) 

3. Shooting/adult stage (places can expand to double their original size, cushion and shrink, where the length of the hair retracts, which is common in textured hair)

4. Shrinking/old age stage (hair is more dense, ends become more sealed, minimal to no frizz, hair grows exponentially)

Ⅱ. Why micro locs are the most cost-effective locs?

1. Micro locs is cheap

Both micro locs and sister locs are short locs, so they are relatively low in the price of locs. We also often use micro locs and sister locs as a comparison.

Because micro locs are often used to replace sister locs, but the price is really much cheaper than sister locs. A good price usually means that it is cheaper to install and maintain. Micro locs can install them for at least $200 to $600. Maintenance is also cheaper and can cost you $50 to $80. And sister locs are expensive. Most people can expect to pay at least $500 to $800 for installation. Even more than $800. For comparison, you can consider

micro locs

2. Neat and plump appearance

Micro locs held by interlocking will stay tidier for a longer period of time than rewinding because the sections are smaller, which means micro locs will look relatively less frizzy and much neater. Secondly micro locs usually produce at least 150-300 locs depending on your head size and the size of the micro locs you choose, so they create fullness and volume right away.

3. Lightweight, less damage to the scalp

Micro locs are lighter and have less tension on the scalp. Larger dreadlocks used to be, but they were too heavy, which was bad for the scalp and could easily cause pulling. Whereas each loc in micro locs is smaller and lighter, so there is less tension and pull on every part of the scalp - even if the locs are long or worn.

micro locs

Ⅲ.What are the look like of mirco locs before and after?

A lot of people don't know what it looks like of micro locs before and after.

1. Mirco locs before and after installation

Watching the diagram below will help you mentally prepare for a micro locs. The difference before and after its installation is shown in the figure.

micro locs before and after

2. Mirco locs before and after a few months

Note that mirco locs will continue to grow as your natural hair grows. Depending on the rate of hair growth, microlocs should be re-twisted every four to eight weeks to maintain consistency throughout the loc. Note that mirco locs will continue to grow as your natural hair grows. So you can refer to the diagram below to understand how miro locs changes before and after installation.

micro locs before and after

Ⅴ. How to install micro locs?

Please refer to the video above to install the micro locs.


How long do micro locs last?

Depending on how fast the hair grows, microlocs should be re-twisted every four to eight weeks to maintain consistency throughout the loc

Why micro locs is the most cost-effective locs?

Micro locs is cheap,neat and plump appearance, lightweight, less damage to the scalp

What are micro dreads?

Micro locs (or microlocs) are the smallest form of dreadlocks. They are usually created using the interlocking tool and technique, which creates instant micro locs. Other ways to start micro locs include two-strand twists, micro box braids, and finger coils.

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