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Malaysian Hair vs Brazilian Hair


The Malaysian hair extensions are mostly made from the hair of people from Southeast Asia. If you want to have hair the celebrities, then Malaysian hair is the best option for you.

Malaysian hair holds curl the best. This type of hair is shiny and blends very well with different kinds of faces and hairstyles. Brazilian hair is also very famous amongst the people because of its luxurious shine. This type of hair is sourced from the native people of South America. Brazilian hair is very healthy and strong.

People around the globe love both of the hair extensions very much for different reasons. Let's see what we will have in Malaysian hair vs. Brazilian hair.

Key Features of Malaysian Hair

Getting to be sure about a type of hair extension is quite tricky. But don't be in doubt because we will talk in detail about Malaysian hair vs. Brazilian hair. As gone by the name you can understand that the hair comes from Malaysia.

Malaysian hair is best known for its ability to hold curls. The curls on Malaysian hair are so natural that it mixes up with any type of hair and texture. You do not have to fear that Malaysian hair would not look good on you.

Compared to any other hair, Malaysian hair is very smooth. If you have thin hair, Malaysian hair will suit you the best. This type of hair extensions proves to have a great volume. There is one downside to his hair. Malaysian hair is generally shiny, but after a few washes, it loses its shine and comes back to its natural look. If you use conditioner specialized in keeping the shine, then it might be in favor of you.

This way, you can say that Malaysian hair is pretty much high maintenance. If you can maintain the hair and use necessary hair care products, then only it can stay for a very long time.

Key Features of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is collected from the Brazilians living in South America, Africa, Europe, etc. Brazilian hair is very much desired in today's market around the world. It has excellent characteristics, but few of them might differ depending on the region and the people.

Brazilian hair has a very fine texture. This type of hair is formerly straight. A significant characteristic of Brazilian hair is that it ranges widely from shades of brown, black to copper. The hair originating from the Afro- Caribbean population shows a little different characteristic. Hair from this region shows thickness and curls.

Usually, Brazilian hair is very heavy and shows a coarse texture. This type of hair can offer you great volume and body. It has a natural shine. It's either straight or curly or sometimes way, but you can try any type of hairstyle on them.

Many generations of customers have said that Brazilian hair is worth it. The different patterns offered looks very sexy on any type of face structure.

Lastly, one significant difference in Brazilian hair vs. Malaysian hair is that Brazilian hair doesn't need so much caring and maintenance. It usually lasts way longer than Malaysian hair.

Difference between Brazilian and Malaysian Hair

There are many differences between Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair. These differences will tell you which one you should choose and why.

Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair both have very versatile nature. Brazilian hair is very soft to touch and can hold on to curls very nicely. Malaysian hair is very flexible and can hold wavy or curly hairstyles.

Tangling: Brazilian hair not tangle at all while Malaysian hair tangles a lot.

Texture: Brazilian hair always comes to be thick and soft while Malaysian hair is finner and softer.

Availability: Brazilian hair is easy available but Malaysian hair is not.

Longevity: It is commone for Brazilian hair to last 6-8 months.

Maintenance: Low mainenance in Brazilian hair and high maintenance in Malaysian hair.

Suitability: Brazilian hair suits American and African women more

Which One to Choose?

If you want a kind of hair that bounces and looks doll-like, then Brazilian hair extensions are the best choice for you. If you want everyone's eyes on your hair and a wow look, then Malaysian hair is the way to go.

Choosing the best and perfect hair extensions, especially in the case of Brazilian hair vs. Malaysian hair, can be challenging. But it depends upon yourself, your choices, likings, face type, and natural hair.

An excellent suggestion would be to decide upon the factors you think you need the most. As per example, if you want your hair extensions to last long, then go for Brazilian hair. But if you are not sure about your look and natural hair, then go for the Malaysian hair.

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