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Tips To Maintain Malaysian Hair Deep Wave

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If you are one of the users using malaysian hair deep waves, this is the right place for you to land.

How to wash virgin malaysian deep wave hair

Washing is very essential in maintaining any kind of hair so malaysian hair deep wave cannot be an exception. Hair that is washed with the right processes can last longer than anticipated.

Before you start washing the hair, make sure that it is soft and tangle-free by combing through it (using the right comb). When shampooing makes certain your hair is not piled or bunched up on top of your head. This tangles hair badly.

Rather of doing this, smoothly wash vertically only in one direction. Be certain to use a rather gentle shampoo and do not skimp on the quality. If your hairs are sew-in human hair, you need to take care of them like your natural hair.

How to take care of malaysian body wave hair

Straightening malaysian curly hair wig more than 2 times per month will damage the wig. Ideally, do not straighten it at all as it's weave hair and will break with prolonged excess heat. If you do straighten, never use a blow dryer and go for a low heat setting.

Never brush the Malaysian deep wave hair weave when it is dry. Brush only with a wide-tooth comb and only when wet. You can utilize a huge tooth comb when it is dry but do not comb it more than 2 times a day—too much combing leads to frizzing and shedding of your wig.

Frequent untangling can assist keep your curly weave appearing gorgeous for longer. To make it tangle-free, brush your hair when dry can cause it to puff, but it relies on the brush type you utilize. You can comb the hair gently with a wide-tooth or shower comb. Begin with the base then come all the way right up to the track.

Another great method to get rid of tangles is to use your fingers as compared to brushes since the tangles often get worse if brushed. A detangling spray can also assist remove tangles. On the other hand, you can get rid of the brush altogether and employ a wide-toothed comb rather. A comb will also work better with damp hair.

Never sleep on wet hair. Make certain your hair is dehydrated prior to you going to bed. It is also suggested to cover your hair together or smoothly tie it up to avoid tangling.


In a nutshell, we just had a look at how to wash virgin Malaysian deep wave hair and tips to maintain your virgin Malaysian deep wave hair. Hope these tips were helpful in order to maintain your hair.

What type of hair is Malaysian?

Malaysian hair is heavier, thicker than Indian hair, as well as being softer and silkier than Indian hair. The hair dries straight with a slight wave and looks even more natural after a few washes. The hair has an extremely luxurious feel to it and has a great natural shine.

Is Malaysian hair better than Brazilian hair?

Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian hair are both excellent choices. However, if you need hair that is thicker and coarser, then Brazilian hair is best for you. If you're in the need for soft and wavy hair, Malaysian hair is the best for you.

Is Malaysian human hair good?

Malaysian Hair Weave is very luxurious because of its excessive shine. Its luster is high to medium. The hair has a very luxurious feel to it and has a great natural shine. The shine is however not excessive and after a few washes looks even more natural.

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