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Make Up For Burgundy Hair: Your Complete Guide

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Burgundy hair is beautiful and stunning, what kind of makeup can match it?  This is your most comprehensive and detailed makeup guide for burgundy hair. I will take you through the key points of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and nail art, to understand and master the most suitable makeup products and makeup recommendations for burgundy hair.

Ⅰ. eye shadow for burgundy hair

Burgundy hair is a less vibrant color than orange or ginger hair, and it has a high degree of color saturation as it blends a part of dark purple with red as the main color. Although it is not very bright, but the color is vivid enough. So in choosing an eyeshadow you need to consider a few things carefully: first, find one that complements your hair color without being too bright or overly saturated in hue so that it goes well with your eyeshadow and complements it. Secondly, if you are looking for an eye shadow that is natural and beautiful then you can choose an eye shadow color that is a shade darker than your hair color, where the color darker does not mean the saturation of the color but the depth of the color, for example, you can choose a dark brown eye shadow or a dark brown eye shadow to create a rich smoky look for yourself, this method can help you create a subtle sense of contrast that is Very chic and eye-catching. I recommend the NAKED 3 eyeshadows for burgundy hair, firstly because the brand's eyeshadows are rich and varied, non-flying and very long-lasting, and secondly because an eyeshadow palette includes 12 eyeshadows, from light to dark colors to meet your needs for eyeshadow.

makeup for burgundy hair

1. Light color eyeshadow

A lighter shade of eyeshadow can give a natural and perfect effect on your makeup. Choose a light brown shade and sweep it evenly on your eyelids, with the remaining powder on your lower lids so that you can have a natural transition. Use bright eyeshadow of the same color to accent the corners of your eyes, then choose the darkest color in your eyeshadow palette and outline your eyeliner, which is not only suitable for your burgundy hair, but also for your everyday makeup or wearing other darker color wigs.

makeup for burgundy hair

2. Dark eyeshadow with sequins

To amplify the effect of burgundy hair you can choose to lay a large area of dark eyeshadow and use the brightest eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid after you have finished laying it.

makeup for burgundy hair

Ⅱ. lipstick for burgundy hair

Because burgundy hair is a richer red with a hint of purple, you can have two different options. The first is to choose a nude shade or a light pink lipstick, which will give you a very natural look without standing out too much, which will nicely complement your burgundy hair but not be so exaggerated, and the whole look will be very soft. Secondly, if you want to make yourself stand out, try plum or berry-colored lipsticks with more intense eye makeup, which can make you the coolest one!

makeup for burgundy hair

1. Nude Lipsticks

Don't just think that nude lipsticks are only available in matte or velvety textures, in fact, glossy or moist nude lipsticks are also a great choice. Nude lipsticks with fine glitter are more suitable for people with darker skin tones because not only can it add a shiny appearance to your skin, they can also give you a moisturized, wet and full feeling

makeup for burgundy hair
2. Berry Lipsticks

As mentioned earlier, berry lipstick is the best choice to accentuate your overall look and match, and berry lipstick is also the most suitable for dark-skinned girls, who are beautiful enough to handle this color!

makeup for burgundy hair

Ⅲ. blush for burgundy hair

I think all dark-skinned girls can refer to Rihanna and choose a blush that is a little darker than their skin tone, which can be a deep apricot blush or a blush that is in a color family with eye shadow. The method of spreading the blush can be chosen to follow the contours of your face in the cheekbone area by brushing the powder on the blush brush evenly.

makeup for burgundy hair

Ⅳ. Nail polish with burgundy hair

The choice of nail polish is actually very rich and varied. You can choose a color related to burgundy hair as your nail polish color, such as a rich berry color or a carrion color so that it can be reflected with your hair color. If you feel that the color is too much but one, you may choose to add nail chips or stick diamonds to increase the variety of your nail art.

makeup for burgundy hair
The above recommends some beauty products from eye shadow, lipstick, blush, etc. that are really suitable with burgundy hair, so if you already have a gorgeous burgundy hair then hurry up and dress up! If you are looking for burgundy hair for yourself, take a look at donmily's 99J wig, a vibrant burgundy color to give you the best wig experience.

What Colour makeup goes with Burgundy?

If you want a classic makeup look to go with your burgundy dress, look no further. For this look, you'll want a neutral eye and a bold burgundy lip. Apply a small amount of light-colored eyeshadow on your eye, and a hint of eyeliner. Then apply your burgundy lip, and add a bit of lip liner for an extra sharp look.

What nail color goes well with Burgundy?

Navy, Beige, Black, and White nail polish go with a Burgundy dress. You can also wear Mustard, Peach, or Turquoise nail polish. Light and charcoal gray, most shades of green, and pink or purple nails will work well with a Burgundy dress.

What is minimalist makeup?

Minimal makeup is just as it sounds — using only what you need to enhance your features. No heavy foundation or concealer here.

  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough
    I love love love your hairstyle. Can you make a tutorial? Please
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    cristal h
    You are literally my goals I can't fathom how gorgeous you are !
  • Eden Barsolona
    Eden Barsolona
    Stunning ! I can never do a winged liner on my own eyes
  • 91geps
    I just love you and your makeup tutorials! You are so pretty and relatable! You don't sound scripted & perfect ya know!?!!
  •  Sena Cooper
    Sena Cooper
    I love your energy you are always so chill in your blogs and that hair that color is so beautiful
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