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Long Butterfly Locs You Must Opt In 2022

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Do you know much about protective hairstyles? When it comes to protective hairstyles, we usually use lace front wigs, headband wigs or some other glue free wigs. Today I would like to introduce you to a beautiful protective hairstyle, the long butterfly locs. The butterfly locs hairstyle features an attractive protective style with minimum tension. If you prefer your natural hair tucked away to promote growth and prevent damage, the long butterfly locs hairstyle is one your best choice. In this blog, we'll look at everything you need to know about butterfly locs. 

the long butterfly locs hairstyle is one your best choice

I. What kind of hair can be used for butterfly locs?

A water wave wig is best, or any other type of wavy hair bundles can be used to make a long butterfly locs. In general, a complete butterfly locs hairstyle requires at least about 6-8 packs of wavy hair. How many packs you need depends on the length and volume you want. 

water wave wig is best

II. How to make long butterfly locs?

1. Wash your bundles

Get ready for the water wave bundles. Start by washing your wig with some vinegar. Fill a bathtub with warm water and add a generous amount of white vinegar. Dip the hair in the water and stir to help clean it more thoroughly. Then let it soak for at least 2 hours. After that, rinse it off with water and dry your hair. Apply leave-in conditioner and use it as a humectant. Then, divide your wig into regular sections.

The butterfly locs hairstyle features an attractive protective style with minimum tension

2. Create small ponytails

You should use the rubber band around each section to keep your roots flat. As you go around the front, make sure to leave some of the edge of the hair so that you can shape it. When you are all done, you will get 4 rows with 2, 3, and 3 ponytails. Then you just have to do the exact same thing on the other side. 

Water wave hair comes grouped together in these strands

3. Install the water wave hair

Water wave hair comes grouped together in these strands. Take two of these for each look. Fold it in half so that the other, and the short side may look super short, but don’t worry because it does stretch out so you can get it to the length that you want. Next, start to braid it in with your natural hair. Then you want to separate and fluff out the water wave hair so you can get a thick full looking lock. Now with the longer side of the crochet hair in one hand and use the shorter side as the base. 

butterfly locs hairstyle is a fashionable protective hairstyle

4. Create a lock

Wrap the longer side around it to create a lock. First, upgrade it to cover up the braid part. Once you get to the top root, go around the rubber band a few times to cover it up as well. The hair is then rolled down to get the irregular shape characteristic of the butterfly locs. Fluff up some of the waves and pull them taut alternately. After every few turns you make, relax a little bit, this can make the lock more personal, so it's not very even.

butterfly locs

Therefore, once you have wound around the length you want your lock to be, finish it off, take your finger and hold it at the bottom of the lock where you want the folded hair to end. Run your fingers around the loop you're doing a few times to secure it, and then start wrapping up the hair until you can do no more. Then repeat the process to complete the butterfly locs

III. How to remove butterfly locs?

It's really simple. What you need to do is first pull down the bottom, undo the loop, and then do the retention by undoing the hair. Take the braid off, which will take the hair off the hook. To remove the rubber band, take a rat-tail comb and place it under one of the rings of the rubber band, then hold the hair firmly so as not to pull on it. Remove the comb until the rubber band pops out and falls off. That's basically all you have to do. 
The butterfly locs hairstyle is a fashionable protective hairstyle that lasts a long time, creating and showcasing your personality. We have detailed the steps to create your own butterfly locs hairstyle. If you think this is a complicated process and aren't sure if you can pull off the style perfectly, you can always consult with your stylist. If you want to get a butterfly wig hairstyle in an easy way, butterfly wigs are the best choice because you don't have to spend hours doing it. 

When should I remove my butterfly locs?

If your scalp is itchy or irritated, or if natural hair roots start to lock and cringe, it's time to remove them. Also, if the hair has become too fuzzy or messy to achieve the look you want, it's time to say goodbye.

How much does it cost to install butterfly locs?

The price of a butterfly locs depends on your location and the skill level of your hair stylist. However, on average, it costs between $150 and $500.

What is the best way to clean butterfly locs?

The best way to clean butterfly locs is to do it gently and slowly. Place your fingertips directly on the scalp without manipulating the shaft of the locs. Just let the shampoo run down the shaft of the lock as you rinse.

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