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Light Brown Vs Brunette

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Do you want to try that light brown that Beyonce and Lili Collins are trying? Is it a brunette hair color? What is brunette and how is it different from light brown? I will answer all these questions for you.

light brown

light brown

Ⅰ. What is light brown and benefits?

Light brown is magical. It works well with anyone and everyone. No matter your hair type, texture, eye color, or skin tone, light brown hair is bound to look good. This is a universally flattering hair color, perfect for showing off summer highlights. It also requires little or no maintenance (especially compared to other popular hair color trends such as copper or peach). It's a hair color that has never gone out of style, but its effortless maintenance and versatility is why we think it's trendy right now.

light brown

 1. Light brown is perfect for all skin tones

If you have olive skin or a darker complexion, cool black hair works best. If you have a paler complexion, a warm light brown will complement you best.

light brown

 2. Light browns require less strenuous maintenance

Its maintenance is low to moderate. Because light brown fade more slowly, they are easy to maintain.

 3. The price of light brown

Prices start at $200. According to Love, "Salon prices vary depending on the texture, length, and history of your hair. A first date at a salon can be the most expensive and can get you to that perfect brunette tone you've always dreamed of."

Ⅱ. What is brunette?

Brunette comes from French and refers to a person with brown hair. After black hair color, Brunette is the second most common hair color in the world. There are different shades of color from the darkest brown to the lightest brown. Brown is produced by low levels of pale phenylpropanoid and high levels of dark eumelanin pigment.


But we generally distinguish between brunette and brown, and we understand brunette as dark brown, a brown that is close to black, but not pure black. This hair color is actually quite common and easy to maintain. Western populations usually have Brunette hair, such as British, American, Middle Eastern, some Australian Aborigines, etc.

1. Is brunette black hair?

Brunette is not really black. It's more like a dark brown, and it looks black due to various combinations of base colors and textures.


2. Are there many people born with brunette hair?

In most Western countries, people with brown hair predominate. You can meet brunette girls in Central and Northern Europe. They have medium to light brunette hair tones. Other countries, such as Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany and New Guinea, dominate dark hair. Immigrants from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe (including Switzerland, the United Kingdom), Russia and Southeast Europe.

3. Is light brown brunette?

A light brown is a brunette if you put a brunette in the general category of brown. But essentially, they come in different shades. There are different kinds of colors that can be tuned. Brunette is darker than light Brown and is closer to black.

Ⅲ. Light brown VS brunette

1. Color difference

Light brown hair is lighter in color than medium brown, as opposed to dark brown. Not too dark, not too bright, but just right. And light brown hair is still considered black or a shade of brown. There are many light, medium and dark colors that fall into this general category.

Brunette is a dark brown color that has a lustrous feel. They are often paired with other hair colors.

2. Different kinds

a. Some styles of light brown
● Light gray brown

A light grey brown tone is amazing. It can sometimes look as light as blonde hair. Hair tones are lighter and more magical. It's easy to understand that some of your favorite celebrities are rocking this hair color. From subtle and sparkly to highlights, this shade works well for those with cool skin tones. Alternatively, it works best for anyone who has a natural lock between medium blonde and dark brown.

light brown

● Light golden brown

You like light golden brown hair, dark rose gold hair because these shades are warm and friendly. It is beautiful for those who are peach and gold. Do you know the actress Emma Watson? She is an excellent example of light golden brown hair. It effectively enhanced her eye color and skin tone.

light brown

● Light chestnuts brown

Chestnut brown is like the color of chestnuts, which is perfect for autumn and winter. It has a lot of brown tones, and the light chestnut brown is warmer than other light browns. Look for long chestnut hair with curls and waves to enhance the look.

light brown

b. Some types of brunette hair

● Medium brunette

Medium brown shades are common because they are so versatile. Plus, it's the perfect shade for all skin tones. It looks natural and offers many choices. Combine with layers, bangs or highlights to suit your lifestyle. Hair colors are not as high maintenance as other light colors. Moreover, it gives a subtle yet stunning look at the same time.


● Caramel brunette

This hair color is a warm, tawny hue. You have blond or warm skin, and this hair color is perfect for you. On the contrary, this shade is not suitable for those with a fair, pink complexion. Actress Eva Mendes is known for this shade. This is a great choice for black hair with highlights. If you want a stylish hair look, consider black hair with caramel highlights.


● Dark brunette

Dark brunette hair is said to be one of the universal hair tones. This shade is for everyone, and dark brown will make your skin tone and eyes pop more than other shades. Many celebrities have also worn this hair color and it has never gone out of style.


Is light brown considered brunette?

Lighter or darker shades of brown hair may be referred to as "light brunette" or "dark brunette", though in such cases one is generally referring only to the hair color, not using the term as a metaphor for the person; one would be unlikely to say, "She is a light brunette."

Is light brown a good color?

In short, light brown is the perfect transitional color. It's also easy to achieve and a convenient way to mix things up without going too out-of-the-box, whether you're looking to deepen naturally blonde hair or lighten and highlight medium or dark brown hair.

Is there a difference between brunette and brown hair?

Brunette hair is brown or black hair and any shade in between those colors. Brunette hair is a result of high levels of eumelanin and low levels of pheomelanin.

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