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Kim Kardashian Platinum Blonde Hair Is Suitable For Dark Skin

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Some time ago, Kim Kardashian blonde hair attracted attention. Kim Kardashian blonde hair is trending. However, you may not have noticed the details. Kardashian's blonde hair seems to be white, which is a little different from the general authentic blonde hair. Yes, Kardashian's blonde hair is platinum. As a black person, Kardashian's general styling comes from wigs. So today we talk about platinum wigs.

platinum blonde wig

Ⅰ. What is platinum blonde wig?

1. Light blonde hair color shades’shapes

a. Light ash blonde hair color

A light ash blonde hair color is a paler blonde shade with grey or grey tones. It can be described as cool platinum and looks best on light skin tones and light eyes. Lady Gaga has adopted this shade, which can be achieved with balayage on lighter natural hair colors, or full color on those with darker natural hair.

b. Natural blonde hair color

Natural blonde hair color is exactly what it sounds like: looks like the blonde you were born with. This baby blonde color is multi-dimensional, with several similar blonde shades in the same color family. This looks great on any skin tone as long as the shade mimics the skin tone: i.e., for lighter skin, keep the color lighter, for darker skin, darken the shade to maintain a natural look.

platinum blonde wig

c. Platinum hair color

Platinum blonde hair color is the lightest of all blonde shades and is best for fair skin tones or medium skin tones with yellowish tones. But this lightest shade of blonde looks great with any eye color, especially bright blue or brown eyes.

2. Platinum blonde wig is a kind of light blonde hair color shades

In fact, Kardashian White is not the first person to try blonde hair color. Rose, a member of the impressive South Korean girl group blackpink, always wears blonde hair. Platinum blonde wigs are wigs based on platinum blonde hair color. The platinum blonde wig is more white in color, but in the sunlight, it looks golden shimmer. It's lighter than the average hair color, but has more texture and vibrancy than pure white hair. Is the typical light blonde color. Platinum blonde is the lightest shade on the blonde color chart. It is a cool-toned white that suits pale and light skin tones.

platinum blonde wig

Ⅱ. Is platinum blonde hair suitable for people with dark skin?

I don't think dark skinned people have a problem trying platinum blonde hair color. There is no single aesthetic standard, just try it as long as you like. Because many people will suggest that cool white skin color try platinum gold, so black skin tone can't try platinum blonde hair color or platinum blonde wig at all? Not really, I don't think there's anything wrong with Kim Kardashian blonde hair, who is also a black skinned person. On the contrary, this platinum gold color can enhance the high-level sense of your temperament. The most important point is to wear a platinum wig, and the most critical point must be to debit. Really, without makeup, this platinum blond can look pretty dull.

Ⅲ. Platinum blonde hair vs platinum blonde wig 

1. Choosing platinum blonde wig instead of platinum blonde hair

A. Will not fade

The best thing about platinum hair is that it doesn't really fade. Because it's already shallow enough. However, the toner wears out over time, allowing more of the yellow tinge to show through. This is called brass hair. Fortunately, using a toner when you wash your hair is easy to fix between hairdresser appointments.

platinum blonde wig

B. No need to dye platinum blonde wigs so complicated

Although platinum blonde color is a popular color, it can be quite complicated to achieve platinum color. Let's see what you need to do if you really want to achieve platinum blonde hair color.

There are Intricate steps to dying platinum.

a. Find the right hairdresser and colorist

Platinum hair color can be tricky to master, and stylists warn against trying to dye platinum at home because it's one of the most messy colors, and it can easily turn orange. Even though your hair dye is great, choosing a good colorist will keep your platinum blonde hair looking authentic.

 b. Select Olaplex

It's one of those famous products - remember kim kardashian blonde hair from black hair? This revolutionary product is to be thankful for. The great thing about this product is that it is a bonded multiplier that helps rebuild your bonds. Go to a salon that uses Olaplex as it helps reduce breakage in every color service - something we all want and need

How do I make my hair platinum blonde? For a natural platinum look, dye with a natural blond blend with 20 Developer as the hair is already bleached. Hold for 25 minutes. For pale silver platinum, use platinum blonde dye with developer 20 and leave it on for 25 minutes.

platinum blonde wig

c. Make sure your hair is freshly cut

Preferably undyed for three to six months, as this will give the best results. Also, don't wash your hair before going to the barbershop. The reason is that if your hair is clean, the color won't lift either, but that's not the only plus. The second factor is that your natural hair oil coats the scalp, making the process less painful (sometimes your scalp burns during the process).

Obviously this is a hassle, and none of these issues will be a problem if you have a platinum wig. In addition to mastering the method of wearing a platinum blonde wig, it does not need to be as complicated as dyeing platinum blonde hair.

C. It does not harm its own hair quality, but it also requires regular maintenance

Many times, if you want to get platinum blonde hair, you need to bleach your hair first. But bleached whites are harsh, and you'll need to apply dye later to create platinum blonde hair. This obviously hurts the hair, and it has more bleaching steps than normal hair dyeing. So if you want something that doesn't hurt your hair, try a platinum blonde wig. But the wig also needs to be maintained regularly according to the instructions to ensure that the platinum wig will last longer.

With platinum blonde hair dying, you should read the following steps to maintain it. Bleaching your hair can cause damage, so you'll need regular maintenance and conditioning in the weeks following your color change. Also, consider replacing your regular conditioner with a moisturizing treatment and use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo with dry oil to give it a little extra nourishment. Some stylists will recommend using a good toning shampoo - violet toner will help remove brassy, ​​yellowish tones and give you a crisp white tone. When using this toner, never leave it on your hair for more than three minutes as your hair will turn blue.

platinum blonde wig

D. It is suitable for people who are trying platinum blonde hair color for the first time and who are afraid of stepping on thunder

If you have a dark complexion, you may wonder if this platinum blonde hair color is right for you. If you are afraid of stepping on thunder, it is recommended that you wear a platinum blonde wig to see if this hair color is suitable for you. If you don't like it, restore your original hair color with no loss.

E. Recoverable

If you dye your hair with light color once, you may fall into the embarrassing period of various hair colors in the future. You need to constantly maintain complementary colors to maintain the original color. Sorry, you have to wait a long time to get it back. But platinum blonde wigs are reversible. If you don't like platinum blonde hair color, you don't have to wear them. You still have your original appearance.

Can blonde wigs be dyed?

As we mentioned before, blonde wigs can be dyed. Bleaching your hair can cause damage, split ends, and excessive shedding. Therefore, since blonde hair is already blonde, you can skip the bleaching part and go straight to coloring. But you should also be careful when coloring your hair in lace. If you have already tried blonde hair and want to change to another color, you can use blonde wigs to casually dye other colors that you like.

Can anyone pull off platinum blonde hair?

Let's start by saying this: everyone can go blonde (yes, even YOU can pull it off). But the key is finding the right tone for your skin color. Dreaming of yourself with the platinum strands of Gwen Stefani is all well and good, but you need to bring your personal complexion into consideration.

What color does platinum hair fade to?

The best thing about platinum hair is that it doesn't really fade. However, the toner will wear off over time, allowing more yellow tones to show through. This is what's called brassy hair. Luckily, it's easily fixed between hairdresser appointments by using a toner when you wash your hair.

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