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How Can You Keep The Synthetic Wigs?

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There's absolutely nothing even worse than coming to the realization that it's time to retire your preferred synthetic wig. Believe me, I get it-- we all dream we might keep our favorite wigs looking wonderful permanently. While that might be an impossible feat, in this short article I will go over how long you can anticipate a synthetic wig to last, different ways to fix artificial fiber, and tips to extend the life of your artificial wig.


How Long Do Synthetic Wigs Last?

Unlike human hair wigs last about 6 months or longer, synthetic wigs usually last about 3-- 6 months. When I say "last", I imply looking near how they did when they showed up brand-new to you. This time frame is quite basic across all artificial wigs, however it can absolutely be impacted by wear and tear, the length of the wig, and even the texture of the fibers. There are a lot of other elements that play into the durability of a wig, such as:

1. Storing your wig improperly, which can bring matting and tangles.

2. Using your wig to bed or during activities like swimming which can dry out artificial fiber.

3. Exposing your wig to heats, even opening the oven door while wearing a wig can permanently damage regular (non heat-friendly) artificial hair.

4. Utilizing incorrect care items that can cause develop and damage.

5. Curly wigs can frizz if not taken care of correctly.

6. Longer styles can mat and tangle if not cared for correctly. 

Pro Tips for Bringing Life Back to Synthetic Wigs

If you find yourself with artificial hair that is matted and frizzy or simply beginning to appear dull and lifeless, try the two techniques shown listed below.

1. Fixing and Smoothing Regular Synthetic Fiber with a Steamer

2. Repairing and Smoothing Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber with a Boar Bristle Brush

How to Defrizz Your Wig | Defrizz Wig | Simply Wigs 

Preventing Damage to a Synthetic Wig

So now that you know what can cause damage to an artificial wig and how to repair it, it's similarly crucial to comprehend avoidance measures you can require to prevent that damage. Here are some prevention suggestions:

1. Store your wigs inside out and apply the hairnet (a container bag) to the hair that protrudes

2. Prevent wearing your wig to bed or when swimming, instead try a sleep cap or wear an older backup wig you don't mind damaging.

3. Wear a head scarf when baking to avoid heat damage, step away when opening the oven door or eliminate your wig altogether when baking.

4. Usage items created just for artificial hair to prolong the life.

5. Avoiding brushing curly wigs and use a leave in conditioner to improve and define.

6. Keep a comb in your bag and automobile and detangle longer designs throughout the day and prior to saving.

 Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? Why do the ends on my synthetic wig  look like this? How do I fix it? : r/Wigs

With the appropriate care and repair, you will get the most out of your wigs and enjoy living life to the max in them. Remark and share a few of your preferred suggestions to prolong the life of your wigs.

How can I Make my synthetic wig last longer?

To help your synthetic wig last longer, it is crucial to keep the fibers manageable. Run your fingers through your fibers using wig conditioner. Avoid the wig cap & hand tied areas as conditioner soften the knots and hand tied areas can become untied causing thinning of hair.

Are Synthetic wigs heat resistant?

Though heat resistant synthetic wigs can bear heat without being damaged, it is advised to use synthetic wigs with as less styling as possible. Using styling products such as gels, wig glues & dyes can adversely affect the longevity of synthetic wigs.

Can You steam a synthetic wig?

Depending on the tip of your synthetic wig, you can use a smaller comb when you get to the end, so that it passes through the wig properly. Steaming might be difficult for a first-timer, especially if you don’t have a video guide, so it is best to try steaming on an old wig in case you make a mistake during the process.

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