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Is Water Wave Hair Wet And Wavy Wigs?

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Water wave hair is hot right now, and so are wet and wavy wigs. So are they the same? Do you want to make water ripples yourself at no cost? I think you do, so keep reading our article. 

water wave hair

Ⅰ. what is water wave hair?

Water wave hair sound like ripples like water. Yes, there is no problem with your understanding. The wavy design of wavy hair is gradually defined as the waves are braided closer together. The texture of wavy hair is similar to waves on water. It has large curls that give a natural feel and make it look more classy and classy. The curl is between wave and kinky, smaller than wave and smaller than kinky hair.

wet and wavy wig

Water wave hair is also not deep waves, Water wave hair has a curly pattern in the opposite direction, making it look voluminous. It also blends beautifully with your hair naturally. On the other hand, deep curls face the same direction and appear flatter.

Ⅱ. Is water wave hair wet and wavy wigs?

1. what are wet and wavy wigs?

Today, this kind of hair is ubiquitous, not only as a trend, but also as an effort by wig manufacturers to better meet people's needs. This refreshing wet and wavy wigs includes a wet wavy headband wig, a wet wavy lace front wig, and other braids for wet wavy hair. There are also different styles for people to choose from, such as short bob wigs, long straight wigs, curly wigs, etc.

Because this type of hair can change its curvature at will, the requirements for raw materials are high. So, most wet and wavy wigs on the market are made entirely of human hair, Remy or Virgin.

water wave hair

All wet curly wigs are made with a special process that does not use chemicals to straighten or curly hair, naturally transform from straight hair to curly hair and back to curly hair, which is the biggest benefit of wet curly wigs.

If you haven't used this wig, you won't know how to make it wavy. It is not difficult to understand that the wig will have waves when it is wet. So just spritz a little water on the wig, hold the hair lightly with your hand, and it will instantly look wavy.

But water alone is not enough to keep the waves, a little conditioner or hairspray is needed. This will help maintain a longer lasting look. You can mix them with water and spray together, or spray after water. It will have the same effect.

2. Water wave hair is not wet wavy hair.

water wave wig

Water wave hair is named after the shape of the hair. Wet wavy hair, on the other hand, is made with a special textured hair that retains its curls when wet. But the two belong to different categories.

3. Also emphasizing water, water wave hair emphasize the shape of water, while wet and wavy wigs emphasize the use of water when applied.

Ⅲ. How to make water wave hair by yourself?

1. Use a curling iron

One of the ways to finish water waves is to use a curling iron, almost like a curling machine. After quickly smoothing the iron over a short section of hair, starting at the roots, in a ping-pong motion between the upper and lower hands, she works her way down the length of the hair, gently wrapping the hair around the barrel. This technique works on all hair lengths and offers better control than other curling tools. You can use a 3-barrel wave iron to create this look, but it looks too perfect, so use a brick layered pattern, once your waves are set, then comb in the same direction, finish with a nice hair oil.

2. Sleep with braids

You can also create water wave hair while you sleep. For this technique, gather your hair into a loose French braid at the back and secure the ends with a silk hair tie. If your length is shorter, consider pulling your hair into two braids. You may also want to apply a little anti-frizz oil or serum to your hands and smooth out your strands as you remove your braids—that way, your waves stay in place. Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb and finger fluff for an effortless finish.

Can you wet water wave hair?

Instead of brushing your wavy tresses when wet, you can gradually wet your hair and brush lightly before washing it out completely.

Is water wave hair human hair?

Water wave braiding uses different materials such as human hair.

What products make your hair look wet?

Mousses, gels, pomades, and waxes can all make hair look wet.

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