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Is It Possible to Harm Your Hair By Wearing a Wig?

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It's no surprise that wigs have become so popular because they offer so many options and can save so much time. Forget spending hours at the salon coloring, cutting and styling, or the pain of pulling your hair while braiding it. But despite the time, money, and potential hair damage you save by wearing a wig, you may also be wondering, can wigs damage your hair? We'll share tips for wearing a wig and how to make sure it doesn't damage your hair.  

I.Tips on wearing wigs.

Whether a wig can harm your hair really depends on a number of factors that affect hair health, including diet and maintenance routines.

Here are some tips to protect your hair while wearing a wig.

1. Have a regular hair care routine

Isn't the purpose of wearing a wig to not damage your hair? Even with a wig, your hair still needs to be properly shampooed and conditioned. However, the kind of care your hair needs depends entirely on your hair type. 

Wearing a wig can make your scalp very hot, and if your hair is oily, adding moisture will only create extra humidity, which is not healthy for your scalp. So wash your scalp with a mild shampoo and then use a moisturizing conditioner. You can use a moisturizing and heat-proof hair spray until your hair is dry. 

On the other hand, if you have dry hair, use a weekly hair mask to lock in moisture or use a hydrating hair product to avoid dryness. 

Regardless of your hair type, it is very important to wash your hair regularly when wearing a wig. Use a sulfate- or paraben-free shampoo to ensure your scalp is protected from harmful chemicals that can cause hair breakage. 

Is it possible to harm your hair by wearing a wig?

2. Increase the space between your scalp and your wig 

The more clearance between your scalp and your wig, the better. More space between your scalp and your wig will prevent bacteria buildup, which will promote hair growth. Here are ways to increase the gap between your scalp and wig 

A wig cap is a great protective layer between your scalp and your wig. It also helps to hide your hair and make your wig look more natural. In addition to protecting your hair from sweat buildup, a wig cap also protects your scalp from any friction between your hair and your wig. 

Make a protective braid or wrap is another way to create a gap between your hair and your wig. But make sure your braids aren't too bulky or your wig will look unnatural. 

3. Make sure your wig is clean 

Some people recommend not washing your wig to prolong its life, but there are seasons when it needs to be cleaned. When the weather is hotter in the summer, wearing a wig can get very hot, especially if you are wearing a human hair wig. When sweat builds up, it can even feel like you have extra weight on your head. 

Therefore, when wearing a wig in hot weather, make sure that you keep it clean. If you want to wash it properly, you can ask the relevant professionals to avoid damaging your wig by washing it incorrectly. Or, if you have a synthetic wig, be sure to use a cleaning product specifically for synthetic hair. 

4. Choose the correct wig size

If you wear a wig and it moves when you move your head, then it's too big. If it's so tight that it feels uncomfortable, then it's too small. If your wig is too tight, it will not only make for a bad experience, but it may pull on your hair, which can lead to thinning and baldness. 

To be on the safe side, measure your head circumference before you buy a wig. If you don't know how to measure it, ask the merchant from whom you bought the wig for a way to measure your head circumference.

Is it possible to harm your hair by wearing a wig?

5. Avoid creating tension on your scalp 

To keep your hair healthy and to make your wig look seamless, you can braid your hair.   However, if you braid your hair too tightly it will cause too much tension on your scalp, which may not only lead to hair breakage and loss but also will not be a very comfortable wig-wearing experience. 

6. Choose the right wig cap for your hair type

The type of wig cap you choose doesn't directly affect your hair, but it does work well with your hair type. 

For example, it is best to choose a capless wig if you have a very sweaty scalp. This is because the itching from the extra heat can cause your scalp to become irritated over time.   

7. Give your scalp a proper rest

Wearing a wig is a fun way of life for many people. Wigs come in a variety of cuts, colors, and styles and are easier to maintain than many natural hairstyles. In addition, sometimes hair loss and fall don't leave us with too many options for styling our own hair. 

So every chance you get, you'll want to let your scalp rest and breathe a little, which is essential. If you really need to wear a wig every day, then at least don't sleep with it on. , because sleeping in a wig can pull your hair and cause it to break. 

If possible, you can also try wearing a hat cap or bandana instead of wearing a full wig. The top of the hairpiece is open so that you can let your scalp breathe. 


When wearing a wig, you never have to worry about whether your hair is perfect or not because it is already done for you. Wearing a wig is one of the best things to happen to the hair industry because it opens the door to creativity in all different aspects of the hair world. In addition, it gives women a boost of confidence when needed. With these tips, as long as you take proper care of your wig, you can wear it every day and enjoy the different hairstyles and the pleasure that comes with it!  

What are the causes of hair deterioration?

1、Mental stress and insufficient nutrition
2, shampoo direct contact with the scalp
3, shampooing with nails scratch scalp
4. Frequent perming and dyeing of hair

How to prevent hair loss?

1. to ensure proper exercise and sleep. Exercise is good for relieving stress and improving your immunity, while sufficient sleep can promote normal skin and hair metabolism.
2. to maintain an optimistic state of mind. Modern people work under great pressure, study under stress, use the brain excessively, easy to be happy and sad, these often cause hair loss. So it is recommended that we work and study in general, to maintain an optimistic and calm state of mind, do not get excited about things, work, study to combine work and rest.
3. try to avoid hair by environmental damage. Strong light, dirty air, chemical toxins, hair dye, etc. can cause great damage to the hair and destroy the growth environment of hair follicles, resulting in hair loss, so try to avoid.
4. Wash and comb your hair regularly. Combing your hair a hundred times each morning and evening can stimulate your scalp and improve ventilation between your hair. As the scalp is easy to sweat and get dirty, diligent hair washing and combing can help prevent baldness and dandruff.

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