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Is Body Wave Wig Always Better ?

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Is body wave wig always better ? Everything about body wave wig I will tell you.

Ⅰ. What is body wave wig?

The texture of the body wave wig hairstyle is like a big "S", the shape of the big "S" starts at the shoulders of women, and then curls around the hair to the ends. And the head position of women is a bit straight. The whole body wave is loose and smooth, exudes the original luster, when the long body wave braided human hair hangs loosely on your shoulders, you will appear more charming and moving.

body wave wig

 Ⅱ. Popular types of body wave wig

1. 22 inch body wave wig or 10 inch body wave wig

Body wave wigs come in different lengths, 22 inch  body wave wig is a very long body wave wig. 10 inch body wave wig is a very short body wave wig and is not common. Generally, the length of body wave is concentrated in 18 inches to 24 inches. For the specific length table, you can refer to the following figure.

2. Brazilian body wave wig

Brazilian hair is without a doubt the best quality and texture of the body wave wig. Brazilian body wave wigs are one of the most popular and most women prefer to use human hair wigs. Here are the advantages of the Brazilian body wave wig.

body wave wig

● Free of hair chemicals and dyes, 100% human hair

Brazilian body wave wigs should not be treated with chemicals or dyes. Raw hair is shipped in its natural color. You can use the wig in its natural state or color it after use. Either way, you'll get amazing results.

● Anti-shedding, tough, long life

Brazilian body wavy wigs consist of thick, strong strands that won't break easily. The volume of the hair remains the same because each strand is flexible. You can comb the length of your hair without worrying about excessive shedding. And each hair is very strong and less prone to breakage and brittleness, so the hair lasts longer than most hair types. It also helps the Brazilian Body Wave Virgin wig to be naturally shiny and not knotted.

water wave wig

● Soft and natural

Another most important advantage of this wig is that it is extremely soft and natural. It looks very luxurious and has a completely natural finish. This also allows Brazilian body wave wigs to create a variety of beautiful hairstyles.

Ⅲ. Is body wave wig always better?

This question is to compare body wave wig with other wave wigs, and at the same time we pick out the best type under the category of body wave wig.

1. Body wave wig VS deep wave wig

Deep waves are a wavy hairstyle with tight, classic sexy waves. While they generally have the same texture as loose waves, body waves, and natural waves, the only difference is that curls for deep wavy hair all have tighter hair.

deep wave wig

A. In terms of texture and volume, deep waves are better

Deep wave wigs look neater because they are all rolled in one direction. Coupled with the sheen of the material, the deep wave wig looks more textured than other wave wigs.

And the curl of the deep wave wig does not start from the shoulder like the body wave, but starts from the top of the hair down a little, and the curl is not large, so it looks bigger.

body wave wig

B. In terms of naturalness and maintenance cost, body wave is better

Because of the natural s-shape, body waves look looser and more natural than deep waves. Because there are many deep waves, it takes a long time to take care of and maintain. In terms of body wave maintenance, it will be easy to take care of. Usually you just need to wash regularly and fiddle with the waves of the body wave.

2. Body wave wig VS water wave wig

The wave shape of the body wave wig is larger, the amplitude is not so dense, and it looks flat and neat. The texture of the water wave wig is like a layer of water lines, and the curls are finer.

water wave wig

A. In terms of bulkiness and sense of shape, water ripple wigs are better

There are some noticeable differences in volume between the two due to the different depth and density of the curls. The curls of a water wave wig are thicker and look lighter and voluminous, which gives it more volume, so it visually shows more volume than a body wave.

B. In terms of temperament and flexibility, body wave wigs are better

Body waves will make you more gentle and mature, while water wave wigs will be more fashionable. These are two different styles. You just need to decide which style is more suitable for you.

Also, body waves are larger and looser. Even if you wear it more often, it won't look frizzy. Will appear more supple than water ripples.

3. Body wave wig VS loose wave wig

loose deep wig

● Loose waves are firmer

It is tighter than body wave hair. This is the main difference between bulk beam and loose beam. So, the hair is not too straight, but not too tight either. Most people will love loose, wavy hairstyles, especially if they prefer a more voluminous wavy style.

● The length of the loose wave is greater than that of the bulk wave

Loose waves are best for those looking for a bouncy and complete look. Pine waves are more curly than body waves.

● Body waves are softer and more natural

In fact, both belong to big wavy hairstyles, and you can compare them comprehensively.

What's the difference between deep wave and water wave?

Deep wave hair pattern is although similar to that of water wave hair but is a bit neater than compared to water wave hair. Because the curls of the water wave hair are positioned in one direction, it gives them more volume as compared to deep wave hair which is relatively flatter than the water wave hair

How do you maintain a water wave weave?

Wash your hair every week. Wash your Freetress water wave hair in cool or lukewarm water. Put your hair into the water from ends to top, wash hair with a finger if possible, and do not rub or twist hair. Do not blow-dry your water wave hair, place the hair in shadow and let it naturally dry.

How long does a deep wave last?

12 months With different styling techniques, it has the ability to hold a style for long periods of time. Women enjoy deep wave hair because it brings the shiny fullness that so many of us desire. With the proper care, your deep wave hair will typically last at least 12 months (maybe longer!).

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