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Wow, summer is here and it's hotter than ever! Which is why, now is the ideal time to share my Ultimate Guide to Staying Cool in Your Wig this Summer. While it sounds nice to hear "just put your hair up in a pony", when you're a full-time wig wearer, it's not that easy. Sure, with your own hair you can manage a 5-second pony and go out the door, but with a wig - where do you even start?

ideas maintain style in summer heat

The very first obstacle is that wigs are produced the hair to be directed down, not up. Second of all, you have to consider the hairline, maybe it has a lace front function, but what about the neckline? There are a lot of pointers and techniques I'm passing away to share! Plus, some extremely useful info from what cap buildings feel the coolest, to what elegant ideas look the coolest (wink). Let's get to everything you need to understand!

What Cap Constructions are best for summer?

Capless Wigs:

You wish to start with the most breathable cap and these are called Traditional, also called Capless. The name fits completely since they are made with openings that allow venting throughout the entire cap. This nearly makes it seem like it's not even there. It allows air to flow easily throughout so it's breathable and cool: the ultimate perk during the hot summer season.

Lace Front:

lace front wigs are hand-tied and made to simulate your own hairline. This feature permits you to style your hair off of the face and let's "face" it, that's always an excellent concept if you're sweating. Attempt hairstyles where you can design the bang back with a headband or off to the side with some devices - you'll immediately jazz it up. Shop our Lace Front wigs

What hair types are lighter?

Synthetic/Heat-Friendly Synthetic:

We're taught to believe natural is constantly better, so you would think human hair is always the response. Nevertheless, when it pertains to keeping one's cool throughout the summer, human hair loses the match versus artificial hair.

Why? To start with, human hair wigs are often made denser. Second of all, more density indicates more weight, which will certainly make it feel hotter. Lastly, who wishes to hang around styling with heat tools, when you'll be outdoors in the heat - and if you reside in a state like the one I call home, HUMID HEAT?

Synthetic and Heat-Friendly Synthetic fiber are not only lighter and cooler, but likewise do not require styling and keep their shape even in Alaska and Arizona, which if you didn't know, are the most damp states in the United States. As a rule of thumb, prevent utilizing too many styling products in your hair during the summer: more hairspray equates to more heat. Shop our incredible selection of Ready-to-Wear wig designs.

OK, so now you know what cap buildings and hair types are best. But there are numerous ways to make your preferred wig appearance cool while likewise keeping you cool.

I wanted to produce looks for both, those who can pull some of your own hair along the hairline and for those that can't. Summer is all about equipping your appearances and being a wig wearer should not stop you. Whether you're hopping on a Zoom call or going to the store, these looks are polished, put-together, and simply plain COOL!

How should girls maintain their hair?

Wash Your Hair Regularly. Washing your hair regularly ensures that your scalp and hair is free of dirt and excess oil. ... Use Chemical Free Shampoos. ... Condition Correctly. ... Dry Your Hair Naturally. ... Oil Your Hair Properly. ... Use A Wide-toothed Comb. ... Style Your Hair Naturally. ... Trim Your Hair Regularly.

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