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Human Hair Wigs Washing Complete Guide

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To get the best outcomes, you need to shampoo and condition your human hair wigs prior to you style and use them. Human hair usually shows up with a conditioner that coats the hair and is used to preserve the style and retain moisture while it's equipped and throughout delivery. If this finish is not washed off, you will have a harder time getting the style to hold and directing the hair.

If you merely want to make certain you like the design or cut, you can mist the hair with water and simply coiffure the front and top. As soon as you understand you like it and strategy to use it out, shampoo and conditioner initially. Heat-styling vs air drying is highly suggested.

wash human hair wigs

Heat-styling smooths the cuticle making it feel and look softer. If you intend on taking your human hair wig or hairpiece to a stylist to color, make sure to advise them it must be cleaned first. The covering will impact how color takes in and should always be washed prior to chemically treating. A good sign that it's time to clean your wig is if the hair appears dull or lifeless. If you move however the hair does not, it's time to wash. You can extend the time in between washes by utilizing dry shampoo at the root and base and retouching the design with heat.

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How Often Should I Wash My Human Hair Wig?

We suggest washing and conditioning every 6-8 uses. It's good to apply a deep conditioner every other wash since human hair requires added wetness. It's extremely essential to only use a conditioner from the mid-shaft to ends. Always prevent using conditioner to the base or cap as this can affect the stability and trigger shedding. Usage products produced color treated human hair and follow producer directions when using a deep conditioner or treatment.

It is recommended to use hair oils and serums on completions and spray a heat protectant all over before blow drying and heat-styling. Utilize your discretion and if your wig requires to be washed regularly or less often, you can adjust your routine. Often merely retouching the hair with curling iron or flat iron in between washes works wonders.

 8 Steps To Wash A Human Hair Wig Properly!

Prepare to Wash Your Human Hair Wigs

Gently get rid of tangles with fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Start at the ends and gradually pursue the roots to prevent damage. Do not brush.

I. Wash

1. Do not soak or submerge item. Rinse by holding the hair under running cool water. Allow the water to run from roots to ends.

2. Place a small amount of hair shampoo for color-treated hair in your hand, equally and gently stroke it through the hair in a downwards motion from the roots to the ends.

3. Rinse by holding under running cool water up until the water runs clear. Carefully squeeze to press out excess water. Do not twist or wring.

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II. Condition

1. Location a percentage of conditioner for color-treated hair in your hand, evenly and carefully work it through the hair in a downwards movement from the mid-shaft down to the ends avoiding the base and root. Applying conditioner to the base may cause shedding.

2. Leave conditioner on for 1-2 minutes or follow the conditioner maker's guidelines. Do not surpass 3-5 minutes. 

Steps for reviving human hair wigs and pieces - Jon Renau Collection

3. Wash by holding under running cool water up until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze or utilize a tidy, dry towel to press out excess water. Do not twist or wring.

4. Place wet wig on a wig stand until it is entirely dry. Finger styling is advised.

III. Styling your human hair wig

1. Design as preferred:

a. To straighten, take a 1 inch section beginning at the roots and run a flat iron to the ends.

b. To curl, cover the hair around a curling iron and hold for 10 seconds and release.

c. If preferred use hair spray on the final styled product.

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IV. Keeping your human hair wig

The excellent feature of a wig or hairpiece is that after you hang around styling it and getting it best, you can store it and maintain your work. If you're keeping a styled wig and you want to keep it pristine, use a Styrofoam head, a folding stand or a canvas block. These choices all keep the wig upright and undisturbed.

When blow drying or changing human hair, it's finest to utilize a Styrofoam or canvas head. The two allow you to pin the wig or base and keep it protect while you work. If you're simply keeping for the night, a folding stand or perhaps a roll of paper towels can keep your wig in a standing position. If a wig is wet and you're letting it air dry, avoid a Styrofoam head as these can absorb water and mold over time.

22 DIY Wig Stand Ideas - How To Make A Wig Holder

For air drying, you can produce the part and smooth the top, then let it dry lying flat on a towel or on a folding wig stand that enables air to circulate. If you're taking a trip, utilize package and hair net your wig features and simply plan on touching it up prior to you use it. You can also store your wigs inside out and in a plastic baggy. It's excellent to position the hair internet over the hair neglected of the cap and remove excess air prior to sealing the bag. This type of keeping will not protect the hairdo so be prepared to damp and design or wash and design before using.

Tips & Tricks When You Have a Human Hair Wig

1. Wash or rinse all human hair items and style before wearing. Human hair is not all set to break of the box.

2. Washing with hot water will harm the cap and can trigger the hair to end up being dry.

3. Do not dry on a solid form or mannequin head to avoid stretching the cap.

4. We do not advise sleeping, showering or swimming while wearing the wig.

5. Shop the wig on a wig stand to avoid unwanted kinks or crimps.

6. Lace is fragile and should not be yanked or pulled.

7. Avoid brushing the hair when wet to prevent damage.

8. Any cutting or chemical processes, such as perming or coloring, ought to be done by an expert hair stylist. We do not suggest lifting or lightening human hair; depositing color offers the best outcome.

Human Hair Wig Washing FAQs

Can I wash a human hair wig with regular hair shampoo?

Human hair wigs can be cleaned with regular shampoo however it's recommended you utilize products formulated for color dealt with hair. Bear in mind human hair has actually been chemically dealt with and unlike our own hair, it is not hydrated naturally. Prevent using clarifying shampoos as these are created to strip accumulation and oils from the hair and will cause dryness.

Can I wash my human hair wig with hot water?

When cleaning any wig, it's finest to use lukewarm water. What is lukewarm water? It doesn't really have to be a specific temperature but it's not good to use cold water and also bad to utilize warm water. Hot water can dry out the hair and although cold water doesn't damage, it does make it harder to wash out hair shampoo and any item you apply to the hair. Attempting to remain at a medium temperature level is finest - not too hot and not too cold.

Which oil is best for human hair wigs?

Human hair ends love included moisture and oils or serums. Human hair ends are subject to the most damage to adding a little additional care is really great. If you stick to hair salon deserving or luxury moisturizers you ought to see truly great outcomes. Argon oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil are the most commonly utilized and terrific for human hair wigs. Try to find those components when selecting a moisturizing hair oil or cream. As with conditioner, avoid positioning it at the root or base of the wig.

What's the difference in between wig shampoo and regular hair shampoo?

Synthetic wig hair shampoo is extremely light and mild. Wig shampoos are made to clean and freshen without striping the hair or fiber. Human hair items are created for our own hair and scalp so usually have more cleaning representatives that make it strong enough to get rid of natural oils and item build up. Human hair shampoos are made to remove unwanted oils so it's important to condition after to add back some of that moisture. Routine shampoo can be utilized on a synthetic wig 1-2 times if your goal is to remove unwanted shine. It is bad to utilize it every wash as this will dry the fiber.

Have a look at How to Look after a Synthetic Wig to learn how to take care of a wig made with synthetic fibers.

How do I wash my wigs?

Simply smooth the shampoo on the wig from the base to the tips of the hair. Using cool water, gently rinse all shampoo from the hair, allowing the water to flow over the hair from the base to the tips. Do not rub, wring or twist. Gently rinse until all shampoo has been removed.

How to shampoo a human hair wig?

To shampoo your wig, many salons recommend submersing your human hair wig in a basin of water with a small amount of shampoo. We do not recommend doing so as it can tangle the wig, making it highly unmanageable.

What kind of shampoo should I use on my wig?

These shampoos are gentle enough not to damage the hair and they are designed especially for your wig’s needs. Some women prefer to use mild shampoos for color-treated hair. To remove the shampoo, run cool water from the base down to the bottom of the hair.

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