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Human Hair VS. Synthetic Hair :The Different

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In this blog, let's solve one of the most controversial problems in wigs: Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair – Which One Should Choose.

Human hair vs. synthetic hair is one of the most contentious issues when it comes to choosing the best wig or weave for you. The main difference between synthetic and human hair is in fiber. Synthetic hair fibers tend to hold their style even when they are washed. Human hair, on the other hand, is made out of real human hair and therefore needs to be restyled after washing just you would real hair.

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But should you choose human hair or synthetic hair? To make the right choice, it is important to understand that there are certain advantages and disadvantages of both types. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of each to help you make the choice.

What Is human hair wigs

human hair wig

The biggest advantage of human hair wigs is that they give you the most natural look and fee. They are therefore more expensive than synthetic wigs and tend to need more care to remain durable. Typically a human hair wig will last between 1-3 years and they can be remarkably soft, easily manageable, and very versatile. They also come in a wide variety of types including Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian.

About Price

While you may see that some of these wigs and weaves are sourced from virgin donors they are also processed and the processing technique can go a long way in determining the quality of the weave or wig. It is important to check that the wig or weave you want to buy has not been subjected to too much chemical processing. But it is also important to note that human hair that has been processed will often cost more than virgin hair. Remy human hair is also quite popular and considered premium. The cuticles in this type of hair run in the same direction, a factor that can significantly reduce tangling, and as such the weave looks and feels silkier.

The Source of Most Human Hair

Human hair is all provided by people, and then disinfected and prepared. Human hair is generally more expensive than synthetic hair. Due to recycling costs and special disposal costs.

• Chinese hair

malaysian hair wigs

• Indian human hair

• Brazilian hair

There are two main disadvantages of human hair wigs and weaves. First, the high price associated with human hair will often keep it out of reach for most women. Other than the price, human hair requires constant maintenance and you may have to restyle the wig or weave it every time you wash it.

What Is Synthetic Hair

synthetic wig

Technological advances have greatly improved the look and feel of synthetic hair such that it can be impossible to tell the difference. The density and structure of some synthetic wigs and weaves can feel almost like human hair. The greatest advantage that synthetic hair has over human hair is the fact that it can often be worn straight from the box. The fiber of the hair maintains the “memory” of the wave, curl, and even volume, allowing the hair to bounce back into place without having to be restyled.

But unlike human hair synthetic hair often lacks versatility. It will only maintain the style that it came in and you won’t be able to change the style as you would with human hair. There are however some heat-friendly synthetic fibers that may allow you to change the curl pattern, but even these are more resistant to change. For example, you may not be able to straighten a curly synthetic wig even if it is heat friendly; you can only emphasize the curls.

How Long Do Synthetic Hair Extensions and Human Hair Last?

Synthetic hair is also not as durable as human hair. They are known to last only as long as 6 months and the heat-friendly kinds will only be viable for up to 3 months. The good news is that they tend to be far cheaper than human hairpieces and widely accessible.

So should you choose human hair or synthetic hair? We guess the choice is up to you although now you can consider the comparison above which offers you a variety of things to think about. For example, if you would like a wig that last up to a year, the best choice may be a human hair wig.


How can you tell the difference between synthetic hair and human hair?

Test by burning: Cut a small piece of hair you buy and burn it directly over a small flame. If the hair is flammable, creating a large flame, and smells of tar, this is a synthetic hair. As for human hair, when it burns very little smoke and has a characteristic burning smell.

What is better synthetic hair or human hair?

Synthetic hair wigs are composed of man-made fibers that are much more durable than a human hair. Probably the most prominent benefit to synthetic wigs is that they come already styled. And have the ability to hold a certain style no matter the conditions. So even if it's humid out, it won't go flat or frizzy.

Does synthetic hair look fake?

Synthetic hair is exactly as it sounds. The fake hair strands are made out of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon. The fibers are put through various chemical processes to give them a similar look, feel, color, and styling capability as human hair.

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