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Wearing Both Glasses and Wigs? The Best Guide to Solve Your Problems

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Do you wear a wig and glasses together?  Have you ever had this happen to you? Either the arms of your glasses become entangled in the wig or your glasses are pressed too tightly, causing a headache.  For many people, the combination of glasses and a wig makes them feel uneasy and insecure.  As a result, we've compiled a list of tips and suggestions for how to wear wigs with glasses so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed while wearing one.

How to Wear Wigs While Wearing Glasses

Method  1

capless cap

Step 1: To wear a wig, measure your head.

When it comes to wearing glasses and a wig at the same time, there is one important factor to consider in order to achieve comfortable and fabulous results: make sure your wig fits your head correctly. This means you must first measure your head before purchasing a wig that fits properly. After all, if your lace front wig is too big, it won't fit properly on your head, and the ear tags may fall too far or too low, causing interference with your glasses.

Step 2: Tuck the glasses arm under the wig's earpiece.

Most human hair wigs,  as we all know, have ear tabs, which are a design sewn into the bottom of the wig that can make it more comfortable and easier to wear. And, like pieces on a shirt collar, most earpieces have metal brackets that are worn flush with the temples for a natural look.

Tucking the arms of the glasses under the earpieces is a popular way to wear hd lace wigs with glasses. The lining of open earpieces has a small opening that is perfect for threading the arm of the glasses through. Tucking your glasses neatly under the earpiece prevents them from pressing against your wig, making you feel more comfortable and secure, and vice versa. Furthermore, doing so will keep your glasses securely in your ears.

Step 3: Place your glasses on top of your wig's earpiece.

If tucking your glasses arms under the earpieces of your wig makes you feel strange or uncomfortable, wearing your glasses on top of the earpieces is a great alternative.

Step 4: Tweak the metal wig holder

If your earpieces have metal brackets, you can slightly raise them to make more room for your glasses to fit comfortably.

Method  2

glasses with wig

Don't be concerned if your frames are thin or your wig lacks open ear tabs. You can also do this with an open wefts cap. Wigs with an open weft construction are a low-cost option that will keep your head cool all day.

Simply choose a wig with an open weft construction and allow your glasses to pass through and rest on your ears. To prevent the lenses from slipping and sliding, gently tuck the frame of your glasses into the weft.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for wearing glasses and a wig. Please experiment; we are confident that you will find a way to look natural while also feeling at ease.

Some guidelines for wearing glasses and wigs

1. You can take your glasses to an optician while wearing your wig and request an adjustment, which will improve the fit of your wig with glasses. This is usually provided for free. 

2. If possible, choose a thin frame that will give you more space to work with. It may, however, be more vulnerable to damage.

3. For those who frequently wear their glasses on top of their heads, choose an arm length that is a millimeter or two longer than your usual glasses. This will allow their glasses to accommodate the extra bulk of a wig without stretching and potentially damaging the glasses.

4. If you try a new way of wearing a wig with glasses, don't give up right away; allow for some adjustment time and get used to it.

5. You can also try the running glasses strap, which has extra fixtures in the back that are very useful when worn with a wig.

6. For a more natural look, use a pair of scissors to cut some loose hanging hair so that it hangs nicely on the arms of your glasses.

7. If you don't have any hair underneath the wig or are concerned about cutting off ear pieces, you can secure some hair underneath the wig to your temples with wig tape. Then place your glasses on top.

If you have any questions about how to wear a wig with glasses, please contact us or leave a comment below.

How do you wear your hair when you have glasses?

Clean Low Bun
A low bun is an excellent alternative to a slicked back ponytail. "When speaking with clients who wear glasses, keeping bangs out of their faces is often the most important consideration. With the help of bobby pins, you can keep your bangs out of your face with this look "Rojas explains. Make a low ponytail with your hair and secure it with an elastic.

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