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How To Wash and Maintain Short Curly Wigs For Dark Woman

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We all know whether to perm curly hair or to wear a quality short curly wigs, how to take care of curly hair is both important. It can make our curly hairs last longer and more natural. Short curly wigs is becoming more and more popular, today we will introduce how to maintain short curly wigs for black women.

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Ⅰ what is short curly wigs

For beauty and naturalness, try a short curly wigs. Short curly wigs are a type of wig, shorter than the general wig length. Of course, the same effect as the wig, suitable for hair less and bald. It can also be used to reduce the damage caused by sunlight on the scalp. The majority of hair sets type. Short curly wigs from the size of the curly can be divided into wavy, coiled, curly hair. About the smaller the curlythe fluffier the wig. From the material can be divided into real wigs and synthetic wigs. Short curly wigs type mostly, includes curly hair types 3A, 3B, and 3C as well as kinky hair types 4A, 4B, and 4C, also divided into lace, monofilament, full lace. Hair color is also a lot, black, brown or other colors

Ⅱ  Advantages of short curly wigs for black woman

The first advantage of short curly wigs for black woman is its diverse style, you don't have to spend time grooming yourself before you go to work every day, no more curlers, no more hairspray, no more mousse, etc. It has been said that time is money, and when you save big time, it means more time for more important things. By no longer needing to buy hair products, short curly wigs have been able to save so much money that they have been able to use those savings to buy multiple wigs. On top of that, short curly wigs for black woman comes in many colors and styles to best flatter a black woman's face shape and skin tone. Of course, short curly hair for black woman also saves your scalp and hair. This is because you no longer need to use caustic hair products. These products will constantly damage your hair and scalp over time. More importantly, a good short curly wigs will give you the confidence which makes you look beautiful every day.

curly wigs

Ⅲ  How to maintain & wash curly wigs for black woman  

a. The process of maintaining short curly wigs for black woman

As the saying goes: wig products is three points to see the products seven points to see the care. So need to pay attention to the following steps of maintaining short curly wigs for black woman.

1. Do not use a comb to scrape the hair roots to avoid hair roots and net bottom loose.

2. short curly hair style after receiving the goods first shake open volume, can follow the direction of the texture hand grip to grip, so that the wig fluffy natural can be used about one hundred and eighty degrees clipboard curling iron modeling, construction of perm styling needs to be completed by professional hairdressers, not their own perm easy to damage.

3. shampoo time, the short curly wigs into the warm water plus nourishing shampoo (do not use the oil control), gently stroked in the direction of the short curly wigs (do not scrub with your hands).

4. soak for 3 minutes, then the same method with water to wash the hair foam, in the immersion into the warm water with conditioner for 5 minutes.

5. after washing with a dry towel to absorb as much water as possible on the hair, do not rub, pick up a shake (law enforcement slightly combed under), the inner buckle to the hair tail finishing into the inner buckle.

6. hair seam hair please be sure to distribute the seam points well, hair comb and the same as the original, and then put on the bracket to dry.

7. Gently cover the wig with a hair net to keep the curls in place and to prevent further tangling. Then, lay your short curly wigs flat into the bag or box in which it arrived or place your wig into a plastic, sealed box to stop it from getting dusty. 

b.The process of washing short curly wigs needs attention.

1. Don't Brush the wigs.

2. Add some shampoo in cool water. Swish the wig gently in the water until the wig is saturated and soak for about 15 min.

3. Empty the water and use clean cool water to rinse the wig several times.

4. Gently squeeze water out of the wig.

How to refresh short curly wigs?

After you wash your curly short wig, you need to take a clean towel. Put the level in the wig whole in the towel and press it to absorb the moisture. Then find a special drying wig rack, the short curly wigs will be hung from top to bottom on the drying rack to air dry. This will keep the curvature of the wig intact.

What do you put in short curly wigs?

First use the elastic band to bring the wig from back to front, and after wearing it, use your hand to grab it along the curl pattern. This will keep the curvature of the wig showing through.

How long do short curly wigs last?

Usually, with proper care, it can last 6-9 months. Generally, it depends on how often you use your hair and how you care for your wig. If you handle your hair in the wrong way, it can damage the wig in a matter of minutes.

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