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How To Untangle A Wig

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One of the things that bother most people who wear wigs is that they tend to tangle. But before you throw away a tangled wig, it is important to note that tangling will happen. The good news is it can be very easy to detangle a wig when you know the proper processes. In this guide we share with you our best tips and tricks on how to untangle a curly wig or a straight one.

1. Collect the Things You will Need

The first thing you need to do in any process is collect the tools you will need. In this case, you will need a hair brush, a streamer and a curling iron or flat iron depending on whether the wig is curly or straight.

2. Use Your Fingers

Begin by placing the wig on a mannequin head to secure it before you being the detangling process. Divide the wig into sections, with only a handful of hair in each section. Use your fingers to comb through each section. It is not a good idea to use a brush in this initial stage as it may cause the wig to tangle up even further.

When your fingers get stuck in the strands, try to open then gently without applying too much pressure to the stands. If you are unable to break through a certain section of the wig, or you come across a section that has formed a ball, just cut it out. The loss of a few stands will not make that much of a difference.

3. Move on to the Brush

When your fingers can go through the wig's strands without getting stuck, it is time to move on to the brush. The best way to brush the wig is to start from the ends and move upwards, but you should brush a very small section of hair to avoid tangling the hair again. The wig may look frizzy at first, but that is normal and only means that the detangling process is working.

4. Time for the Steamer, Curler or Flat Iron

The brush should remove all the tangles in the strands are not you are ready to restore the wig's original style. Depending on whether the wig was straight or curly, wet it lightly and then use a curler or flat iron to smooth out the strands and get that clean, smooth look. The following are some of the tips to keep in mind when detangling the wig:

• Avoid washing the wig when it is tangled. Water will only cause the wig to tangle even more, making it harder to get the tangles out.

• If the wig is too tangled, consider using a detangling spray. There are many varieties available in the market and many work wonders when it comes to detangling a wig.

• If you must use a comb for the detangling process, use only a wide-tooth comb. The combing process is also more effective when you start at the top of the wig and work your way down the strands if possible.

• No matter the tool you are using to detangle and style the wig, be gentle with the process. It can be tempting to pull at stubborn spots just a little harder, but this can cause unnecessary breakage or even cause the wig to frizz more than normal.

• Once you're done, spray the wig with oil to restore its luster.

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