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How To Style a Bob Wig?

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Time has come to the middle of May, soon the hot summer will come, do you also feel in the sweltering summer wear long wigs is not particularly comfortable? In order to stay fresh in the summer, bob wig is actually our best choice, has always been popular with wig wearers, what is a bob wig? And why bob wig is so popular? Do you also want to know how to style bob wig? About these questions let us explore one by one, so let's take a look at bob wig!

Ⅰ.What is a bob wig

When it comes to the Bob wig, it is originated in the early 18th century and was very popular in colonial America and at the English court. Today we have designed many kinds of bob wig styles in the market for beauty and comfort, we have curly bob wig, straight bob wig, and so on. When it comes to its structure, this hair type is available in lace bob wig, full lace bob wig, non-lace bob wig and U-part bob wig.

bob wig

Ⅱ.Why bob wig is so popular

1. Bob wig is Simple and convenient

Bob wig are relatively short, simple looking, it belongs to not very complicated wig and today it is widely popular among women of all ages. Bob wig is very classic and durable and it can offer a great option for women who are looking for a clean and crisp hairstyle, especially in the summer, a cool bob wig can keep you from getting so hot.

2.Bob wig can create various styles

In many cases, bob wig is available for you to create a lot of different shapes and styles. You can use some hair tools to easily make a different look according to your desired hairstyle. Bob wig can better modify your face shape, if your face is round, then bob wig can let you easily create a thin face, more importantly, wear bob wig will make you look youthful and more energetic.

3. Bob wig is easy to take care of

Unlike other long wigs, bob wig is better to care for, you just need to wash your bob wig regularly, it will not become tangled or unsmooth.

Ⅲ. how to style a bob wig

After we discuss the characteristics of bob wig, many of you must want to know how to style a beautiful bob wig look, here are 4 easy ways for you to style, let's take a look! Before you start you need to use a hair dryer and a comb to blow your hair backwards to make it more voluminous and full.

1.First look: half-up half-down bob wig style

bob wig

Use a straightener to straighten the hair on the sides of your forehead as much as possible, leaving a nice center parting that will flatter the shape of your face. Using a comb, part your hair on both sides, one with a bobby pen at the back of your head and the other on the side of your forehead. This gives you a great looking half-up and half-down bob wig look. This look is very strong and will also solve your hairline problem very well!

2.Second look: Curly bob wig style

bob wig

Before you do this style you need to gel your bob wig as a whole and then use our straightener, this time you need to wrap your hair around the straightener. The curl is based on your own styling preferences and the best part about this look is that it adds to your charm, with slightly curled ends for a more mature woman look. Don't forget to spray a layer of gel after curling your hair to fix the look!

3.The third look: side part bob wig style

This look requires you to first grab your bob wig with your hands naturally, as much as possible to grab the fluffy natural, and then use a small comb to part a hair slit, the longer hair to one side, and the other side of the hair you can part out a little don't behind the ear, and finally you can part the hair on the forehead to comb out a natural hairline.

4.The fourth look: tight twist bob wig style

bob wig

This bob wig look is very simple, just braid one side of your hair well into the back of your head, and then use the bobby pin to fix this side of the hair, this look is very comfortable but also very nice.

Ⅳ.Different kinds of bob wig

After looking at these rich and varied looks, do you also have more ideas on how to make a beautiful Bob wig look? In fact, in addition to straight bob wig, there are bob wigs in different colors and styles at Donmily mall, so check it out.

1.water wave bob wig

water wave bob wig

This bob wig has very good material and has a long service life. What's more, it has a variety of lengths for you to choose.

2.Bouncy curly bob wig

bouncy curly bob wig

Minimal shedding and no tangles, the cap of this bob wig is made of lace weave, which is very breathable and comfortable.

3.Ombre Blonde Straight Bob Lace Wigs

Ombre Blonde Straight Bob Lace Wigs

This bob wig has invisible knots and no need bleach, it will offer you a natural hair line, at the same time, is easy to manage.

Summer is coming soon, so pick a certain bob wig for yourself, it will allow you to have the perfect look even in the hot weather and keep cooler.Come to Donmily to buy!

What kind of wig suits summer best?

Obviously, it is bob wig. Its length can keep you cool in the summer and not feel stuffy at all. You can also make the original bob wig in addition to the original bob wig, and then make some more comfortable for your own hair style.

How long do bob wigs last?

Our wigs are using very good materials, as long as you take care of the wig properly, the wig will be used for a long time. After using the wig remember to straighten the wig, and cleaning, do not forget to put on top of the wig rack to dry.

How do you make a bob wig look natural?

First of all you need to buy a wig that fits you perfectly to your scalp and blends in with your original hair. Second, you can do some styling changes on the basis of the wig, so that your wig looks more stylish and natural.

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