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How To Store Wigs: 3 Best Way To Do Wig Storage

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Oliver Lam

Want to discover the simplest way to make sure your wigs are getting the most use out of them? The way wig storage is crucial to its longevity. When you're not wearing your wig, make sure to clean, condition, and store it appropriately. Wigs that have not been properly stored are more prone to becoming tangled, dry, and dull.

how to store a wig

So, how to store a wig? It's all about pre-care (think shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins) and finding the perfect space for your area.


What can I do to prepare my wig storage?

1. Before wig storage, clean and condition it.

Making ensuring your wig is properly rinsed and conditioned is the first step in wig storage. Cleaning your wig on a regular basis is essential to keeping it looking as new as possible, so use a clarifying shampoo (for human hair) or a gentle, wig-safe shampoo (for synthetic hair) every week or two to eliminate any product buildup or oil, especially before storing it.

best way to store wigs

2. Before wig storage, make sure it is totally dry.

Before you even consider wig storage, it must be completely dry.  Mildew can grow on a wet wig, even if it's just slightly damp. If you're working with a human-hair wig, you can speed up the drying process by using a blow-dryer (and a heat protectant), but synthetic wigs should be air-dried entirely to avoid damage.

When it comes to the actual storage:

What is the best way to store wigs?

When you're ready to put your wig away, make sure it's in a cool, dry location away from direct sunshine (remember, you want to preserve your wig, not dry it out). When it comes to actual storage, you have a few options:

multiple wig head stand

1. Store your wig on a wig head

Wig heads are a terrific wig storage option, depending on how much space you have—they'll help keep the form and style of your wig in between wears. You have a variety of wig heads to select from, including portable choices, cork and canvas heads, and traditional styrofoam mannequins, so pick one that fits your space and feels comfortable to use. This is also wig display ideas.

wig storage bag

2. Keep your wig in a wig storage bag while not in use.

What's the most effective technique to keep your wig moist while it's in storage? Keep your wig in a wig storage bagit will not only keep it soft and hydrated, but it will also avoid static and tangles in the long run. Wig storage bag are also perfect for traveling with your wig because they don't take up a lot of room.

wig storage box

3. Store your wig in a wig storage box

You can lay your wig flat in a wig storage box for easy storage, as long as it is thoroughly dry and detangled. You don't have a wig storage box on hand? Any storage box will suffice in this situation.

If you're going to invest in a nice wig, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, right? Keeping your wig silky, hydrated, and tangle-free requires a simple—but crucial—step: wig storage. It'll be well worth the extra effort.

How do you store wigs when not in use?

What is the best way to store a wig? Store your wig on a wig head. Store your wig in a silk or satin bag. Store your wig in a shoe box.

How should you store wigs?

DON'T: Store a damp wig. Be sure to wash out any hair products and allow your wig to air dry thoroughly. Crumple your wig. We recommend that you fold your wig from ear to ear when storing it away, in order for it not to get damaged. Store your wig in a humid place. Store your wigs together.

Can you store wigs in ziplock bags?

Prepare a big ziplock bag or a plastic shoebox. To maintain the style of the wig, put a hairnet over it before you put the wig into the ziplock bag or box. This will also save you time the next time you decide to wear it.

Can you keep a wig on overnight?

Sleeping in your wig is not generally recommended by wig experts. But if you're bone-tired, have a new houseguest, or don't have your usual hair tools available, you might end up catching some Z's with your wig on. It's not ideal, but it definitely happens.

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