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How To Make My Blowout Haircut Last Longer?

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Have you ever heard the more technical terms blowout or blowout haircut from your colleagues or family and friends? When you see those girls or boys who often change their hairstyle you can't help but ask: how do they often change their look? We have talked about wigs many times, but today we would like to talk about something you may not know, what is a blowout haircut and how to maintain such a hairstyle and what kind of work is needed. Here's how you can find out.

blowout haircutⅠ. What is a blowout haircut?

Is a blowout simply a way to dry your hair? Blowout haircut has been the main way of hair styling for many years, and we have developed many different definitions and methods of blowout for this kind of hair. If you use different products or your stylist has different styling techniques, you will end up with a different style. In simple terms, blowout haircut is the art of styling your hair after you have washed it by blowing it out to create different styles. The best part is that you don't need to use any curlers or straightening clips during the whole process. Either way, you'll get a beautiful, smooth, sensational look after the blowout process.

blowout haircut
Ⅱ. How long will a blowout last?

Many people say that blowout haircut is a one-time technique, but the real purpose of this technique is to last for a few days before you wash your hair again or come back for another blowout to achieve a short-lived effect. Depending on the hair type, the blowout haircut can be maintained until about 3-5 respectively, but if you try to wash your hair during that time, the look may not be there anymore. For those who don't often wash and care for their hair at home but choose to go to the barber store, this is certainly a better way to get your hair done, both to expand the styling versatility and to avoid unnecessary damage caused by perming or heat treatment of your hair. If you want to extend the life of your blowout haircut, here are some small ways you can try to apply it to your hair. If you are buying a wig, the following tips will also apply to your wig.

blowout haircut
Ⅲ. How to make my blowout haircut last overnight?

1. Wash your hair well

No matter what kind of look you want you need to wash your hair well before this, many people think blow out haircut must be sitting in the barber store chair to start, in fact, not, to better continue the longevity of the haircut we need to ensure that the scalp and hair clean, it is recommended that you use a medium cleaning strength shampoo, it can make your hair become very clean. After the cleaning is done please try to use a high quality conditioner. The moment you blow dry your hair, a high quality conditioner will retain the moisture in your hair and allow your hair to form a protective film from the heat treatment. And it can give you a smooth and striking shine, but no amount of high quality conditioner can 100% guarantee that your hair will not be affected by the heat treatment, so you need to add another layer of heat protectant in the process of designing your blow out haircut.

2. Choose a good hair dryer

If you want to avoid as much damage as possible from heat treatment but still want to have a nice look, then it is recommended that you U-shape your hair with a brush with a rounded center, such as the ionic iron such as Anze. If you don't have a curling iron on hand, or you're not very skilled with a round brush, you can use Dyson's Airwrap Styler ($549), which comes in a range of different-sized barrels to create smooth, long-lasting waves and curls for all hair types.

3. Use bedding made of silk

Cotton fabric pillows or sheets can make your hair messy and thus lose its style, so if you want your blowout haircut to last longer, we suggest you use silk pillows or silk scarves to wrap your hair. Silk products will help you maintain your hair because the ultra-smooth surface of the silk pillowcase won't make your hair messy or suddenly pull your hair, so it will keep your hair shiny and smooth, and you won't find your hair incredibly frizzy after you wake up.

4. Use a styling spray

Restyling sprays do a lot more than try to extend the life of your blowout haircut. According to professional stylists, they work wonders in releasing ponytail wrinkles, hydrating dry ends, protecting hair from heat, and reactivating product in your hair. These sprays are designed to nourish and restore hair. They are especially good for those who feel their dry shampoo never blends well together. By spraying your hair with a styling spray before spraying it with dry shampoo, you can style your hair with a brush and blow dryer to make it look like it just came out of the salon again.

What is a blowout haircut?

In its simplest form, a blowout means the art of drying your hair after a wash into the desired style. With a blowout, you can create curly hair, straight hair or subtle waves without any curling or flat iron involved. No matter which style you go for, you'll achieve a smooth, beautiful look and feel amazing!

Is a blowout a fade?

A blowout fade, also known as a Brooklyn fade, is a haircut that incorporates a low fade or a temp fade on the sides and back and a voluminous top, which can be styled in many different ways.

Are blowouts still popular?

Blowouts are a popular form of hairstyling that is a mainstay in most salons. Blowouts help manage and care for your hair while styling it in a way that can last a few days.

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