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How To Make Half Up Half Down Wig

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Many people buy wigs to change their appearance, and others want to add shine to their hair. A half up half down wig look has recently become popular with the masses of women. This look can show the perfect hairline, make our hair volume visually increased, and also gives us a very unique and trendy look. Next, I'll show you step by step how to make a half-up, half-down wig.

Ⅰ.Half up half down Hairstyle of Ariana

Bang Bang Bang, One Last Time, 7 Rings, I'm sure these songs are not new to you. Ariana Grande - Butera is a singer, songwriter and actress from the United States, and as a singer who has been a global sensation since a few years ago, Ariana Grande is already well-known all over the world. The first thing that comes to our mind must be her very special hairstyle. She quickly caught people's attention and received wide popularity with her very classic and very stunning high ponytail. Discussing her hair journey in detail on the Zac Sang Show, Ariana Grande pulled her hair back into a classic ponytail, and after changing her redhead look from her debut, the high ponytail style allowed her to make history and increase her recognition.

half up half down wig

We can easily see from Ariana's hairstyle that such a half up half down hairstyle is very revealing and can show off our hairline well, and more importantly, such a half up half down look makes people look very energetic and allows them to release their unique charm. But in fact there is an even better hairstyle, normal people can easily create the same, you can also have Ariana's beauty! That is half up half down wig styling, here we come to see how to make half up half down wig?

Ⅱ.How to make half up half down wig

Want to create a casual and cute half up half down wig, before the very beginning do not forget to take care of the wig. First take the wig out and place it on the wig stand and use a paddle comb to straighten the hair, you can properly spray some water on the wig with a squirt bottle to avoid the wig being too fluffy and frizzy, so that you can keep the wig wet. Such step can help you make half up half down wig more easier!

half up half down wig

1. Break up the half up half down wig

First of all, divide your hair into two parts, please use a relatively small comb to divide the hair, and in order to increase the naturalness of the hair, you need to part some hair in the forehead as your hairline, as the hairline part of the hair you can trim them after finishing or you can use gel products to set them in the forehead. We need to use the forehead part to make one part of the half up half down wig.

2. Blow the half up half down wig smoothly

After you have parted the two halves of your hair, you need to secure the part you want to tie up with a small hair band on top of your head, depending on how much hair you want to create. Then take the bottom half of your loose hair and use a tape measure comb and a hair dryer, blowing it along to make it as smooth as possible. After you have smoothed out the left and right ends of your hair, use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair through again. As you know, if the hair is entangled, the half up half down wig cannot be pretty.

3. Tie a high ponytail for the half up half down wig

In this step you need to smooth out the front part of the hair as much as possible, then apply a styling product such as gel to this part of the half up half down wig and tie it up with a small hair band so that we have a high ponytail. Remember that this step must be done quickly, otherwise the styling product may dry quickly and its not easy for you to make half up half down wig.

4. Comb the ponytail to make half up half down wig fluffy

In this step, we need to take the tied up high ponytail and use a fine tooth comb to make them as fluffy as possible. Then take a small handful of hair from the back of the high ponytail, fix this handful of hair with a styling product, and then put this small handful of hair around the hair band that holds the high ponytail to finish the half up half down wig.

5. Styling the half up half down wig

As a final step, comb the details of your half up half down wig to make it as natural as possible. If you want a straight look, you can use straightening pins to straighten the bottom half of your half up half down wig, or if you want curly hair, make half up half down wig as curly as possible. Spray on some styling spray and you have a very lively and cute half up half down wig! Try it out!

half up half down wig

If you don't already have a wig that allows you to do a half up half down wig like this, come check out Donmily, we have wigs that are perfect for doing this half up half down wig in any length you want. And all of these wigs are very comfortable to wear and have very good quality too, check it out!

How to do half up and half down wig on a wig?

The process is not really complicated, but it requires you to take care of the details very well. Split your hair in half, put up a high ponytail, and finally deal with the back half of the wig. This will give you a perfect half up half down wig.

Which wig can do the half-up, half-down wig style?

There are actually many choices, you can choose the lace front wig, this wig can help you make such a hairstyle very well, it can handle the hairline very well and make the hairstyle more natural.

How to do Ariana Grande's hairstyle?

You can choose to do a high ponytail with a wig or do a half-up, half-down wig look, both will have the same hair effect as Ariana.

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