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How To Make Braided Wig at Home?

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bella

The development of fashion and trends is updated and iterative every day, and the ever-evolving beauty industry will also have many new fashion trends every day, professional fashion bloggers are hard to keep up with the trend of wig hairstyles let alone ordinary girls like us. But we can be sure that no matter how the trend of fashion changes, braided wig has always been a classic and symbolic wig. It's too much trouble to find a hairstylist to weave a braid, and it hurts your hair when you take it down, so maybe a braided wig is a better choice for you. Today to talk about how to make braided wig, so you can easily make braided wig at home.

Ⅰ. The origin of braided wig

When it comes to braided wig, I think you should know and have heard a lot about the history of braided wig, at least you have a deep impression of braided wig. Braid can be traced back to 3500 BC, it symbolizes social status, religion and race in many African tribes, this look is not only fashion but also to protect their hair from sultry weather and humid weather. And with the continuous development of the wig market, braided wig to a more convenient and comfortable wig into the people's vision. Wearing a braided wig not only protects your original hair, but also prevents hair loss caused when removing the braid. So in summary, braided wig will be your better choice, next we look at how to make braided wig at home in steps.

Ⅱ. Tools You Need To Make a Braided Wig

A wig cap, a wig stand, bobby pins, comb, styling products, a piece of lace Hair extensions for braids, pins and thread.

Ⅲ. How To Make Braided Wig

Step 1 Putting Braided Wig's wig cap on

Make your wig cap fixed in the wig frame above, wig cap try to choose a strong and more breathable material, so that the braided wig out of wearing time will be longer and more comfortable.

Step 2 Sewing Braided Wig

Braided Wig

Then thread the needle and thread, take out hair extensions, it will be sewn on top of the wig cap. Sew as firmly as possible, you do not want to see your braided wig come off easily. Another thing to note is that sewing braided wig must be sewn from the bottom of the wig cap, from the bottom edge of the wig cap to start sewing braided wig one by one. You can use a lighter to burn off the threads that are hard to cut.

Step 3 Sewing the lace closure

Braided Wig

Take out your lace closure, it is needed to be placed on the top of the braided wig, it plays a role of bridging the braided wig and creating a more natural hair seam and hairline. Let's use a small comb to gently comb the place closure that needs to be placed on top of the braided wig. Place the place closure on top of the braided wig, compare the distance you need, then use pins to fix the place closure on top of the braided wig, and then tie the place closure with a hair tie, so that we can easily sew the place closure on the braided wig. Next, use a needle and thread to sew the lace closure on the braided wig, and you're done!

Step 4 Finishing the hair seam of Braided Wig

Braided Wig

After installing the lace closure, we take some hair extension out and sew some more underneath the lace closure, so that the braided wig looks better connected. Then manually weave them into tiny braids.

Step 5 Finishing the Braided Wig details

Braided Wig

overall finishing braided wig If you feel that your braided wig is too frizzy, you can use a styling product or hairspray to set it, or you can use a humidifier to make the braided wig more moist, which will be more conducive to styling. You need to check your braided wig again, the braided wig above the extra hair repair clean, check whether each hair extension are sewn very firmly, before you wear you need to braided wig inside the wig cap along the place closure cut, so that you can easily wear.

Step 6 Wearing the Braided Wig

Braided Wig

Wearing braided wig Before you wear it you need to weave your own hair and coiled at the back of your head, in order to avoid our own hair is very frizzy, you can moderate in the palm of your hand to apply some styling products, so that the braided wig better fit our own hair. Then trim the place closure along the edges of your braided wig to fit your look, and comb out some chopped hair that we use for our hairline. After completing this step, you just need to decorate the braided wig to your liking, and you're done.

Ⅳ. Things to mention when making braided wig

please choose a place closure close to your skin tone, if the color difference is big, your braided wig will definitely look unnatural. In addition, in the process of making a braided wig you need to sew them all very compact, because the hair used in a braided wig must be particularly large, plus woven into a braided wig, it will be more heavy, so to sew compact, you also need to buy a more solid wig cap.

Making a good braided wig may take you several hours of time, but after you make this braided wig you can always disassemble, also does not require you to spend too much time to take care of, and make your own braided wig at home, will certainly cheaper than asking a special hairdresser for you to take care of much. Beautiful girls, you can try to make braided wig by yourself, and look forward to your finished products.

How long do braided wigs last?

A good braided wig can last up to two years if you take care of it properly. That's a helluva lot of money you're going to save in installation and tips. The initial investment can be a bit pricey but considering how long they last, they are worth it

Can a wig be braided?

Braided wigs are much more durable than open hair, but they too can use some love after you've worn them. Hairs that stick out can be brought back in shape by applying hairspray and heat from a blow dryer.

Why do braided wigs?

Protect your hair. The fit is so secure it can be worn without glue, and unlike protective styles that limit access to the scalp area, once the wig is off you can feed your hair the nutrients it needs.

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