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How To Make A Half Up And Half Down Wig?

This entry was posted in Tutorial By lya

Many people wear wigs to change their appearance. However, some people do it to add shine to their hair. Recently, half up and half down wig has become very popular among women. The appearance of the half up and half down wig shows the proper hairline, and visually elevates our hair volume. It provides us with a very unique and stylish look. So how do you make a half up and half down wig look? I'm going to talk to you about that. 

I. Ways to get half up and half down wig

1. Before

1.1 Pay attention to care the wig

If you want to create a casual and cute half up and half down wig, don't forget to take care of it from the start. To keep the wig moist, remove it from the box and place it on a wig rack. Use a paddle comb to straighten your hair. Use a water gun to spray the wig with appropriate water to prevent it from becoming too fluffy and frizzy. This step will make it much easier to make a half up and half down wig!

Pay attention to care the wig

2. While

2.1 Divide your hair into two parts

First of all, use a small comb to divide your hair into two parts. To enhance the naturalness of your hair, part some hair on your forehead as a hairline. Once you're done, you can trim your hair around your hairline or use a gel product to shape your forehead. Part of the upper and lower part of the wig will start from the forehead. 

use a small comb to divide your hair into two parts

2.2 Fix the upper part of the hair

Depending on how much hair you want to produce, after you have separated the two sections, use a small hair band to secure the section you want to tie up to the top of your head.

Fix the upper part of the hair

Then, you can use a tape measure comb and a hair dryer, smooth out the loose hair on the bottom half to make it as smooth as possible. After smoothing the left and right sides of your hair, brush it again with a fine-toothed comb. As you probably know, a half up and half down wig is not attractive if the hair is tangled. 

a half up and half down wig is not attractive if the hair is tangled

2.3 To finalize the design

This involves smoothing out the front part of the hair as much as possible, then applying styling products such as gel to this part of the wig that is half up and half down, and tying it up with small hair bands to create a high ponytail. Remember, this must be done quickly, or the styling product will dry out quickly, making it difficult to form a half up and half down wig. 

2.4 Finish modeling

We're going to use a high ponytail fine-toothed comb to make it as fluffy as possible. Then, to complete the half up and half down wig, take a small mass of hair from the back of the high ponytail, secure it with styling product, and wrap it around the headband that holds the high ponytail in place.

We're going to use a high ponytail fine-toothed comb to make it as fluffy as possible

A half up and half down wig can do this very easily. You'll need a low bun headband, hairspray, and hairspray for this look.

3. After

3.1 Fixing Wigs

Comb through the details of your half up and half down wig. To make it look as natural as possible. If you prefer straight hair, use straight bobby pins to straighten a wig half up and half down; If you want curly hair, curl the half up and half down wig as much as possible. Add a little styling spray and you've got a really racy, half up and half down wig.

II. Which wig can achieve the half up and half down look?

You can choose a lace front wig, which can help you create this hairstyle. It can properly treat the hairline and make the hairstyle look more natural.
For black women, dealing with their hair is a daily struggle. Natural textures are challenging to work with, and hair is thicker and more difficult to manage than other types of hair.

With these half up and half down wig for human hair or half up and half down straight hair lace front wig, you can still keep your high fashion style and be a part of the trend!

What is a half up half down called?

One of the simplest tricks to dressing up a half-up, half-down style is the classic topsy tail. Once you've put half your hair up into a ponytail, split your hair down the middle right above your hair tie, and flip your ponytail through that hole.

Is Half Up Half Down in Style 2022?

One thing from 2021 that everyone is okay with carrying over into 2022 are pigtails, and this half-up-half-down look is just too cute.

How to do half up and half down wig on a wig?

The process is not really complicated, but it requires you to take care of the details very well. Split your hair in half, put up a high ponytail, and finally deal with the back half of the wig. This will give you a perfect half up half down wig.

  • Roger Morris
    Roger Morris
    Haha,I want to make this hairstyle for my wife
  • Lisa Savignano
    Lisa Savignano
    Cab i have this hairstyle in my wedding?
  • Debbi Fuller
    Debbi Fuller
    Wow,how wonderful a half up half down hair
  • Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis
    Yes,it is easy to make,l will have this hairstyle everyday❤️
  • Anonymous
    It is very meaningful for me,when I read lya's blog
  • Jack Nicoll
    Jack Nicoll
    Ok, i will do it tomorrow morning
  • Zhang Yuan Qun
    Zhang Yuan Qun
    Why the half up half down is popular?
  • Linda David
    Linda David
    It is easy to creat at home
  • Brandon Jvadala
    Brandon Jvadala
    Wow, it is ueseful for me!
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    William Tippetts
    I like this hairstyle,I can do it by myself
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