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How To Make A Best Quick Weave Hairstyles Look

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We say that there are many choices of wigs. In addition to choosing a wig with a head cover, you can also choose a weave wig. It essentially separates your headgear from the wig, requiring you to braid your hair and hide it with the headgear. Recently, quick weave hairstyles are very popular. Let's chat about how to create the best quick weave hairstyles look.

quick weave hairstyles

Ⅰ. What is quick weave hairstyles?

A quick weave hairstyle is a different technique than a sew in braiding, it is a braid applied using glue and a wig cap. After braiding the cornstalks, put on the headgear. After applying wig glue to the headgear, fit the braid. The quick weave hairstyles is not applied directly to the head, and the installation will be much faster than the stitch braid because it is glued directly, which is convenient. A sew in braiding is a braid applied by stitching weft threads (or rails) to natural hair that is already combed. so they are completely different.

quick weave hairstyles

Ⅱ. Best quick weave hairstyles

We divide quick knits into long knits and short knits. The following are weave hairstyles that are very popular recently. You can try these best weave hairstyles.

1. Long quick weave hairstyles

● Crochet quick knits: very distinctive hairstyle

Crochet quick knitting does not require stitching, but also requires crochet to operate. Relatively fast. Generally crochet quick knit wigs are not full coverage of hair. We'll attach the braid to the bottom of the cornrow after we're done braiding it. Of course you can also fully cover your weave. Crochet fabrics can choose water wave wigs, you can read this article to understand why. And you can wear some beads on the braid to enhance your ethnic character.

quick weave hairstyles

● Funmi pixie quick weave hairstyles: elegant hairstyle

The last style to mention is the Funmi pixie weave. This is a very bouncy and silky curl style. This will definitely give you an elegant look.

● Body wave quick weave hairstyles : goddess hairstyle

Because the volume of the body wave is large and not dense, it will enhance your goddess temperament. If you're looking for a muse vibe, body wave braiding is a highly recommended option. It is more natural, and it is only concentrated on the shoulder and neck, which is the representative of the goddess. So, try body wave fast weaving, you may be the next goddess.

quick weave hairstyles

● Ponytail quick weave hairstyles: girl hairstyle

A girl is cute and a representative of youthful vitality. There must be a ponytail in your impression to describe a girl. So you can choose bundles to install after you put on the hair cover, and the long ponytail braided quickly must be the first choice for girly style.

quick weave hairstyles

2. Short and fast knitting

● Short layer knitting - the choice of fashionable girls

Short layer braids, not a simple short braid look. It looks from the back, with the layered hair, which looks neat. This style is suitable for any face shape and fashion style. Of course, the tresses you use to turn into a quick weave hairstyles aren't pre-cut in layers, you have to trim the extension after application to set it. If you usually take a concise and capable route, it is recommended to choose short-layer weaving, which will not disappoint you. Some celebrities and women in the workplace will choose short-layer fast weaving, which allows you to keep up with fashion.

quick weave hairstyles

● Quick weave hairstyles bob - the best choice for sports girls

Not only do you opt for a basic straight bob with a bob quick weave hairstyles, you can also opt for a curly bob. To make your hair more interesting, you can also dye it in many different colors. Therefore, the suitable range of the fast braided bob is very wide, and the styles are more diverse. This quick weave hairstyles look is also easy to maintain and doesn't take too much time.

quick weave bob

Ⅲ. How to make a quick weave hairstyles look? 

Step1: Choose a quick knitting style that suits you

● According to your face shape, choose a quick knitting shape in advance

If you have a round face, in fact, a short and fast braiding hairstyles will be more suitable for you, because it can modify your face shape, enhance the angularity of your face, and make your face more three-dimensional. We recommend short-layered braiding.

If you have a square face, the long braiding hairstyles will be more suitable for you, especially the body-wavelength fast braided shape is more suitable for you, because it does not focus on the upper part of your face, it will focus people's vision on the shoulders and neck, making The mandible angle looks much rounded.

● Choose a quick weave hairstyles look according to your style

The styles corresponding to each quick knitting shape have been explained above, and you can take a closer look at the selection.

Step 2: Wear a quick weave

quick weave hairstyles

● Leave plenty of white space in the middle of your hair or where you want to part it.

Cut it from the rest of the hair. Cut another omission around your hair. The more you leave out; the more versatile your hair will be.

Weave omissions to make sure they don't get in the way when the weave is installed.

● Do your usual cornrow or protective hairstyle where the braid will be installed.

Wear a hat over your protective hairstyle. You can glue it to your hair before gluing the track to the cap.

● Cut the part of the hat where your hair is.

These steps will ensure that all of your hairstyles still look natural. The hair left around the head hides the marks. With the extension installed, it's time to do some quick weave hairstyles for long hair.

How long do quick weaves last?

Quick weaves last about four to five weeks. Shedding is a sign that it's time to take out your quick weave. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, sleep with a silk scarf at night to protect it while you sleep.

What is the biggest advantage of quick weave?

One of the best features of quick weave is that it costs less, so we need to spend less money when we buy it. If you buy a full wig, and a long wig, it may cost $300-500 or more, while to make a quick weave wig you only need to buy a sufficient amount of hair bundles and closures, and the cost of buying these wig products is probably less than a hundred dollars

Sew-in or quick weave which is better?

Sew-ins last longer than quick weaves, but take longer to install and typically cost more. Compared to quick weaves, sew-ins also add more tension to your head since you need to tightly cornrow your hair. However, sew-ins are more secure because of this installation method

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