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How To Keep Blonde Curly Wig Healthy?

This entry was posted in Wig Tips By Bella

Having a beautiful blonde curly hair is something that almost every girl wants because the blonde color is so eye-catching and the curly texture adds a lot of special features to the hair. Many girls who do not want to harm their hair choose to buy blonde curly wig, there is no denying that girls like their look to be versatile, and they like to try and bleach blonde curly wig to get a more perfect blonde color or to dye them in other colors. Bleaching is undoubtedly very harmful to blonde curly wig, how can you keep blonde curly wig healthy? Next, we will provide you with some tips that can help you maintain blonde curly wig.

Ⅰ. Features of blonde curly wig

blonde curly wig

Before knowing how to keep blonde curly wig healthy, we need to understand the features of blonde curly wig, including its material and the matters that need special attention when caring for it. Blonde curly wig are made of human hair wig, the raw material of these wigs usually comes from Asia, India, South America and other places, according to the source of Different we are often divided into Brazilian hair, Indian hair, etc., belonging to the 100% human hair made. And in order to provide a richer color and shape, these human hair wigs will be dyed, first bleaching off the original color of the hair and then a different color dyeing process. Human hair wigs and our own hair characteristics are the same, it is possible to dye and perm treatment, but if excessive heat, human hair wigs will be damaged, and the bleaching process will also make your blonde curly wig in the cuticle open, if not properly cared for is to make the wig cuticle damage, so that the blonde curly wig becomes very frizzy and dry. And when it comes to curly hair, curly hair actually needs more care than straight hair, because you must not want to see your blonde curly wig look frizzy, but also want to maintain its initial shiny look, so curly hair needs more care, you need to use some hair care products, such as elastic, conditioner and so on. After understanding the basic characteristics of blonde curly wig, we will be more targeted to maintain the blonde curly wig so that it can look healthier.

Ⅱ. How to keep blonde curly wig healthy?

1. Don't over bleach your blonde curly wig

Don't over bleach your blonde curly wig because it really hurts your hair, over bleaching is the reason why almost all blonde curly wigs become unhealthy, leaving the bleaching chemicals in your blonde curly wig for too long will damage your blonde curly wig cuticle and make it harder to manage. So you need to pay attention to how long the bleaching products stay on your blonde curly wig, don't stay too long, better set an alarm clock.

2. Be more patient and cautious with your blonde curly wig

When you decide to bleach your blonde curly wig, please be cautious and consider if you really want to do this and if the bleached color is what you really want. This opinion is of course very subjective, but it is really important, if you are not sure if you want to bleach your blonde curly wig and if the bleached color is what you really want, then if you make any mistakes you will regret very much and even make the wrong decision too bleach again. So please be cautious and patient, because once bleached, it is very hurt blonde curly wig, such behavior is irreversible.

3. Choose a suitable shampoo for blonde curly wig

After bleaching a blonde curly wig and your previous wig, cleaning and care is certainly not the same, because the bleach has destroyed the cuticle of your wig. If you want to keep the original shine and health, please use a mild shampoo for wigs to keep your blonde curly wig shiny. Because curly hair will be more likely to become dull and lose its nice curl compared to straight hair, the process of washing the wig will inevitably make the blonde curly wig frizzy and fluffy, so it is recommended that you wash the blonde curly wig once a week.

4. Apply a lot of conditioner to the blonde curly wig

You need to buy a bottle of dense conditioner and use it together with hair oil. After you wash your blonde curly wig, apply the conditioner generously on the wig to make your blonde curly wig look smoother. Because curly hair itself is very prone to becoming frizzy, you want to maintain the elasticity of your blonde curly wig, you have to deep condition your blonde curly wig with a lot of conditioner to minimize the damage caused by bleaching your blonde curly wig.

5. Avoid anything that generates heat on blonde curly wig

Such as hair dryers, straightening clips, curling irons, these tools for wigs to heat processing, you better not drug use. Because it will make your blonde curly wig become more dry, my advice is to use curling iron, those plastic products, will be your blonde curly wig rolled up, and then wait for natural air dry, if you must use it, I think it is better to use a more neutral temperature. The temperature should not be too high.

blonde curly wig

The above five points are enough to keep your blonde curly wig healthy, these points are also very important, learn it quickly!

How do you keep bleached CURLY HAIR WIGS healthy

The best treatment for damaged bleached hair is a routine geared toward repairing your hair. Ditch drying products in favor of curly hair products that restore and add moisture. Look for products that smooth, repair, and moisturize hair without harsh ingredients like sulfates or silicones.

How do you keep highlighted curly hair healthy?

Here's what I've learned and a few things you should do to keep your color popping and your hair healthy. Moisturize, and Don't Skip Deep Conditioning.

What is pre poo for curly hair?

Pre-poo is short for pre-shampoo. It's a protective moisturising treatment you apply to your hair and scalp before you wash or 'shampoo' it. If you have waves or a looser curl pattern. Or your hair tends to lean towards being slightly over-moisturised, then it's best to avoid pre-pooing.

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