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How To Get Faux Locs Styles On Your Head ?

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Have you tired a protective hairstyle? For many African-American women, when it comes to protective wigs, they usually go for a lace front wig, a headband wig, or some other glue-free wig. However, there are many other more special protective hairstyles. Here, I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful protective hairstyle called Faux Locs. The style has been popping up on red carpets around the globe since 2015, with celebrities lining up to transform their hair into a chic yet healthy look. If you like to hide your natural hair while also wanting to promote hair growth and prevent damage, the Faux Locs hairstyle is one of your best options. In this blog, I will tell you how to make a Faux Locs style on your head. 

I. What are Faux Locs?

At the beginning, before we discuss how to create Faux Locs on your own head or the another, let's me tell you what Faux Locs hairstyle is. Faux locs style is a temporary locs, which created with human or synthetic extension hair. 

the Faux Locs hairstyle is one of your best options

As you know, the natural dreadlocks may take months to years to fully mature, while Faux Locs just need hours to create. So it is meet the desired for girls who want to have the look of Locs without giving lots of time. In short, locked hair is actually an extension of your hair, not your own hair.  

Faux Locs just need hours to create
This is a fun option, it is perfect for anyone who wants a low maintenance way to change their look without damaging their hair. 

II. How to get Faux locs styles?

1. Select the hair

Take a 1 to 2 inches square portion of the hair. Spray this part of your hair lightly with water and then apply a moisturizer to it. 

Select the hair

2. Place the braids

You can buy some braids or Marley hair. Then tie a thick strand of braid into your natural hair. Now, you will have three strands of hair: the synthetic hair on the left, the natural hair in the middle, and the synthetic hair on the right. 

3. Turn all the hair into one

You should braid the middle natural hair. Cross the left strand over the middle strand, then cross the right strand over the middle strand. Repeat the action. Until you run out of natural hair that can be braided, so that you are left with two synthetic hair strands and a human braid

Turn all the hair into one
Secondly, twist the two strands together with your braid. So you have a new braid, which include the synthetic hair and your natural hair. 

4. Add synthetic hair

Add a new strand of synthetic hair to the top of the braid. Hold the first 1.5 inches of the synthetic strand, facing your braid. Make sure the tip of the synthetic hair is facing down, pointing toward the end of the braid. Use a small elastic band to hold the hair in place, if desired. 

Wrap the synthetic strands around the braid. Start at the roots of your hair and work your way down until you have no hair left to wrap. 

5. Trim excess hair

the hair is sealed with a lighter

Take the braid you made and use a pair of scissors to cut off any excess hair. Finally, the hair is sealed with a lighter, and the flame spins back and forth at the tail of the braid until the braid does not fall apart. Repeat the process with the rest of your hair. This process can take a while, so it's best to ask for help or take more breaks. Do it in sections, line by line, until you're done.  

Faux Locs is a kind of protective temporary hairstyle

Faux Locs is a kind of protective temporary hairstyle, it looks like the braid-extensions. If you have the Faux Locs styles, wash them 1-3 times a month to keep them looking good. Wash your scalp instead of applying shampoo and conditioner to your braids. To do this, dilute your shampoo and conditioner in small smudging bottles. Then, use your finger pads to massage your scalp. With regular maintenance, your Faux Locs will look gorgeous in a few weeks.

III. How to take care of your Faux Locs?

1. Clean Faux Locs properly

Faux Locs are considered a protective hairstyle because your natural hair is protected from heat, the environment, and the ravages of grooming and brushes when the wig is installed. Therefore, they do not "need" to be cleaned during wear

hey do not "need" to be cleaned during wear
However, if you feel you need to clean, rinse your scalp every two weeks with a solution of apple cider vinegar or another product designed to keep your scalp pH balanced.

2. Keep your hair hydrated

Oil and leave-in conditioner can be the best friends of protective hairstyles. When Faux Locs start pressing on your hair roots, applying oil to your scalp will seal the moisture and nourish new growth.

3. Use hair accessories wisely

Headbands and hair tinsels can pull on your hair, creating tension at the roots and fragile edges of the hair. Try to use a silk scarf to hold your hair back in a gentler way. This is the perfect way to both decorate and condition your hair.

4. Sleep on silk

The best way to keep your Faux Locs hair moist and neat is to replace your cotton pillowcase with satin or silk. Because cotton fibers absorb and wipe out moisture, you could be engaged in hair-damaging activities for hours while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases can cause unnecessary breakage because they rub more against the fabric. Again, try to limit the use of cotton in favor of silk or satin.
When you deciding to make the Faux Locs hairstyle. Find a stylist that works best for you and your hair type, they will ensure that you walk out of the salon with the style you love. 

How much does Faux Locs cost?

Depending on the size, length, installation method, type of hair used and your stylist. The price of Faux Locs typically ranges from $150 to $300.

Can I wash Faux Locs?

Faux Locs are a protective, temporary hairstyle using extensions that resemble dreadlocks. If you are rocking Faux Locs, wash them 1-3 times a month to keep them looking great. Just wash your scalp rather than the locs.

Are Faux Locs difficult to take out?

It is quite easy to take them down. You just have to do it properly and not fight with your hair. Unlike twists or braids, faux locs are wrapped around your hair, so you wouldn't take them down the same way you would other protective styles.

  • Debbi Fuller
    Debbi Fuller
    I will find a stylist that works best for me and my hair type.
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    Ada Rhodes
    What is the best way to keep my Faux Locs hair moist and neat?
  • Thea Chassin
    Thea Chassin
    Yes, you are right, they do not "need" to be cleaned during wear.
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    Royce Allen Dudley
    How terrible!Faux Locs just need hours to create.
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    Marcia Owens
    the Faux Locs hairstyle is one of my best options.
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