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How To Dye Dark Hair Blonde


If you have dark hair and you want a little color, you may have considered dying the hair blonde. Blonde is a great color that stands out and gets you noticed. But if you've never had to dye dark hair blonde, you may consider the process too difficult. The truth, however is that it is no harder to dye dark hair blonde at home than it is to dry brown hair. You can do it and in this guide, we'll share with you the best way to dye dark hair blonde.

Can You Dye Dark Hair Blonde?

The first thing you need to know when you want to dye dark hair blonde is that the process is very intensive and may not be suitable for all types of hair. It is also important to note that you can dye the hair blonde even if the black color is not natural, although there will be an additional step.

But, if you hair is damaged or it is too fine, bleaching your hair may not be a good idea. You should only consider dyeing your hair if it is strong and healthy. You should not attempt to dye your hair blonde if you fit into one of the following categories;

• If you have had a perm or relaxed your hair

• If you had bleached your hair in the past

• If your hair is too fine or thin

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Before we begin with the individual steps of dyeing your hair, it is important to realize that if your hair has been dyed before and the artificial hair color is still in your hair, you may need to remove the color before the bleaching it blonde. This means using hair dye remover to remove the color on your hair before attempting to dye it again. Hair dye removers work by reversing the oxidation process that bleaches the hair. They are also very easy to use; all you have to do is apply the hair dye remover on your hair for the specified time and then rinse it out.

If you are dyeing virgin hair, the following are just some of the things to keep in mind;

1. Choosing the Product

It goes without saying that the choice of product you will use it very important. We recommend using a salon power. Other cheap varieties that you find in the market may not lighten the hair and may even damage the hair. They also tend to be less effective that the salon varieties. For example, a cheap bleach powder will bleach about 3 levels in one process, while a salon variety may bleach the hair up to 7 levels in one application. This means that you need fewer cycles to completely bleach the hair with a salon grade powder.

2. Applying the Dye

Divide the hair into four sections to make it easy for you to apply the bleach. The bleach should then be applied to each section, taking care to coat the whole section. Begin at the top layer and work your way through the section and move through the other sections until your hair is completely covered.

3. Developing and Rinsing

The amount of time you leave the bleach on your hair depends on the brand of dye you are using. Therefore the development process may take up to an hour, although it is a good idea to check every 5-10 minutes whilst processing. If at any time during the process you experience irritation, wash the bleach out immediately.

Keep in mind that you may have to go through this process several times before you get the desired color. The first round will therefore get the hair to an orange color. The second round of bleaching should take place a week after first. Depending on the brand of bleach you’re using, this second round will get your hair to a lighter yellow or golden color. If you want a lighter blonde, leave the dye in the hair for a little longer. Rinse it out sooner if you want a darker blonde.

4. Tone the Hair

The bleaching process alone will not give you the perfect blonde color you seek. For that, you need a toner. The type of toner you choose will depend on the shade of yellow you end up with after the bleaching process. For example, if you hair has yellow tones with no orange, use a pearl blonde dye to tone it. If you are unsure of the toner to use, get advice from a stylist.


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