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How To Dye A Bob Wig Blonde

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If you have a bob wig and are trying to dye your bob wig blonde, here is the right place to land.

How To Dye A Blonde Bob Wig

Human hair wigs,unlike synthetic fibers, can be dyed and styled without damages. You can use styling tools or real hair dye on human hair wigs like your natural hair. Kindly remember to shampoo the hair before coloring so as to keep it clean and shiny.

Choose A Hair Dye For Your Blonde Bob Wig Real Hair

Firstly, you have to select up hair dye. There are no typical or specific products for blonde bob wig eBay, so you can select up a normal hair color which is available at the drug store and different other places in your region.

Pick Up 20 Volume Hair Developer

You know the hair developer is very essential in the dying hair procedure. The hydrogen peroxide here assists open the hair cuticles. No matter whether you are going to dye your blonde bob wig UKdarker or lighter, a hair developer is considered as a booster so that you can get the color you desire.

Put On Gloves And Mix The Dye

Use rubber gloves to defend your skin from irritating and to keep your hands clean during the procedure. Mix the hair dye with the developer, and follow the instruction on the holder of hair dye. Use a plastic spoon rather than of a metal spoon to mix the dye.

Soak The Blonde Bob Wig Real Hair In The Dye Mixture

Immerse the blonde bob wig real hairin the bowl of hair dye. With your hand, apply the dye smoothly on the wig. Spread the mixture via the layers of the full blonde bob wig real hair.

Place The Blonde Bob Wig Real Hair On A Mannequin Head

A mannequin head can keep the hair wig after coloring itin good shape. Carry on brushing your hair with a hairbrush or comb to assist the dye go out of the hair. Wait for almost an hour to allow the color set.

Wash The Blonde Bob Wig Real Hair

It is not only about how to dye a bob wig blonde but the after-dyeing procedure is essential too. Do not forget to use a special human hair wig or a color-treated hair shampoo to ensure that the hair wig is as great as possible. Wet the wig with lukewarm or cold water to get rid of the remaining dye on the wig.Whatever your desire is this Donmily 13x4 Lace Front Wig Straight Bob 150% Density fulfills both your wishes.


You just had a look at how to dye a boob wig blonde. You need to choose a hair dye for your blonde bob wig real hair, pick up 20 volume hair developer, put on gloves and mix the dye, soak the blonde bob wig real hair in the dye mixture, place the blonde bob wig real hair on a mannequin head, and wash the blonde bob wig real hair.

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