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How To Do Money Piece Highlight?

This entry was posted in Tutorial By lya

If I had to pick one hair color trend that has defined 2022 so far, it would be money piece hair. If you want to make your hair colors look like a million dollars while keeping your routine maintenance work to a minimum, now is the time to try the money piece highlight technique. Money piece highlight is the current trend. You'll find that in recent years, more and more celebrities and stars have been experimenting with money piece wig, which are now popular and will continue to be popular in 2023. So what are you waiting for? Come on and try money piece highlight hairstyle. 

I. What is money piece highlight?

In fact, money piece highlights are a fashionable version of the modified face highlights that you can find everywhere in the 1990s. In order to achieve this hairstyle, your colorist will apply hand-painted highlights to the hair to decorate your face from the root to the bottom. Only in this way, can you add a pop of color to your mane. 

Money piece highlight is the current trend

At the same time, it can also highlight your hair color, complexion and so on. Your stylist will highlight your hair based on your skin tone and hair color. Your money piece highlights can be any color you want, so you can go for blended, natural, or more contrasting colors. For those who want to have a thicker money piece highlight, ask your stylist for your request, and he will adjust the foil position according to your opinion.

money piece highlights can be any color you want

II. How to do money piece highlight?

1. Trim your hair

money piece highlight have the effect of shaping your face

Since you want the money piece highlight have the effect of shaping your face, it is important to differentiate your overall hair length. You need to modify the end of the hair near your cheeks. Generally, you can take the middle section of hair and divide it into left and right sections. You can decide how much hair you want for the highlight. 

Mix the colors proportionally to create the base color of money piece highlight.

2. Create the dye

No matter how you color your hair, you need to mix the dye first. Mix the colors proportionally to create the base color of money piece highlight. You can have a special bowl for hair dye.  
We recommend that you use 10-20 amounts to lighten your hair, higher amount is for dark hair colors (black hair, dark brown hair), if you use it incorrectly, it can cause irreversible damage to your hair. 

higher amount is for dark hair colors

3. Dye your hair

You need to dye your hair layer by layer. First of all, take a thin layer of hair and clip the rest. After that, place a piece of tinfoil under your hair to prevent the dye from getting on your skin and make it easier to start working. 
Apply the product from the middle to the ends of your hair. Apply hair dye to your hair strands, and if you want a full color, you can apply it all the way to your roots. Or, if you want a balanced effect, you can just apply the parts you want to be different. When you reach the roots where natural hair starts to grow, you can mix the product diagonally for a more natural look. 

The money piece highlight will have a more distinctive look and stand out more than a normal hairstyle.

4. Wash your hair

Wrap aluminum foil around the dye section to saturate the hair for better results. Check your hair every 10-15 minutes until you achieve the desired result. You should rinse your hair with clean water after you finish the money piece highlight. Some of the dye may be washed off, so be careful and wear less needed clothes to prevent the dye from damaging the clothes. After washing, dry with a hair dryer. Comb with a wide-teeth comb. 

the money piece highlight will give you a great color contrast with your hair

III. What is the advantages of money piece highlight?

1. Get a unique look

The money piece highlight will have a more distinctive look and stand out more than a normal hairstyle. With a bright border, which can always be the most specially part for your hairstyle and make you apart from others. You will become the most popular one in the dark head.

2. Tone down your skin

The wig with a single color often gives others a dull feeling. However, the money piece highlight will give you a great color contrast with your hair. Therefore, the hair of the money piece highlight can add layers because of the bright frame. With the right color, which will make you feel refreshed and look more energetic. It can also accentuate your eyes and facial features, making you even more distinctive.

3. Variety of styles

There is no doubt that, in the market, most of the wigs are good for girls of all skin tones. Also, if your wig is made from 100% human hair, you can try bleaching and dyeing. You can change the color of the money piece highlight according to your preference. You can be bold and choose any color you like, but don't worry about being weird. You can easily create your own unique style.  

Can you have a money piece with Balayage?

If you have a client with long, grown-out roots looking for an easy dyed to natural hair transition, a soft balayage with a money piece is a great option.

Why do they call it the money piece?

The reason why it is called the money piece has nothing to do with the coloring technique, but it refers to the money-saving and minimal effort to achieve a maximum highlighted hair. If you scroll on the old posts back to the 2019 summer on Beyoncé's Instagram page, you can have a glance at this beauty trend.

What is money piece hair?

Money piece hair is named for the technique which will give you the expensive and glamorous look. It achieves this effect when you light the first few strands of your hair. Two strands of hair are taken at the front hairline and dyed light to create a bright face frame to achieve the uniqueness of the hairstyle.

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