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How To Do Half Up Half Down Quinceanera Hairstyles?

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A quinceanera is an important sign of transformation from a girl to a woman, and a stunning hairstyle is what you want on this long dreamed of day, this article is the most comprehensive guide to help you get the perfect half up half down quinceanera hairstyles to give you the most shiny and glamorous elegance on this most important day! Let's have a look at hairstyles for quinceanera!

Quinceanera HairstylesⅠ. Materials needed for hairstyles for quinceanera

curling iron, wide tooth comb, heat protection spray, styling spray, bobby pins, crown

Ⅱ. How to do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles?

1. Anti-heat treatment

First take out a bottle of heat damage prevention spray and spray it evenly on your hair, this step is very crucial because it is to protect your hair from the heat treatment instruments and also to keep the moisture in your hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy and dry.

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles2. Divide your hair

Your hair needs to be divided into several equal parts, mainly the back part of the hair needs to be set aside more, we need to use this part of the hair to make curls draped over the shoulder side, the side of the hair does not need to be divided too much, the top of the head needs to be divided more hair, need to be used to tie the ponytail and make the bridge shape of the hair.

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles3. Curly hair

Then divide the hair evenly into equal parts and temporarily fix it with clips, we will pre-treat the bottom hair, take out a small handful of hair, use a curling iron to wrap these hairs around the curling iron above and then extend all the way to the root of the hair, in order to make the curls more durable you need to leave the curling iron at the root of the hair for a few seconds more, and then gently put it down. Once you've finished with one strand of hair, simply follow the same process for the following sections. Once you have finished with all the curls, take out a bottle of styling spray and spray it evenly on the surface of your curls, this will help your hair last longer on such an important day. After curling all the hair, don't forget to gently tug the hair with your hands to make it more voluminous so that the curly quinceanera hairstyles can be more natural.

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles4. Tie up the ponytail

After we deal with the back half of the hair, we have to tie up the hair reserved for the top of the head, so there will be a half up half down quinceanera hairstyles prototype, in the use of curling iron to tie up the hair curly, it is best to put a hair ring under the hair can be padded, so that the perm out of the hair more shaped will not The hair will be more shaped and not collapse, more able to highlight the fullness and fluffy hair. Then take out a part of the forehead hair, make a bridge-shaped hairstyle so that we can tie up the ponytail perfectly covered, and then use some small clips to fix this part of the hair around the ponytail, so that your ponytail can look seamless!

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles5. Handle the hair on the sides

Now that we've finished the main part of the hair, we need to start working on the sides of the hair, again using a curling iron, parting the hair more finely, and then using a curling iron. With some hair still left at the hairline, we'll braid the left side of your hair, weave it along your hairline and wrap it evenly around the bridge-shaped hair at the top of your head, while the right side of your hair will be curled up with a curling iron and placed in a ponytail, leaving a few strands to give your bangs a more natural look.

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles6. Styling

Take out your pre-prepared crown, you can use a few clips to fix the crown on top of half up half down quinceanera hairstyles, and finally spray some styling spray, your curly quinceanera hairstyles will be successfully completed, and is the latest and most popular half up Half down hairstyles add a bit of cuteness while still being glamorous.

do half up half down quinceanera hairstyles

If you still think the half up half down quinceanera hairstyles cannot meet your needs, you can browse donmily blog, more hairstyles for quinceanera are waiting for you to discover!

What is Quince hair?

Quinceanera hairstyles are any hairdo worn on a girl's 15th birthday that is traditionally celebrated in Spanish and Latin American countries. On this important day, a girl's entry into womanhood is celebrated by family and friends and introduced to society through a fancy party with gorgeous dresses and dances!

What is an upsweep hairstyle?

An updo is a type of hairstyle that involves the hair being up and out of the face. The hair is kept in place with pins or bands to prevent the hair from falling down. Updos are versatile and can be created to complement many looks that the client is going for.

Why is a quinceañera celebrated at 15?

Back in the day of the Aztecs Indians, when a girl turned 15 she would be considered to be ready for marriage. This celebration of age turned to more of a celebratory event for a young girl turning into a women.

  • Ryan Rgb
    Ryan Rgb
    Beautiful work. What is the crimper you are using?
    Sis what brand of hair tools you used? You are so good!!!
    Sis what brand of hair tools you used? You are so good!!!
  • Anthony Trumpower
    Anthony Trumpower
    You are very talented! Thank you for sharing your skilled techniques!!
  • Lori Couvillon
    Lori Couvillon
    Thank you for showing how to do this hairstyle! I've had this look pinned for over a year for my wedding in April. I'll be sharing this video with my hair and makeup artist!
  • kenz lkonouz beauty
    kenz lkonouz beauty
    This is wonderful, I'm going to bring this video to my hairstylist for my wedding!! Thank you!!
  • Meli Marquez
    Meli Marquez
    Loved your work
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