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How To Do Finger Waves For Beginners?

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Recently, there has been a wave of retro in the fashion world, but it seems that when people are exploring new fashion waves, they look for elements of the old retro fashion, so when you look back at the movies of the last century you will find that the characters and looks from the movies are very common today, and this is what we call the retro wave. And in the 1990s, with the booming of the film industry, more and more actresses began to star in all kinds of movies, the popularity of the film also led to the continuous enrichment and development of the look, finger waves on the origin of the 1920s, with the movie stars in the film to create finger waves, people have to follow the actress, this hairstyle also became popular And at the end of the last century, the singer Madonna once again drove the finger waves trend. Today, finger waves have returned to our attention, becoming more feminine and modern, so how can you create this look and how to do finger waves for beginners?

finger waves

Ⅰ. Are finger waves easy for beginners?

We usually see finger waves at star-studded fashion weeks or at parties and galas, where actresses like Zendaya try them on the red carpet. finger waves are usually applied to shorter hair, such as bob hair or pixie haircut, but they can be applied to long hair. But it's a bit trickier, except you need to use more styling products. In other words, finger waves may not be as easy as you think, you can't get shiny and textured finger waves in a short time, you need to try several times, and you may fail several times in the whole process, but as long as you have enough patience and persistence, finger waves is not that complicated, if you are patient beginners, finger waves are for you! I'll explain the whole process of shaping this look in as much detail as I can so you won't find it difficult.

finger waves

Ⅱ. How to do finger waves for beginners?

●Tools you need for finger waves

A fine comb, a bottle of hairspray, a bottle of mousse, a hair gel and mousse, and a hair dryer.

1. Wash and blow dry your hair

The finger waves we can see are full of shine and wetness, so to keep your hair wet, we need to wash it in the first step, not only to make it look better and achieve the effect you want but also to make your hairstyle last longer and to avoid excess oil and dandruff from damaging your hair. After washing your hair use a soft lint-free towel to soak up as much moisture as possible from your hair, but no need to blow dry your hair with a hot styling product like a hair dryer, the goal is to achieve a wet hair effect but not too wet.

2. Apply the gel and part your hair

When your hair is semi-wet, squeeze some gel into your hands and spread it evenly through your hair, from front to back. The roots are the key to finger waves styling, so we need to apply the roots first and then the ends. After applying the gel, part your hair the way you want it to be, usually, we see finger waves are side parted, you can choose the style according to your preference.

finger waves

3. Create finger waves style

This step is very important, first, you need to take out all the clips that you have prepared so that you can easily access them. Then, keep your index finger parallel to the clip, and after selecting a position, press the clip. Brush the hair next to your fingers back. This is a little tricky. Hold your fingers firmly in place so that the hair underneath them remains in a forward combing position. Now take the comb and use it to comb the hair next to your fingers back so that it is in the opposite direction to the hair under your index finger. Afterward, place your middle finger next to your index finger. You are using your middle finger to hold the hair next to your index finger in place. Pinch your two fingers together and secure your hair with a clip, next you just need to repeat the above steps.

finger waves

4. Secure the style

The next thing you need to do is wait for your hair to dry and then spray on some styling product to make your finger waves look more defined and to extend the life of your finger waves to a greater extent.

finger waves

Ⅲ. How long do finger waves last?

If you are not particularly careful in the process of styling, or if you are not using the right products, your finger waves are likely to be a one-off look. However, if you style your hair with professional guidance and advice, wash your hair well, and use good quality styling products, your finger waves can last about three days.

Do you do finger waves on wet or dry hair?

Work a generous amount of hair mousse through your wet hair. It's best to use a tail comb so the mousse can be evenly distributed throughout your hair and can hold the finger waves in place better. Create a deep side part. Next to the part, separate a wide section of hair (about 2" wide) above your forehead.

Should you use gel or mousse for finger waves?

The hair gel will help bring structure and hold without frizz, while the mousse is the key to smooth, defined, hydrated waves. You'll use the rat-tail comb to make precise parts and the fine-tooth comb for smoothing the gel, and mousse for perfect S-waves.

What is the purpose of finger waving?

Finger waving teaches the technique of moving and directing hair.

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