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How To Do Dark Roots Blonde Hair By Myself?

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Dark roots have become popular in recent years, you can mix dark roots with blonde hair to create the look of dark roots blonde hair, this method takes some time and tools, let's see how to mix dark roots with blonde hair. When you choose to color your hair, you should know that new hair will grow out and two different colors will appear on your hair. When you have a brightly colored blonde hair, as time goes on and your hair grows out, you can choose to bleach and dye your roots again so that your hair still looks the same color overall. In the past, many people could not accept this style, but beauty is always diverse and fashion is constantly evolving.

dark roots blonde hair

Ⅰ. How to choose the right color for dark roots blonde hair?

Although it is ideal to choose the color of your natural hair, you can still make your look unique by deciding on the color of dark roots in two different ways. The first is your native hair color, but you need to make sure that your native hair color and blonde are compatible, preferably dark brown or darker blonde, so that your hair can look more coordinated. The other way is to choose a color that is one or two shades darker than your dyed blonde hair. You can never go wrong this way, and you need to be extra careful in choosing the color because you need to touch up your native hair every now and then as it continues to grow out. So the most loyal advice: choose a color that works and has extra beneficial properties, and use a lighter color on your hairline to avoid that part of your hair looking too dark.

dark roots blonde hair

Ⅱ. Tools you need to blend dark roots blonde hair

●Hair dye: You need to have both a developer and a hair dye on hand
●Hair dye brush: A hair dye brush helps you to apply the dye evenly on the hair
●A wide mouth container: equal proportions of dye will be prepared in the container

dark roots blonde hair
●Plastic gloves: to avoid chemical damage to the skin of your hands
●Towel or old clothes: wear it around your neck to avoid staining your clothes and hurting your skin
●Highlighting paper: to make the dye adhere better to the hair

Ⅲ. How to blend dark roots blonde hair?

1. Comb and clean your hair

To ensure a better coloring effect, clean your hair and use your hands or a wide tooth comb to take care of any knots in your hair to avoid any tangles, and separate your hair in the middle in order to get a smooth view of your roots when dyeing.

2. Make the dye

Mix your developer with the dye in equal proportions according to the instructions on the hair coloring product and mix well with the other end of the hair coloring brush until the coloring product is well mixed together.

3. Apply the dye

To dye dark roots blonde hair at home by yourself, you need to do the following in front of a mirror. First, tie up the parted hair and comb the sides until the roots are visible.

Start applying the dye from the back half of your hair, at this point, there is a mirror placed in front and behind you so you can see how you are applying it.

dark roots blonde hair

Once the application is complete, we need to distribute the dye evenly on each hair. Take a finer comb and start combing along the sides of the hair slit to distribute the dye evenly on the hair, and follow this step in turn for the rest of the hair.

dark roots blonde hair

Next, take out the highlighting paper and gently stick it along the hair seam where the dye was applied, and then cover the other part of the hair with the highlighting paper, so as to fully ensure that the dye just brushed can achieve the desired effect.

dark roots blonde hair

After the application, time your hair for half an hour and rinse the dye off your head with cold water, making sure to wash until no dye remains, then dry your hair with a hairdryer and apply hair oil to dark roots blonde hair.

dark roots blonde hair

Any kind of hairstyle has a unique charm and color, and so does dark roots blonde hair. If you like and want to try this kind of hair, hurry up and give it a try, welcome to leave a message in the comment section to tell me your results and feelings!

What is it called when roots are darker?

Root shadowing is a low-maintenance hair color technique in which a darker shade is applied directly to the roots giving a soft, seamless contrast.

Why your hair is darker on the roots?

Hot roots occur because the heat from your scalp causes the colour at the roots to develop faster than the colour on the mid-lengths or ends. This can lead to a lighter colour result at your roots than the rest of the hair. Hot roots can also occur if you lighten your colour.

What hair colour looks good with dark roots?

Black roots plus gray hair equals an unbeatable combination. And the more hair grows out, the better it looks.

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