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How To Do A Quick Weave Bob On Yourself?

This entry was posted in Installation By Jessica

Have you tried a hair extension that only takes a few minutes? Are you still worried about finding the right extension for too short hair? Quick weave bobo, the best hair extensions for short hair, can be done at home. Learning how to do a quick weave bob on yourself will help you a lot.

quick weave BOBquick

Ⅰ. what is a quick weave bob?

The quick weave itself is a full-coverage extension, and unlike traditional extensions, it's not every hair that merges with the wig. Also, it's different from sew in weave, it doesn't need stitching to finish, just glue the wig to the wig cap.

The quick weave bob is a good quick weave look. The length of the wig chosen is very short, about the shoulder and neck.

 weave bob

Ⅱ. What are benefits for quick weave bob?

1. Pain-free and efficient hair extension procedure

Quick weave bob is based on the knitting technology of quick weave. Before weaving, we need to braid the hair with corn braids, then put on the wig cap after weaving the hair, and then bond the knitted hair bundle to the wig cap layer by layer. You probably won't experience much pain because the gluing process doesn't require pulling. It's different from the usual hair extensions, and it's so efficient that you can probably do it in a few minutes. But ordinary hair extensions are completely different. Not only do you have to cooperate with the hair extensions, but you also have to endure pain and the passage of time.

quick weave bob

2. Seamless hair extensions, high naturalness

Recently, the concept of seamless hair extensions has been mentioned with high frequency. Because the hair extension has traces, it is equivalent to exposing your wig, which is very embarrassing. And the quick weave bob will stick to the wig cap, hiding the real hair. The wig glue will deeply integrate your wig with the wig cap and hide the wig marks well. This may be the real seamless hair extension.

quick weave bob

3. Suitable for a wide range, especially for short hair

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hair extension for short hair, because you have to worry about whether your hair extension needs a long natural extension. Hair wigs that are too short will also be more likely to expose hair extensions. So I highly recommend choosing quick weave for short hair. In terms of styling, choose quick weave waves, because quick wave can allow your real hair to be short enough. And the length of the hair extension reaches the shoulder and neck, which is the best length of hair extension. It is neither long nor short, so a wig of this length will not make your wig unnatural, but will only make people feel very natural, like yours Like real hair. Generally, choosing a wig that is too long will expose the traces of hair extensions.

4. There are many senses of shape and will not pick people

The styles of quick weave are very varied, there is always one that will suit you. It's worth it for you who are looking for fashion. Here are some quick weave bobs that are popular this year.

a. Electric green quick weave bob

You must be very excited when you see the picture, this quick weave bob is so cool.

quick weave bob

b. Inverted bob with short bangs

The super short bangs of this chic inverted bob are similar to baby bangs in that they are super short in length. They're feathered so they lie gently on the forehead and don't take too much attention away from the quick weave bob.

quick weave bob

c. Curly quick weave bob

quick weave bob

Ⅲ. How to do a quick weave bob on yourself?

1. The first step is to cover your natural hair

This involves brushing or sometimes braiding your natural hair. It depends on the length of the hair. If desired and at the user's choice, the hair can be held in place with a styling gel.

2. Create a U-shaped bottom

quick weave bob

Use the comb to create another section, starting about 3 inches from the bottom hairline and extending from one side of the head to the other, curving around the base of the head. The minimum extension will be applied right below this section.

Make sure the parts are very neat. If it's not straight, the quick weave bob won't stay neat and it will look messy.

Make sure the section starts three inches above your hairline. If you put the braid too low, it will be noticeable when you put your hair into a bun.

3. After natural hair is conditioned, hide and cover them with a protective cap

If you wish to omit it, then prefer to mark the area with concealer or lip color to outline this part. This will help define the bond area.

4. Secure the quick weave bob tresses with glue from the back of the head to the front

quick weave bob

● Measure the area where you want to connect the weft to decide

Use hairspray to carefully attach each weft thread to the wig cap.

● Smear adhesive glue on the weft yarn

The weft will curl inward, and the glue should be applied to the inside of the curve. Apply it slowly and slowly in a straight line along the edge of the weft. Take your time to make sure it's applied very neatly. The glue will come out of the bottle thickly.

● Use a hair dryer to soften the glue

Use a blow dryer to heat up the glow and soften it until it feels sticky to the touch. It shouldn't be runny or gooey, but it should be tacky when you touch it. Touch the glue lightly along the edge of the weft to make sure the entire length of glue is sticky. If the glue is too thin, it can drip into the hair and cause damage. Make sure it's not wet but sticky enough to your hair.

● Apply the weft to the hair

You should be very carefully position the weft so that the glue is facing your hair. Start half an inch from the side hairline and press the weft about 2 or 3 cm (0.8 or 1.2 inches) below the hair. Continue pressing the weft thread into the hair little by little until you reach the other side.

● Be careful not to apply it on the scalp

If the weft yarn sticks to the scalp, it can inhibit hair growth and cause bald spots to appear there. It is important to ensure the weft

5. If you take out the hair in the center or the sides, cut the protective cap accordingly. Connect the weft yarns in a U shape in this section

6. Now trim and style your bob the way you want. You can also straighten these quick weave bob

How long do quick weaves last?

Quick weaves last about four to five weeks. Shedding is a sign that it's time to take out your quick weave. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, sleep with a silk scarf at night to protect it while you sleep.

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Quick Weave?

If for a quick weave wig, you need human hair bundles with closure, we have 4*4 lace closure, 6*6 lace closure and 7*7 lace closure, different length and textures of hair bundles, different quantity.

Can a quick weave get wet?

Fear not, yes, you can go for a swim while wearing them. If on the other hand you are wearing the clip-in style of hair extensions, it is better if you remove them first before getting into chlorine treated or sea water.

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