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How To Cut Bottleneck Bangs Only 5 Steps

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In 2021, Margot Robbie appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine vogue and the hairstyle she tried was the bottleneck bangs, which is popular nowadays. What exactly are bottleneck bangs? How do cut bottleneck bangs for me? In this blog, you will get the most comprehensive tutorial, let's learn how to cut bottleneck bangs!

bottleneck bangsⅠ. What are bottleneck bangs?

Bottleneck bangs are like old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottles, the bangs are narrow at the beginning (that is, the top of the head), gradually widen with the neck and shoulders and then shrink back perfectly at the end. The biggest difference between the two types of bangs is that the hair at the end of the curtain bangs is cut outward, while the bottleneck bangs are cut to the inside of the face. curtain bangs are more like slightly open curtains, and the bangs on both sides are thicker.

What are bottleneck bangs

There is no shorter hair at the brow bone and there is no longer layered hair underneath the bangs, curtain bangs can help you cover and soften the cheekbone position. On the bottleneck bangs, you can clearly see that there are shorter bangs at the brow bone and the bangs underneath will gradually wrap around your cheekbones and jawbone. Depending on the client's needs, bottleneck bangs are generally softer, not as full as curtain bangs, and more often than not, bottleneck bangs are lighter, giving the whole face a softer aesthetic.

Ⅱ. How to cut bottleneck bangs?

1. Check the hairline

The first thing we need to determine is whether your hair is in different lengths or all of your hair is about the same length. If you have a lot of choppy hair, then you need to cut your bangs when your hair is dry 

bottleneck bangs

because bottleneck bangs require a small section of shorter hair at the beginning of the bangs, and if your hair is wet, your bangs will blow up when you blow dry them, and they won't be the length and effect you want. that length and effect. So please check your hairline carefully, if you don't have too much-broken hair you can cut bottleneck bangs in wet hair.

2. Evenly parted hair

Part your hair so that the left and right sides of your hair have the same distance and volume. After parting the hair on the left and right sides and then parting a small part of the hair on the left side to cut bottleneck bangs, this part of the hair to the most side of your brow bone as a cut-off point, the same procedure for the right side.

bottleneck bangs

It is important to remember that the part of your hair that you choose to cut bottleneck bangs needs to be modified and adjusted according to the characteristics of your own hair, depending on the density of your hair. The higher the density of the hair, the closer the top of the bangs should be to the top of the head. 

3. Cut bottleneck bangs

●Spray the hair used to cut the bangs with water

bottleneck bangs

●Then divide it into two parts and take the middle handful of hair as the center part.

bottleneck bangs

●The first step is to cut the center part of the hair to a position flush with your brow bone.

bottleneck bangs

●If you find that your hair is a little short after the cut you can take a small portion of the hair from the back and add it to your bottleneck bangs.

4. Blow dry your hair

●Take out a paddle comb and start blowing from the roots of your hair, use your comb to comb your hair as you blow

bottleneck bangs

●Wait for your hair to dry then take out a round comb and use the round comb and hair dryer to blow out the curves and style your hair

bottleneck bangs5. Make adjustments

●After blow-drying your hair you can clearly feel that your hair has become more voluminous, at this point you need to adjust the bottleneck bangs once again while your hair is dry.

bottleneck bangs

●Next, you need to use a fine-tooth comb to brush your bangs up, and then commission scissors to cut them vertically when they are not completely down so that you can get bottleneck bangs that look very relaxed and stylish.

bottleneck bangs

●Finally, you just need to trim the areas that you feel are too heavy, and then spray them with styling spray and pinch some pieces with your fingers.

bottleneck bangs
The above uses five simple steps to introduce you in great detail how to be able to cut bottleneck bangs for you, this bangs in 2023 have become very popular and are expected in the next year will also be a great popular trend, if you also want to catch up with the trend, hurry up and try bottleneck bangs it!

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What is the difference between curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs?

Curtain bangs are strictly on each side of the face without any fringe in the middle of the forehead. Bottleneck bangs, on the other hand, have those shorter pieces in the middle. But don't worry — this look is just as easy to style and grow out when you're over it.

Why are bottlenecks called bangs?

Unlike a classic fringe that sits across the eye-line, Bottleneck bangs are named because they start shorter at the top and are often parted, then graduate to longer pieces that curve around the eye and cheek line, creating a bottleneck shape.

Should I get bottleneck bangs?

It's safe to say that bottleneck bangs are the bangs to wear right now. This laid-back trend might be right up your alley if you're ready to change up your look a bit and want something that won't require a lot of maintenance or a complete hairstyle change (we're looking at you, heavily layered wolf cut.

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    You made this soooo easy! Thank you :)
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    Winwin Myfriend
    I did it and I love it, thanks for sharing
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    I've never seen anyone be able to do so much to her hair and it looks great everytime lol
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    There's no look you can't pull off! Love it!
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    Lisa Pew
    Wow, you really demonstrate & explain the technique so well as you do in all your videos! You make it look super easy & with a perfect result. I'm gonna try this. Thanks so much!
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