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How To Cut Bixie Haircut Your Step By Step Tutorial

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This is your most comprehensive and detailed guide on how to cut bixie haircut. We'll tell you every detail and every noteworthy point to help you get vintage and trendy bixie haircut, so keep reading!

bixie haircut

Ⅰ. how to cut a bixie haircut?

1. Part your hair

how to cut bixie haircutAccording to the following diagram will be divided into 6 parts of your hair, first from the middle of the head into two parts, then the top part of the hair into two parts before and after, the front part of the hair used to cut bangs can be designed according to their own preferences length, the back part of the hair is first clip up with a clip. After seeing the hair below, you need to split a small portion of hair on the left and right sides of the hair which is in the very middle of the ears, in addition to the hair on both sides, we are left with two strands of hair. These two strands of hair are divided into two parts, the bottom part of the hair is left to be used, and the hair above this is pinned up with a clip, so that you have 6 parts of hair.

2. Cut the bottom part of your hair

how to cut bixie haircutSpray the bottom part of your hair with water and divide it into the left and right sides of your hair,  take out a small part of your hair and start cutting it at an angle of 45° each time, cut it from top to bottom and keep combing your hair during the process of cutting so that you can get a soft and layered bottom layer of hair.

3. Cut the middle part of the hair

how to cut bixie haircutGenerally speaking, the middle part of the hair is put down in the shape of bob hair but it also plays the most important role, so we need to cut it carefully. Again, spray your hair to moisturize it, then divide your hair into two parts, twist the left hair into two and do the same with the right hair. Take one part of your hair and pin it up with your index and middle fingers and cut it slowly with subtle movements, starting from the bottom, so you can get the bixie haircut layers. Cut the remaining three strands of hair in the same way.

4. Drop the sides of the hair and cut

how to cut bixie haircutAgain, spray both sides of the hair with water, lean the hair as far forward as possible and hold the hair with your index and middle fingers, trim it from top to bottom with your barber's knife, here the trimming needs to cut off more hair, it looks like the bixie haircut which is a blend of bob and pixie haircut is a blend of the common features of both hairstyles. After the cut, we can see that the side looks very much like a bob haircut but not as long as a bob and not as short as a pixie haircut.

5. Deal with the top part of the hair

how to cut bixie haircutPut down the hair that we pin on the top of the head, we need to do some fine cutting of this part of the hair, so as to add layers to the bixie haircut, this part of the hair is very thin, you only need to take out a very small part of your hair, for fine trimming, you can see the whole haircut becomes so full under our cut.

6. The final step

how to cut bixie haircutIn the last step we need to trim the bangs, put your forehead hair down and divide it into two parts, cut the bangs from top to bottom, after the cut is done comb your bangs well and you have a perfect bixie haicut!

What is a Bixie cut 2022?

A bixie cut is a short haircut with a mix of elements from both bobs and pixie cuts (hence the blended name). The basic shape of bixie cut is short, usually around ear length or slightly longer, and features tapered ends to remove bulk and weight for a sleeker profile.

Is a Bixie cut good for fine hair?

The bixie, which is a combination of a bob and a pixie haircut, does wonders for fine hair. It gives the illusion of fullness.

Why is it called Bixie?

The bixie is called the bixie because it combines elements of two distinctly recognizable hairstyles — the bob and the pixie — and creates a new hairstyle in a gray (but very cute) area. "A bixie cut is equal parts pixie cut and a bob," says stylist Andrew Fitzsimons.

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