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How To Cut Bangs On Your Wig?

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Do you want to change your hairstyle? Do you want to revitalize a worn-out wig? If you do, a nice way to do that is by giving your wig sharp bangs. However, you must first get some knowledge about wig cutting. You must get specialist tools, select the best kind of bangs for you, and then execute the proper cutting techniques. In this post, we'll show you how to cut ideal bangs on a wig by yourself.

cut bangs on your wig

Select the appropriate bangs for you.

Ideally,  the bangs you select should highlight your face characteristics. The following recommendations might help you select bangs that will complement your face shape the most.

  • Oval - An oval face is versatile and can fit almost any style of bangs.
  • Round - Try thick, side-swept bangs.
  • Heart-shaped - flowing bangs will help balance out your features.
  • Square - Avoid short bangs and instead opt for long, straight horizontal bangs.
  • Long - Micro bangs can make a long face look longer, so stick with long bangs to balance everything out.

In addition to your face shape, consider the following tips to help you choose the right bangs.

Do you want a bold, edgy look, or a softer, more romantic look? What is the texture of your wig? You must also consider whether your wig is straight or curly. Some bangs types, such as super short straight bangs, don't always look right on curly hair. Likewise, some bangs are not suitable for straight hair.

How dense is your wig? The denser your wig is, the more bangs you can choose from. But if you have a low-density wig, then don't choose bangs that remove too much hair volume.

What type of bangs do you personally like? Wearing and styling wigs should be fun, and your personal preferences should never be ignored. If you have always wanted to try a certain type of bangs, then go for it.

Tools needed to cut bangs for wigs

To have a perfect bang, you must use the right tools, so here's what you need to cut bangs for wigs.

  • Your wig
  • Wig stand (canvas or foam) and T-pins
  • Comb (wide teeth for curly wigs, rat tail for straight wigs 
  • Scissors for cutting hair
  • Clips

Note: Barber scissors are very different from home use, barber scissors are much sharper which makes them perfect for cutting hair. If you don't have barber scissors, we recommend that you purchase them. Without the right scissors, you could damage the hair of your wig and ruin your style.

cut bangs on your wig

Steps to cut wig bangs

Now that you have your tools ready and a general idea of how to pick the right bangs for your face shape, it's time to dive into the nitty-gritty. Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to cut bangs on a wig

Step 1: Put on your wig (or put it on a wig stand)

Make sure your wig is clean and dry before cutting it. Wearing a wig to cut your bangs will allow you to see exactly what you are doing, and this will also keep the wig full so it will be easier to cut. If you don't want to wear a wig, you can put it on a wig stand. Just make sure it's perfectly straight and secured with T-pins so it doesn't move around while you're working.

Once your wig is on and secured, you can start by folding your hair so you can see exactly how it will look when you cut your bangs off. During this step, you can refer to various photos of bangs to determine the look you want. Once you've cut your wig, there's no going back. So be sure to know what you want before you begin.

Step 2: Carve out your bangs

Use your comb to separate the wig and choose the part of your hair you want to use for your bangs. Make a triangular section in the center of the front and brush the hair forward. Secure the rest of the hair with a hairband or bobby pin so they don't get in the way. After carving the bangs, smooth the hair to eliminate any tangles or kinks.

Step 3: Measure out the length of the bangs you need

Run your fingers along the length of your bangs to figure out the length you want. If you plan to remove a lot of length, go ahead and cut off a few inches. Make sure you end up with bangs that are longer than you want them to be. Cut less hair than you intend to cut so that you have the option to grow them out later.

Step 4: Cut your bangs at a 45-degree angle

Use one hand to pull your bangs tight and use the other hand to cut your hair. Cut the bangs from the middle to the sides while keeping the scissors at a 45-degree angle. Try not to cut off more than a quarter inch at a time to avoid mistakes. Once the bangs are close to the length you want, the shorter you cut the hair.

Step 5: Check your work

If you are already you are happy with the length of your new bangs, you can check them out. See if there are any areas that need to be flattened and trim them down a bit. If you are happy with the cut, you can fiddle with the hair to see how it is distributed.

Step 6: Make the final touches

If your bangs need any extra work, go ahead and finish your trim. You can also hold your scissors at a 90-degree angle and gently cut right to the ends of your hair, which will soften your bangs. After you are satisfied, you are ready to move on to the final step!

Step 7: Styling your new bangs

Once you've finished cutting your bangs, you may begin styling them. You can brush them to the side or try a chic middle section. You can also use a straightener to polish them, or curling iron to add some texture. Figure out which style is best for you, and then make all the adjustments you need.

cut bangs on your wig

What is advisable and not to cut bangs on a wig?

We want to make the process of cutting bangs as easy as possible by giving you some tips. Please keep these tips in mind to make sure your bangs look beautiful.

1.Use the right shape and length of bangs according to your features. If you are not confident, bring your reference photos and let a professional hair stylist do the cutting.

2.Don't cut off too much at once.

3.Don't cut your wig when it's wet unless you have experience.

4.Don't use hand scissors or kitchen scissors.

Summing up

Cutting bangs on your wig can give you a whole new style. With the right method, most people can do it themselves at home. We hope this article has given you all the information you need to cut bangs at a professional level when you can!

Are bangs difficult to manage?

When styled correctly, bangs can alter the appearance of your face, accentuate your features, and make your haircut appear much cooler. However, the truth is that they may be challenging to keep looking excellent. A beautiful set of bangs will require regular appointments to the salon, daily styling, and general upkeep.

How should you sleep with bangs?

Depending on the length of your bangs, wrap them in a big or medium-sized hair roller, making sure it's tight enough to stay in place while you sleep. This will aid in maintaining the contour of your bangs and avert cowlicks.

How do I wash my bangs only?

Just wash your bangs if you want to avoid leaving the house with stringy bangs but don't want to shampoo them. It's simple: pull the remainder of your hair back into a ponytail, moisten your hands with a small bit of conditioner (about the size of a penny), run them over your fringe, and then thoroughly rinse your hands under the sink.

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