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The wedge hairstyle is a hairstyle that women of all ages can wear. If you want to have a timeless look, this is the hairstyle for you. In this blog post, we will discuss how to cut classic wedge hairstyles to keep you inspired and knowledgeable.

What exactly is a wedge haircut?

What exactly is a wedge haircut?

A wedge hairstyle is distinguished by its layered, angled, and angled appearance. It is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Blow-drying a wedge hairstyle with a round brush to create volume and lift at the roots is the most common way to style it. To add texture and definition to your style, curl or flat iron your hair.

What is the procedure for getting a wedge haircut?

A good haircut always begins with a clean and crisp segmentation. This gives us more precision and guidance throughout the haircut.


Backcombing the hair, beginning with the section on the left side above the top ridge and working backwards. The density of the front and back sections should then be separated. He worked his way along the hairline behind the ear, beginning at the high point of the parting. He then does the opposite side and divides the middle section forward with a diagonal line above the occipital area.

Consider the shape you want to achieve in relation to the shape of your head, as well as the side profile and jawline.

Because it is a very stacked hairstyle, the back is crucial. Hair will accumulate in the curve of the head away from you. Matt explains why he segments it this way and how removing weight at various angles affects the haircut.


Begin cutting into that wedge.

Begin by taking the vertical channel section in the back of your hair and deciding on the length and angle you want to cut it.
Then, using your next section, slowly pull it halfway to the front. If your hand is in the proper position, the thumb of the hand in which you are holding the part should be pointing in the direction you are going. Turn your hand over, depending on whether you are left or right-handed. This will shift as you work on different sides. Continue to methodically follow the guidelines in your head.

Over-orientation can occur naturally at times.


When you get to the bottom section's corners, the edges are longer than the middle.

This is because, even if you follow the same excessive direction as before, the head is curved at the corners. That is, the head shape causes more overdirection in these corners. A curved weight line that gets longer toward the face can be seen in the haircut.

In the center of this crown, cut a vertical channel section. This will serve as your guideline once more.


Matt moves his partition halfway back to the previous section, from the center to the edge. The weight increases toward the edges of these sections, forming a wedge shape at the back. We'll start thinking about cutting the sides of the wedge hairstyle once the entire back section is finished.

The sides of the wedge hairstyle should be cut.

We decided to use a razor on the sides of the cut. When cutting the hair, we wanted to create a different texture and diffusion.


First, we worked on the side with the part that is weaker due to its weakness. On the back, we draw a diagonal line along the jaw line. Then we look at our guide, who is combing her hair. We sweep away the length along the line we want to create with the razor's 100% side. Then we pull hair sections onto the guide and continue cutting with the razor. We over-guide it back to the guide and make the cut once we reach the weak corner of the hairline.
The opposite side of the haircut


Now we're working on the larger sections on both sides, which require two techniques.

The bottom guide uses our 100% cutting edge to replicate the other side exactly. We work our way up the head methodically until we reach the top ridge/round of the head. Once we get to this point, our slices are identical except for the 25% cut side of our Tri-razor. This will add texture and help to break up the heavy shape.


Now for the finish!

We must blow-dry and style the hair before cutting the personalized section.

Matt holds his style in place with sculpting foam. He wraps the hair, lets it sit, and then smoothes it with a flat iron. Matt decided to add a nice little edge to his hair by cutting a curved "V" shape around his neck with scissors. We hope you like the finished product!

How do you get a wedge haircut?

A wedge haircut, like a bob or pixie cut, is a short, layered haircut that comes in a variety of lengths. It's usually cut very short at the nape of the neck and has longer layers by the face.

Is a wedge haircut appropriate for fine hair?

This is a popular cut for women with fine and thin hair who need a bulky twist or for anyone who wants to try out the short hair look. Wedges come in a variety of styles, from soft and gentle layers for a feminine vibe to a super short and spiky style for a funky vibe.

What is the distinction between a stacked haircut and a wedge haircut?

The only difference between the wedge bob and the stacked bob is the length of the layers. The stacked bob's layers are longer and smoother, giving the hair the appearance of being "stacked." Have your hair cut to chin length or a little longer.

  • Wendy Rathbun
    Wendy Rathbun
    Love this! When I see " shag" and "wedge", my heart skips a beat! Being a hairdresser in the "80's", I love when stylists bring in a new take on these iconic shapes. So many possibilities and such a good way to really see head shape. Thank you! This looks beautiful!
  • Muffet Bonitto
    Muffet Bonitto
    There are a lot of hairstylists out there, but you make become a better hairstyle. Your techniques and teaching are so good for me and my business. Beauty changes every day and I am always learning something new for you. I am so thankful for that.
  • RN Kim
    RN Kim
    I love your understanding of nuances of cutting hair growing off of a multilevel surface and the artistry of designing to facial features and head shape... this is a true artist
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