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How to Choose Make up According to Your Hair Color

This entry was posted By Bailee

Every girl who  makeup thinks about the clothes she plans to wear, the events she's going to, her skin tone, and even her hairstyle. But have you ever considered your hair color? While it's not necessarily a must-have consideration, it's definitely an important factor in making sure you look perfectly  overall. The best makeup for blonde hair is definitely not the same as the best for brunettes. So, we'll go over which makeup looks are appropriate for the most common colors of hair so you can find your makeup match based on your hair color. If it happens that you want to make your classmates who you haven't seen for a long time look fresh and new during the back-to-school season, check out this Blog! Maybe it can provide you with different inspiration.

Best makeup for black hair

Best makeup for black hair

Black hair and red lips, there is no look that defines the word "striking" more aptly. It's sultry, sophisticated, fierce and definitely the ultimate in femininity. But it's also a nighttime makeup look, and girls need to have the same vibe during the day. So check out these makeup combinations to make your brunette hair shine for you from dusk to dawn.

Black hair makeup tip 1: Plum and jewel tone eyeshadows are simply stunning when paired with brunette hair. For fair to medium skin tones, use a solid color. For darker skin tones, try a shimmering bit of color.

Black hair makeup tip 2: Consider your skin tone. Depending on the shade of your skin tone makes a big difference in the choice of color. On dark skin, you want to use a deep rose shade of blush, and a little highlighter to accentuate your features. On fair skin, use a soft pink and peach blush.

Black hair makeup tip 3: Red and black together is always a classic. A signature red lip is your first choice. For everyday wear, use a matte berry color to brighten up your face.

Best makeup for light brunette hair.

Best makeup for light brunette hair.

Light brunettes can adapt to basically any makeup look. Whether your skin tone is light or dark, cool or warm, light brunettes are versatile and can be paired with almost any shade of makeup. But that doesn't mean you can't make your face stand out even more. Here are a few makeup tips for light brunettes that can take your look from cute to stunning showing different styles.

Brunette makeup tip #1: Instead of trying metallic or neutral tones, go with some bolder shades, you can use try dark brown, purple and berry eyeshadows. But remember this rule - bold eyes, conservative lips.

Brunette makeup tip #2: Take your skin tone into account. If you have a fair complexion, rosy, pink and peachy colors will make you look sweeter and more vibrant. If your skin tone is medium to dark, you can try berry, brick or bronze colors.

Brunette Makeup Tip #3: If you want to look dazzling, then go for burgundy and brick red lipsticks. If you are looking for an everyday color then try berry colors.

Best makeup for light blonde hair.

Best makeup for light blonde hair.

For blondes, it can sometimes look a little pale, but don't worry - with the right makeup, it's possible to make even pale skin glow. Girls with blonde hair need to use complementary shades. Just like your bright and light hair, your makeup should also match.

Blonde makeup tip 1: Keep your eyes bright and shiny. Choose eye shadows that are light and neutral that will complement your blonde hair. Try a shimmery vanilla, apricot, pink or tan. For a more dramatic look, charcoal and chocolate tones are very striking. But darker shades like plum and wine can make you look a little less uniform. Eyeliner and mascara should be dark brown rather than the more traditional black.

Blonde makeup tip 2: Use pink, berry and peach blush on your cheeks. These colors will brighten up your skin tone, but don't use too much, a lighter color is fine, too much color will look more abrupt and unnatural.

Blonde makeup tip 3: Choose a glossy pink lipstick, a little lip color can make your complexion instantly more vibrant. Use clear berry and peachy tones of lipstick, or a bold crimson lipstick to make you fairer and more striking.

Best makeup for red hair.

Best makeup for red hair.

Red hairs with or without striking makeup, it can make you stand out in the crowd. However, the downside of red hair is that it can easily clash with the most traditional makeup colors, as these are mainly reds and pinks. If you want to find a makeup look that is more suited to red hair, you really have to master your complementary colors. Here are some makeup tips for redheads that will make you look hot.

Red hair makeup tip 1: Natural tones are always a good match. Copper and earthy eye shadow shades are perfect for most redheads, but if you want to get a little hotter, try using plums, greens and grays.

Red hair makeup tip 2: Use a lighter blush. Since redheads already add warmth to your complexion, go a little lighter on the blush. Think of a soft pink or peach color and apply it only lightly on the apples of your cheeks.

Red hair makeup tip 3: Again, redheads can go for natural and bold. Neutral eyes go well with lip colors like brick red, while bold eyes can go well with sweet pinks and neutral lips that are sheer with a glossy finish. It's all about creating balance, because your red hair already stands out and too much color doesn't work as well.

Now that you have a better sense of what makeup looks best with your hair color, I hope you can be more beautiful and happy.

Should blondes wear mascara?

Blondes should generally use light, natural makeup, especially throughout the day. For a more defined and dramatic appearance at night, they can wear black mascara instead of brown during the day.

What eye makeup goes with purple hair?

Purple hair looks great with blue and pink eye shadow. For a dramatic effect, orange and green neon signs can also be effective. To determine the ideal eye makeup colors, you need also take the skin tone and eye color into account.

What skin tone does pink hair suit?

Generally speaking, those with lighter hair and fair skin will usually suit soft pink tones, if you have dark skin you can also try, but the results may not be as good as you think.

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