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How To Choose 2B Hair Care Products?

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2b hair is a great type of hair, but it also takes some time for us to care for. For all kinds of care products on the market, how do we choose 2b hair care products?

2b hair

Ⅰ. What is 2B hair?

2b hair type is best described as wave hair

This hairstyle is neither very curly nor very straight. Overall, 2b hair is mostly straight at the root, but becomes more wavy and "S" shaped at the bottom.

2b hair has a medium strand texture with looser curls; it is also a little resistant to styling. 2B hair is a common wavy pattern.

2b hair

● What is the difference between 2B hair and 2A and 2C hair types?

2b hair has a more defined wave pattern, while 2a hair is less defined and can almost appear straight. 2a hair also tends to be thinner and lifeless than your hair type. Plus, it's easier to straighten. In terms of styling, your strands need extra elbow grease, but more on that later.

With 2c hair, these waves start at the roots. So, while both 2b hair and 2c hair have the characteristic defined as an S-shaped wave, only 2C's wave extends across the entire length of the chain. It also tends to be thicker and thicker than 2b hair shares.

2b hair

Ⅱ. How to choose 2B hair care products?

2b hair care solution is not so easy, it actually requires you to make other efforts. How do you choose 2b hair care products?

1. Do not choose the following products

A. Straight clamp

The straight clip will straighten the hair through high temperature, which is not conducive to the care of 2b hair. Because 2b hair is relatively soft. If you need to straighten your hair, you need to straighten it the old-fashioned way with a blow dryer and a round brush.

2b hair

B. Do not choose shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates

Sulfates are really bad for your hair, especially if it gets frizzy a lot. Using sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products will help keep frizz to a minimum and give your hair better care. They provide a way to gently cleanse the scalp and hair without stripping them of natural oils, so they feel clean without drying.

2. You can choose the following products to care for 2b hair

A. Hair Serum

From leave-in conditioners to serums to gels, your hair needs products to keep it looking its best. Because 2b hair still has a little frizz, we try to use these hair care products to avoid frizz.

B. Use a wide-tooth comb on the brush

When brushing your hair, try using a wide-toothed comb. Your hair is often prone to tangles and knots. Brushing it off can work, but it can also be quite harmful. Using a wide-toothed comb will detangle your strands more gently and enhance your natural waves better.

2b hair

C. Add a diffuser to your blowing program

Using a diffuser can really help boost the waviness of your waves. The attachment will enhance the gorgeous natural waves you have. So the next time you blow dry your hair, use a diffuser in the process.


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