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How to Care for and Clean Curly Wigs?

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Curly hair never goes out of style, and a curly wig allows you to recreate this classic look on a regular basis. Although curly wigs require a little more upkeep, with proper curly wig care, it is simple to keep them in good condition over time. In this post, we will discuss how to care for curly wigs and how to effectively wash a curly wig.

How to Care for Curly Wigs?

Step1:Section the hair.

The first step in maintaining a curly wig is to separate the hair into sections. Separate the hair into smaller sections if your curly wig has tight, small ringlets, such as the Curl Appeal wig from the Gabor collection. If your curly wig has larger, looser curls, such as the Hudson wig from Rene of Paris, you can separate the hair into larger sections.

Step 2: Apply a Detangling Mist.

Step 2: Apply a Detangling Mist.

After that, lightly spray each section with a detangling mist. If you're working with a synthetic curly wig, make sure to use synthetic hair wig care products. When working with a human hair wig, only use products designed for human hair care.

Step 3: Brush the Hair Gently

Brush the curls gently to remove tangles. When brushing curly wigs, make sure to use a wide-toothed comb. Regular combs and hairbrushes will ruin the curls and cause your wig to look frizzy or shed.

Step 4: Restore the Curls

After removing any tangles or knots from your wig, you must return the curls to their original style. Separate the hair into sections depending on the type of curls your wig has or wants to have. Larger sections for looser curls or waves, smaller sections for tighter curls. Allow each curl to return to its original shape by gently twisting it with your finger. If your curls are not bouncing back properly, try twisting them in the opposite direction. If you have a human hair wig, you can restore your curls with a curling iron, but only on low heat. You can also curl your wig without using heat.

Step 5 :Keep Your Wig Safely Stored

Step 5 :Keep Your Wig Safely Stored

The final step in how to care for curly wigs is to carefully store your detangled wig. To keep the curls in place and prevent further tangling, gently cover the wig with a hair net. Then, lay your wig flat into the bag or box it came in, or place it in a plastic, sealed box to keep it dust-free. When it comes to wig care practices to avoid, keep this in mind: never throw your wig on the floor, a counter, or a chest of drawers, as this can easily lead to tangled and knotted curls.

How Do You Clean a Curly Wig?

Step 1Determine Your Wig Type

The first step is to determine whether you have a synthetic or human hair curly wig. Make sure you understand the best and safest washing methods for the type of curly wig you have. On our blog, we have helpful guides on how to wash a human hair wig and how to wash a fiber wig.

Step 2-Fill Your Bathtub

After determining your wig type, fill a basin or bathtub with enough lukewarm water to completely submerge your wig. Use caution when using hot water, as this can damage the wig.

Step 3-Your Wig Should Be Shampooed

When the entire hairpiece is wet, apply wig shampoo. Apply the shampoo to the hair gently and evenly. When applying shampoo, use caution because scrunching the hair can ruin your curls. Check out our previous blog post for more information on which wig care products you require.

Step 3-Your Wig Should Be Shampooed

Step 4-Shampoo should be rinsed off.

Then, carefully rinse the shampoo from your wig. Rinse the hair from root to tip, with the water flowing in the same direction as the wig's hair, for effective curly wig care. This can help reduce tangling.

Step 5-Your Wig Should Be Dried

Take your wig out of the water and carefully lay it flat on towels. To help the wig dry, use another towel or cloth to gently pat it down. It is critical to pat your wig dry rather than rubbing it dry; rubbing it dry may cause your wig to lose its curls. We also advise against air drying your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head because the weight of the wet hair can stretch out the wig and damage the curls.

So, there you have it: our best practices for curly wig maintenance, how to care for curly wigs, and how to properly wash curly wigs. Curly hair is a timeless style, but curly wigs require special care to stay looking healthy for as long as possible! Read our helpful wig care blog post for even more wig maintenance advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any curly wig questions.

How long does a curly wig last?

Human hair wigs typically last longer than synthetic wigs. With proper care, human hair wigs can last for more than a year. Synthetic wigs have a six-month lifespan. If synthetic wigs are heat-resistant, their lifespan may be reduced.

How do you maintain a curl wig?

To keep the curls in place and prevent further tangling, gently cover the wig with a hair net. Then, lay your wig flat into the bag or box it came in, or place it in a plastic, sealed box to keep it dust-free.

How do you brush a curly wig?

Never use a brush on a curly wig; instead, finger style with your hands or a wide tooth comb. Applying a small amount of revive conditioning spray to your curly hair will allow you to finger style it without damaging your wig.

  • RollingAroundWithKitties
    Thank you so much. Straight to the point and super informative!
  • Roze318
    This blog was very helpful. Straight to the point. I just washed my first human hair wig and it came out great. Thanks for sharing these tips!
  • Your Future Mortician
    Your Future Mortician
    Out of all the blogs I looked at on ‘How to wash human curly hair wigs’ this one was THE BEST!!! Definitely doing this . Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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