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How Straight Hair

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Are you tired of the curls and are considering straightening your hair? Most women are afraid of straightening their hair since they fear the damage that the whole process can cause. But you can have healthy hair even if you straighten it; the trick is in learning how to straighten your hair with little or no damage. In this guide we provide you with various tips to help you straighten your hair without causing damage to the strands.

Invest in a Good Straightener

It may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a good quality hair straightener, but the cost of repairing damaged hair as a result if using low quality products can far surpass the original cost of the straightener. As you may well know, it can be quite costly to care for damaged hair. So, while it may be important to make sure that you purchase the right products; look for the best quality straightener as it is just as important as the products you use.

A straightener that is made from ceramic or titanium will heat up more evenly and therefore less likely to break your hair when straightening. You should also choose a straightener that will allow you to control the temperature so that you are using the lowest heat setting for your hair type.

Straighten in Moderation

Excessive straightening can damage even the strongest hair. Therefore, never straighten your hair more than once a day and never use other heat styling processes in the same day. The following are some of the other tips to help you protect you hair when straightening;

• When straightening your hair, it is important that you straighten a wide section of the hair. The smaller the section you choose to straighten, the more damaged your hair will be. This is because you can distribute heat evenly across a wider section than you would a smaller section.

• Only swipe the flat iron on the section of hair once. If you find that you need to pass the flat iron on to the hair more than once, you may be using the wrong iron or using the wrong heat setting.

• It is important to avoid straightening your hair multiple times. At the same time, it is important to avoid shampooing your hair too often. Instead, allow your hair's natural oils to coat your hair and provide the necessary nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

Choose the Right Products

When straightening your hair, it is very important to make sure that you are using a thermal protectant. Thermal protectants create a necessary barrier between your hair and the straightener. Choose a good quality protectant, one that won't just protect your hair not just from the heat but also from other damaging factors like harsh ingredients in the shampoo you use.

Popular Straight Hair Wigs

1.  Donmily Straight Bob 13x6 Lace Front Wig 150% Density

Bob wigs are pretty popular these days as summer is coming. Here's the straight bob 13x6 lace front wig that is just suitable for the hot weather. The wig is made from the real human hair that will definitely bring you a healthy and fancy experience. Moreover, this wig is very easy to restyle, it can be dyed or ironed to your favorite style as you want.

2.  Donmily Straight 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig 130% Density

If you love long straight hair, then you cannot miss Donmily straight 13x4 lace frontal wig. Comes with 130 density, this type of wig is very slight and bouncy. The base material is Swiss lace with free part. There are 8 different sizes, from 12 inch to 26 inch, you can choose the suitable size for yourself. Besides, the natural headline are designed as human scalp and the hair weight usually are 95-100g one bundle.

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