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How Many Bundles Do I Need For New Hairstyles?

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Do you want to change your hairstyle but feel that the quality of synthetic wigs is not good enough and the density of human hair wigs is not to your satisfaction? Many times you may even feel that a full wig is a bit too expensive. These problems you are thinking of actually have a good solution, that is to wear bundles.

Bundles not only can determine the density of the wig according to their needs, but you can also use bundles to create a lot of different styles, but more importantly, they are much cheaper than buying a wig. So when buying bundles, there will be questions about how many bundles I really need. Today's blog answers this question for you, and we look at several aspects in detail so that you are not confused when choosing bundles.

Ⅰ. What are bundles?


First, we need to have a deeper understanding of bundles, to help us better choose bundles. Bundles are a kind of wig product used in hair extension technology, there are a variety of lengths and densities to choose from, but also provide a variety of styles. Common are body waves, deep waves, and so on. Generally speaking, bundles are used together with closures, you can envision how to create bundles with closures according to your own look. Bundles are mainly used for the back part of the wig, closures are applied to the front part of the wig Bundles are mainly used for the back part of the wig.


Closure is applied to the front part of the wig, that is, the forehead and the top, as long as you install the bundles will have the same effect as the full wig, and be more flexible than the wig, the price is also cheaper. Bundles are also mainly used for human hair wig material, but many greedy cheap people will choose the meager price of bundles, it is a pity to tell you that those cheap bundles may be adulterated with some animal hair and made, although the price is cheap, the use period will be very short, there will also be many quality problems. This is a fact from one of the world's largest hair manufacturers (and a secret that other hair extension companies don't want you to know)

Ⅱ. how many bundles do i need?

There are many factors that influence this question, but how you make your decision really depends on your subjective choices. You need to know what kind of look you want, how dense you want your wig to be, and what the length is. To be you want these questions, you have the answer in your mind, the following takes you to see how we can properly consider these factors.

1. Density - the most important factor in choosing bundles


Because bundles are purchased in clusters, if you want a fluffy and dense wig effect, it is definitely necessary to buy more bundles or buy a higher density of bundles. Generally speaking, like a deep wave, and water wave these types of bundles are visually looked very high density because they are dense volume will If you choose these two types of wig styling, then you do not need to buy too many bundles. If you are selecting the loose wave or straight hair bundles, like straight hair is actually closer to the scalp, too few straight hair bundles is difficult for you to create a fluffy effect, this time you need to choose More bundles. In short, different wig types also have different effects and different densities, when you choose to consider what kind of density you want to look visually, and then decide how many bundles you need.

2. Frontal Or Closure - used to match your bundles

bundles with closure

As we talked about earlier, bundles can't stand alone, you need to match frontal or closure to create a complete wig with bundles. Frontal and closure cover the front half of your wig differently. The closure comes in different sizes, it doesn't cover the entire wig. This means you need to have more bundles to match and cover the empty part. The frontal is basically able to cover the entire forehead, you will not need too many bundles, if you do not have more requirements for the shape and density, I suggest you buy 2-3 bundles on it. If you need a more fluffy effect, then you can add more bundles as appropriate.

3. The size of the head - help you to choose the suitest bundles

size of head

The normal head size is about 22-24inches, and the shape of your head needs to be taken into account. Some girls have a pointy head shapes, in order to better match our head, it is best to install more bundles in the upper part of the head. If your head size is larger, it is not recommended that you install too many bundles, which will not be aesthetically pleasing and will look like your head is particularly large. In addition, if the girl with a larger head, it is also not advisable to choose too high-density bundles, which also take into account your face shape.

Ⅲ. Conclusion

In short, in general, we choose 2-3 bundles is fine, but you need to decide whether you need more or fewer bundles according to your desired density, shape, and the size of your own head. But I still very much recommend you buy an extra bundle of bundles so that you can also use it in case of emergency. All of Donmily's bundles are made of All of Donmily's bundles are made from human hair wigs, which are not only of good quality but also come in a variety of styles and densities.

Should I get 3 bundles or 4?

Hair length past 14 or 18 inches, I would suggest you get 3 bundles, so from a 20 inch, 22 inches to about 24 inch, 26 inch, 4 bundles will suffice.

How many bundles do I need to cover?

Three bundles for a full sew-in typically the magic number. With three bundles anywhere from 14″ — 20″ your weave will be full, flowy, and glamorous.

How many bundles do you need with 28 inch hair?

4 bundles are recommended for hair measuring 22-30 inches. We recommend 5 bundles for lengths 30 inches and longer.

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