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How Long Does Marley Twist Last?

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Do you know what a protective hairstyle is? When it comes to protective hair styles, we usually associate Butterfly locs, Bantu Knots and so on. Secondly, we also choose lace front wigs, headband wigs or some other glue free wigs. However, there are many other more special protective hairstyles you should try. Today, I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful protective hairstyle called the Marley Twist. Not only does this hairstyles look sleek and chic, it's also easier to get than other protective styles. In this blog, we'll look at everything you need to know about Marley twist hair. 

I. The difference between Havana twists and Marley twists

The braid of Havana twist is large with light hair. Because the hair is lighter, you can make the braids bigger without giving yourself a permanent headache. Marley twists with less hair than Havana twist, it can be done with any type of Marley or kinky hair. In addition, they require more hair packs due to their smaller size and thickness. 

beautiful protective hairstyle called the Marley Twist

II. The difference between Marley twists and Senegalese twists

The only difference between these types of twist is the type of hair used. Senegalese twists with smooth Kanekalon braid: the same hair used for box braids, and Marley twists with Marley extensions.

Marley hair is thicker, but it looks more natural

Marley hair is thicker, but it looks more natural. When twisted it, looks exactly like real thick natural hair. In addition, the Senegalese twists is really very tight, there is a silky texture. When twisted it, they look like a piece of string. 

III. What are the advantages of Marley twist?

1. Easy to maintain

Low-maintenance protective hairstyles are essential during the summer months. What makes the Marley twist special compared to other protective hairstyles is its lightness and effortless maintenance. 

Low-maintenance protective hairstyles are essential during the summer months

2. Variety of styles

The Marley twist is super flexible. While you may have to wait a few days (or even a week) for a wonderful updo with tight stiff box braids, Marley twist gives you the ultimate style freedom thanks to its softness. Twist plait is also the best choice for colorful hairstyles. 

The Marley twist is super flexible

3. Highly cost effective

Marley twist is very long lasting. Marley hair can be washed and reused for more beautiful style. If you do not want your hair extensions to look like extensions, Marley twist is the right style for you. The twist method makes the Marley hair blend perfectly with your real hair, creating a beautiful natural look. 

Marley twist is the right style for you

IV. How long does Marley twist last?

To be honest, the installation process can take several hours and can be done at home or in the hands of a professional hair stylist. The hairstyle itself lasts six to eight weeks. With the best maintaining, it maybe stay that way longer. 

V. The top Marley twist hairstyles

1. Long Marley twists

If you looking for a new protective hairstyle? So why not try the gorgeous long Marley twists. These heavy twists look fascinating, even if they are hung freely. With this hairstyle, every day will be a good hair day. I promise!

2. Marley twists updo

If you're looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion, the Marley twists updo might be the best one for you. Something like this is perfect for date nights, weddings, ceremony and so on. More importantly, it will be suitable for women of all ages.

Red and black Marley twists

3. Red and black Marley twists

Make your point with the energetic Marley twists! These amazing twists feature a combination of black and red. Something like this is great for summer because it lends itself to a fun atmosphere. You can recreate the look in any color. In order to create a giant twist, you need to use at least 5 pieces of hair on each twist.
The Marley twists is one of the most popular protective hairstyles. This natural style features a two-strand twist and is low maintenance. With the Marley twists hairstyle, you don't have to worry about what you're going to do to your hair, and on the days you want to change your look, you can do so much style in 5 minutes. It's a low-maintenance style, so you get a chance to really leave your hair alone and see it grow. If you want to try this hairstyle, you should do it quickly. 

How much do Marley twists cost?

Both Havana and Marley hair twists typically cost between $100-$160 for installation, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

What kind of hair is used for Marley twist?

The hair used for Marley twists is synthetic Marley hair, which is rough in texture and ideal for creating loc-type twists.

How many bags of hair do I need for Marley twists?

You will need 5-6 packs of your preferred color and brand of Marley hair. The amount of hair needed will vary based on how thick you want your twists to be.

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