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How Do You Ombre Wig?

This entry was posted in Tutorial By Jessica

Ombre color forming ombre wigs has become very popular in wig types, and most types of wigs will add ombre elements. Because this will make the wig look more layered in color. But did you know that we can do ombre treatment on solid color wigs ourselves? Today I will show you how to ombre wig.

ombre wigs

Ⅰ. What does ombre wig mean? 

a. Ombre wigs

If you buy a solid color wig, you want to pursue a gradient effect. The most straightforward way is that you can do the gradient treatment for your wig at home. Yes, the gradient here emphasizes technical operations. If you want to know how to ombre wig, you can skip directly to the third point of this article: how to ombre wig.

ombre wigs

b. Ombre add to wig

The ombre here refers to shadows and gradients. As there are more and more types of wigs, wigs can also show gradient effects. Like ombre hair, ombre human hair wigs is a dark shade at the roots and generally lighter at the ends. But it's not absolute, some ombre human hair wigs have another dark shade at the ends, as long as they create a top-to-bottom contrast.

Ⅱ. The different ombre hair color

1. black to blonde ombre wigs

The wig is black at the roots and gold at the ends. The middle of the wig is a transitional color, a bit like brown. This kind of wig with a bright color at the end will make people's eyes focus on the shoulders and neck, and the black upper part can modify the face shape. Black to blonde ombre wigs will be more suitable for women with dark skin because it will be less picky and less exaggerated.

ombre wigs

2. Blonde ombre wig of bob

The color is amazing, and yes, it's only shoulder-to-neck length. But there are still two colors that contrast up and down at the ears. The lower part of the ear is more platinum, while the upper part of the ear is brown and black at the roots. It is recommended that if you wear this blonde ombre wig of bob, you can focus on the makeup in the eyes and face. This gradient wig will make your style even more cool. Great for black women.

ombre wig

3. Highligting ombre wigs

Yes, highlights can also be combined with ombre. For the definition of gradient, we emphasize the contrast of colors. Highlighting is a technique for adding highlights to darker-toned hair, usually with balayage. Balayage and ombre combine to form the Highligting ombre wig. If you accentuate the color of your forehead, you can also create the skunk hairstyle that's been on fire recently. This effect is like a blonde ombre wig.

ombre wig

Ⅲ. How do you ombre wig?

1. Fixed wig

The biggest difference between ombre human hair wigs and ombre hair is that you don't need to wash and blow dry your hair before applying gradient coloring. Because your wig is probably clean enough. But you need to fix your wig on a bracket, pay attention to fasten your wig with clips, especially the lace. It is convenient for subsequent bleaching and dyeing operations.

ombre wig

2. Bleaching ombre wig operation

a. Determine the part of the wig you want to fade

The gradual part of the wig can be half of the bob or the shoulder and neck part. Of course you also need to choose what color you want to add to your bleached ombre human hair wigs

b. Mix your bleach

Unless you are doing a reverse gradient, you will need to use bleach to remove the color from your hair. Blonde ombre wig dye is optional, as it won't lift your wig as much color, so your end result will be more subtle.

The easiest and cheapest way to bleach at home is to use equal parts 20 volumes of peroxide and powdered bleach. Mix 20 volumes of peroxide and 2 oz of each powder until they are completely combined into a creamy mixture.

Always mix bleach in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling too much fumes.

ombre wig

c. Divide your ombre human hair wigs into sections

Just like the professional barber's pre-bleaching operation, pay attention to splitting your ombre wigs. Part your hair down the middle so it's divided in half. Then, divide the two halves into any number of sections. At the very least, you should split each half in half again, dividing your hair into quarters.

ombre wig

3. Start dye ombre wig color

Start adding bleach from the ends until you reach the desired fade line. Don't feel like you need to work quickly or over large areas; work in such a way that all strands are evenly coated with the lightening product. Take care to make sure you apply the bleach evenly on both sides of your hair. Check the mirror to make sure the bleach starts at about the same spot on both sides.

To avoid sharp demarcation lines, use the applicator brush to apply the bleach and apply it vertically along the tress, not horizontally

ombre wig

a. Wrap your wig in tinfoil to start bleaching your wig.

Before we do this, in order to prevent the hair from dyeing each other, and for the bleached dye to better land on your hair, you brush a small section of your hair with bleach and then wrap it in tinfoil. You need to do this every time you dye a ombre wig.

b. Bleach for cleaning ombre wigs

After the final bleach time has been reached, wash the wig according to standard instructions, then blow dry. Comb through the bleached ombré wig with a comb.

c. Add color to your bleached ombre wig

If you just want the faded effect like a blonde ombre wig, this step is not needed. Because bleached wig's color like a blonde ombre wig. If you need a contrasting color with deep saturation, you will need to add a new blend of color after your bleached wig. You just have to follow the steps similar to the bleaching steps, i.e. mixing the dye, layering, applying the dye, washing, drying and styling。

What does ombre mean in wigs?

shadow Ombre Wigs A Bold Contrast Speaking of depth, be fully aware heads will turn when sporting an ombre wig. Ombre translates into English as shadow. It stands for this hairstyle because of the 3-D, jump-out-at-your-face effect. With infinite hue pairings, ombre simultaneously shows off the discreet and loud.

What is ombre hair colour?

Ombré hair is a colour technique of seamless graduation from darker to lighter, whereas balayage is a highlighting technique. Another hair colouring technique is "sombre" ("somb-ray"), which is a softer and more subtle version of ombre hair, with a less visible transition between the roots and end colours.

What does ombre mean in fashion?

Ombré is the French word for “shaded.” This color effect comes from blending one color hue to another, moving from shades of light to dark. The history of this coloring comes from the 19th century used for textile treatment. As a result, this fashion technique adds a nice “rainbowed” effect.

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