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Half And Half Hairstyles: My Split Dye Experience

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half and half dye hair, in other word is split dye hair, is a leap of creativity for women who like to be original in their styling, thus making you the brightest one in the crowd. Keep reading to learn from my experience and see some fantastic split hair color ideas!

What Is Split Hair Color?

Half and half dye hair (or split dye) is when you divide the hair right down the middle and dye each half a different color. This can range from subtle, natural colors to strong, contrasting colors. It is the perfect method to accomplish a special appearance that will have everybody asking how you did it.

split dye hair pink and blue

My Experience with half and half hair color

I had half and half hair for about a year and it's one of those colors I miss! I took a more subtle technique and stuck to the natural tones. I received day-to-day compliments and felt completely distinct which was a real self-confidence booster. Moreover, day-to-day styling was so enjoyable! Parted down the middle provided me the most contrast but I might part on one side or the other for a totally different appearance.

split dye hair

Although this hair color is most fun you may face some small challenges. It can be hard to choose the best makeup when you have 2 various tones to handle. I struggled with finding the best shade of blush or eyeshadow to match one warm side and one cool side. It can likewise be difficult to discover the best hair items to accommodate both sides if they are various levels of lightness. The lighter side of my hair constantly felt drier whereas the darker side kept its healthy state. After some trial and error, I quickly remedied any difficulties and continued to love my hair!

7 Split Dye Hair Color Ideas

Half and half hair is the best way to reveal yourself beyond the standard. Let's scroll through some amazing split dyes to get inspired and see how various colors match each other.

# 1: High Contrast

Here is an example of a high contrast half and half hair. I enjoy this due to the fact that it mixes warm and cool tones to make a really strong declaration. This combination of trendy gray and yellow hair color is just one example.

 high contrast split dye

# 2: Black and White

I like this traditional Cruella de Vil style compromise. Both sides live on opposite sides of the spectrum producing a head turning effect that is likewise timeless.

 black and white split dye hair

# 3: Sorbet Two Ways

The more subtle result of this style is hypnotizing. You could stare at this all day trying to choose which side is your favorite.

 Orange and Blonde Split dye

# 4: Low-Maintenance, High-Fashion

The balayage impact of this half and half hair is truly outstanding. With this you can still have all the fun and none of the upkeep. This high fashion burgundy and green balayage highlight split dye hair will take you to the best position of gorgeous and elegent, and none decrease of attraction.

 high fashion burgundy and green balayage highlight split dye

# 5: Pink and Green

With this split hair color concept, you can produce a festive look by having fun with your eyeshadow scheme. Make-up blog writer Lauren Rohrer utilized green and pink colors to match her half and half hair. Beautiful!

 pink and green split dye hair

# 6: Tumblr Aesthetics

Tender yet saucy, tumblr girls enjoy compromise hair services since they wish to stand out from the crowd. Needless to say, such women choose pastel colors. Trust me, this thin twilight and bright pink is definitely a super fantastic choice for those of you who like to party and have fun!

 pink and grey blue split dye hair

# 7: Blonde Meets Pink

Warm blonde and pastel peach are two most fashionable colors of the next couple of seasons, so if you want to double your fashion points, split color is certainly an alternative to think about.

 pink and blonde split dye hair

How to Split Dye in the house?

I cut and color hair professionally, that is why I'm generally doubtful when it pertains to DIY pointers. Do it yourself ONLY if you're positive in your skills and know what you do. Especially if you need to bleach your locks first. There are some excellent and motivating YouTube tutorials for crafty women who highly chose to divide dye in your home. For instance, this is a video attempting to rock silver and black colors simultaneously.

If you're not brave enough to split dye your hair, there are some much safer options such as using a compromise wig or utilizing short-lived hair dyes. Get creative! Or you can check out the wigs on the market that you can use to try this bold hairstyle without having to manipulate your native hair. We recommend better quality human hair wigs that have a longer life and higher comfort level and are a good choice for you.

Did you like these split hair color concepts? Follow me on Donmily Discovery for hair ideas and images of my pleased customers. Let's cultivate conscious and intentional appeal together!

What is split hair dye and how to do it?

Split hair dye is a trendy hairstyle that involves splitting the hair down the middle and dyeing each half a different color. Think Cruella de Vil, but with color. Split hair dye is when you dye half your head one color and the other half another. Some peeps like to use standout colors like neon pink combined with a bold blue.

What is half and half hair dye?

Half and half hair (or split dye) is when you divide the hair right down the middle and dye each half a different color. This can range from subtle, natural colors to bold, contrasting colors.

What is split-colored hair and is it a trend?

This hair trend has been flooding our Instagram feeds and we are here for it! Cruella de Vil did it first and if you’ve ever seen her then you know exactly what split-colored hair is. It’s when you split your hair equally down the middle and color the right side one color and the left side a different color.

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