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The Best Hairstyles For Straight Long Hair


Beautiful hair carries your fashion statement. Having a straight long hair is beautiful. It is best to style your hair and flaunt it always. You can set a benchmark for women's beauty by having straight hairstyles for long hair. Healthy and groomed hair might turn people's eyes on you.

Popular Straight Long Hair Styles

Twisted Bun

This straight hairstyle long hair is perfect for summer. At first, roll up your straight long hair and tie it up. After that, form a bun while twisting the hair. You might lose some locks from the hair to give it a messy but effortless look. If you have a round or oval face structure, then the twisted bun will look great on you.

Puffed Pony

Puffed ponies are very classy. Just tease the hair and create a puff in the middle or crown of your head. After you get the desired puff, pull the rest of the hair, and tie it in the back. You can lose some bangs or locks if you want. This straight hairstyle for long hair adds volume to the hair. To elevate the look, headbands can be used. You can rock your everyday life and even a party with this hairdo.

Front Braid

The front braid is a very easy and elegant hairstyle. Just start by taking a portion of your hair in the front and braid it. After braiding, it move it to the side or back of your hair and pin it. Loosen the strands of the braid to add volume. This hairstyle is best for winters and monsoons.

Hippie Band

To get the hippie band at first, divide your hair in equal from the middle. After that, take a little portion of the hair from the front and braid it. Do the same with the other side. After braiding the hairpin, the two braids properly on the back. Puff the braids a little to get some extra volume. You can decorate the braids with flowers and hair accessories. The Hippie Band is perfect for every occasion and is glamorous too!

Sleek Ponytail

You will see many celebrities doing this hairdo on several occasions. At first, you have to pull your hair to the back. Then take a strand of your hair from the side and use it to tie the ponytail. Finish it by pining the hair properly. Get a chic look with the help of a sleek ponytail.

Half Bun

Half Bun is another great straight hairstyle for long hair. This hairdo creates a messy, lazy-girl look and is perfect for casual occasions. Take half of your hair, from front to the crown region. Then make a simple bun on the crown and pin it properly—Puff the bun for more volume. Loosen the rest of your hair to achieve the best look! It is also great for long hairstyles with layers.


Haircuts for long straight hair with layers and bangs are the new trend in the market now. Layers and bangs bring much volume to the hair. It is also a very cool way to flaunt your hair. Be ready to shine with the different haircuts.

V-cut Layer

If you want a haircut, but you don't want to shorten your hair, then the V-cut layer is the one for you. This haircut looks gorgeous and adds layers to your hair, keeping it long. With this hairstyle, you can make your straight hair to wavy at times.

Eye-brow Grazing Bangs with layers

You can see Taylor Swift with this hairstyle. Bangs give fullness to your beautiful look. Creating bangs that fall on your forehead but does not get past the eyebrow looks super cute! The layers give a majestic look too.

Feathered Layer and Bangs

In this type of haircut, the bangs fall under your chin. The layers continue from that part. The feathery cut adds softness to your look. If you don't want to take risks with your hair, then this might be a good option for you.

Long Side Bangs

Get a beachy and relaxed vibe with long side bangs. Long side bangs make your face look longer. Few portions of the hair are cut into mid-length. This hairstyle never goes out of style.

Haircuts for long straight hair with layers and side bangs, for round faces or with layers are all popular. Go for any hairstyle or any haircut and voila! You will look beautiful in all of them. The secret is to maintain and nourish your hair. Some of the hairdos might be heavy on your hair, but you will feel like a queen after doing them. And don't be afraid to take risks with the different haircuts. You will fall in love with yourself once you try these different hairdos.


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